Meanwhile, Across the Atlantic…

From the New Statesman (the magazine, not Alan B’Stard):

The Stonewall riots in New York in 1969 have passed into legend as the catalyst for the modern Anglo-American gay liberation movement; in 2012, we’ve forgotten what the fight was originally about. The image of racially mixed drag queens, dykes and poor street queers fighting back against police brutality is about as far from the contemporary ideal of the well-off assimilationist gay as you can get. The matching Volvos and semi-detached houses of buttoned-up 21st century gay(-friendly) conservatives are representative of a different, diluted era, and rather a saddening one.

Equal rights as an end goal reflect an understandable desire for an easier life. There’s a strong logic in the idea that normalising same-sex desire entails less stigma, trauma, and violence directed towards LGBT people. But a quick search for “gay marriage” on most-read British LGBT news website Pink News returns 3617 results, compared to 1247 for “violence”, or for “poverty”, a measly 178. Make no mistake, this is not because violence or poverty have ceased to be issues for LGBT people. More likely, the coverage reflects the dominance of the interests of white, middle-class, educated, and dare I say it, conservative gays and lesbians in the movement.

[P]rioritising equal marriage as a cause has actively meant the exclusion of other important approaches. Where are the campaigns against the poisonous ideology which supports financial and political reward for those who are married?

The “Conservative case for gay marriage” is spot on. If you want to reinvigorate social conservatism for the austerity generation, it makes sense to support equal marriage. The pity is the gay movement is buying into it. Hijacked by those we used to stand in political opposition to, today’s gay movement has lost its teeth.

…kinda like a meth addict.

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  1. Ah yes; a great article… thanks for sharing it, Katrina!

    A “Gay Movement”, with the “leadership” succumbing to “Beltway Syndrome”…


    Well, the modern “straight gay” will be safe, so long as they never venture beyond their walled estates,… and only exhibit gender variant behavior within “entertainment preserves”.

  2. "Vic" says:

    It’s so unfair! Gay people are focusing on what they want, rather than on what trans activist thugs want! How dare they? Everyone knows that the most important human rights issue of our time is whether trannies can take a disgusting dump in the loo of of their choosing.

    • Hey Vic laddy,

      Hate to clue you in, but Ray Filar, the author of the New Statesman article, appears to be an “angry feminist” (lesbian?) cisgender woman…

      Alas, some people will be forlorn to hear that although she posts little on transphobia on her blog…

      … she wrote her undergrad thesis at Cambridge on the topic of the interaction of trans- and radical-feminism:

      Transphobia is the great shame of modern radical feminism. Thirty two years since Janice Raymond’s transphobic diatribe The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male was published, we are still struggling to clear our heads. Her book functions as the beginning of a sub-genre which incorrectly uses the label radical feminism as cover for outright hatred. – Ray Filar, “You can’t smash patriarchy with transphobia”

      … but I’m sure that holds no concern for Vic, who is just a simple Gay Man cherishing a hardon for his beloved life partner. Right?

      • "Vic" says:

        Because gay men don’t love one another. They only have hard-ons for their partners. More blatant homophobia for this anti-gay hate site. Screen shot taken and filed.

        If you are such an advocate of reaching out beyond one’s self-interest, why don’t you practice what you preach? Put aside your trans selfishness for a few years and help some impoverished “cis” people. Go help refugees. Go help non-trans homeless people. End animal cruelty. Then come back and preach to gay people about how they are so selfish.

        We both know you’d never do that b/c trans “folk” are fundamentally selfish and they are fundamentally without any substance if they are not obsessing about their “gender identity.”

      • Heather R. says:

        “Screen shot taken and filed.” -“Vic”

        Careful, dear, they might notice that the only people who actually do this are the kindly folks behind the web sites “TheDirtFromDirt,” “RadFemHub,” “IBlameCathyBrennan,” and “BugBrennan.” They might notice that one (other non-stylistic) thing ties all of those sites together: The site operators never heard of the underscore character on their keyboards, right next to the equal sign! Tee Hee!

      • Vic says:
        May 2, 2012 at 2:07 pm
        Because gay men don’t love one another. They only have hard-ons for their partners. More blatant homophobia for this anti-gay hate site. Screen shot taken and filed.


    • AmyBlue says:

      Well, transpeople tend to care about trans issues more then gay issues, and gay people tend to care more about gay issues then trans issues. It’s not really that surprising.

      Still, when I read posts like this, I see someone who is really hurting from something. 😦 I just want to let you know, that I understand that there’s something making you lash out like this, and we’re here for you. We’ll support you however we can, and I hope and pray that you find the serenity that you need. 🙂

    • Heather R. says:

      I know, right, “Vic?” It’s disgusting that the T in LGBT keeps demanding to be included in LGBT priorities! Sometimes you just have to focus on your core issues and discard the dead wood, like the time Betty Friedan kicked the Lesbians out of the National Organization for Women. She cleared out a lot of troublemakers who didn’t understand REAL women’s issues. Tee Hee!

      You know who else reminds me of these odious trannies you and I hate so much, “Vic?” Audre Lord! She tried so hard to racejack Feminism, at the expense of the REAL women! Tee Hee!

      You and I think so much alike, “Vic!” It’s almost as if we were a married lesbian couple. Tee Hee!

      • "Vic" says:

        Well, let’s see: lesbians are all women and so are all part of the women’s movement by definition. Trannies are not all gay and are not by definition any particular sexual orientation.

        Lesbians weren’t demanding that all feminist priorities be tied to passage of lesbian rights legislation. Trannies do demand that gays drop everything to focus on trannie bathroom issues and tranny employment (as if that exists). So sorry, no equivalence. Also, you’re commenting style is psychotic.

      • Heather R. says:

        “…you’re [SIC] commenting style is psychotic.” -“Vic”

        Well of COURSE it is, silly billy whiskers! I’m a radfem using a sockpuppet to troll an M2T Trannie Shemale He/She Shim Site! That’s an inherently psychotic act! Tee Hee!

    • Cromulent says:

      As oppossed to gay guys penchant for using facilities for activites other than their intended purpose. Those stories can’t be helping much every few weeks when yet another story runs. Jeez. – get a room boys.

      Trans people are such impediments to gaining civil rights that they now have federal nationwide employment & housing protections.

      Perhaps you should ask for their help & advice? You seem to need it.

  3. grrlinterupted says:

    So, there is an article about the singular focus on assimilation politics by the current L/G activists rather than the earlier liberation focus of earlier activists. This article was written by a lesbian with no trans history. This article mentions NOTHING about any trans-specific issues. Clearly, then, this must be an opening for Vic to pop off about homophobia/selfishness/what have you wrt trans women.

    BTW Vic old buddy…

    1) Myself and two non-trans women set up an inclusive job training and placement program for women who were recently released from prison.

    2) I used to volunteer at a local youth shelter and facilitated the LGBT youth group sessions. I was part of the group that set up their first life skills training program.

    3) I have passed out condoms to gay male and trans sex workers with a local HIV prevention group

    4) I have and will now, since my position with #1 has come to an end on schedule, resume my after work dog walking and socialization with the Humane Society…. selfish my over-worked ass

    • "Vic" says:

      1, 2, and 3 are all trans-related. I am not saying that it isn’t good work, but it doesn’t make the point that you prioritize people outside your own group, which is what trans activists constantly demand of gay people.

      4 is not trans-related, but knowing how poorly trans activists get along with people – including with one another -, it would not surprise me if you socialized with dogs b/c you have no other options. See for example, “Kat” Rose and her social circle of cats.

      • grrlinterupted says:

        1) None of our clients thus far have been trans. We have, however, set a policy that trans status will not exclude a woman from the program

        2) Most of the homeless youth were L/G. While we had trans kids in the group home, and kids who later transitioned, most of my work was spent on non-trans L/G youth

        3) Since the HIV group I worked with was very gay male focused, we targeted hustlers and passed out condoms to any sex workers who were present where the hustlers worked. Most non-trans women avoided the area, since there wasn’t that mush work to be had. However, since many of the hustlers and trans women were friends, they tended to hang out in the same spot.

        4) LOL – I have many options for person-to-person social time. Seriously… I’m not suffering a lack of people in my life. If we include guys wanting to take me out, I have an abundance of social time.

      • grrlinterupted says:

        Also, I can’t think of a single trans person who demands that gay people prioritize trans issues. I see trans people saying that if a group claims to work on trans issues or represent trans people or uses trans people to get laws passed, that they actually … you know… do the work they claim to do.

        We expect that if a gay publication is going to do a story on trans people, that they apply the same standards they place on mainstream media covering gay stories. That crap comments about trans people from gay people be treated the same way crap comments from straight people about gay people are treated. Rather than the mysterious double-standard gay people have developed for themselves.

      • Cromulent says:

        Why don’t you share your contributions and accomplishments, Vic?

        Should you have any spare time from after your committments here.

  4. "Vic" says:


    I stand corrected on #1. You deserve credit for your work on that and the other 3 projects.

    As for trans activists who demand that gay people subordinate their goals and interests for trans goals and interests, you need look no further than “Kat” Rose, who demands that gays actively oppose ENDA if the legislation does not cover gender identity. She also insists that they are “exterminationists” unless they adopt her priorities. She is but one of many trans activists who feel that gay people “owe” her and that sense of entitlement comes off as outrage whenever gay people don’t do what she wants.


    Well, I am proud to be working on a project that will put the law enforcement smackdown on Camp Trans in MI this year. It’s gonna be huge, if you’ll pardon that expression. Arrests, prosecutions, the works! I hope to see you there!

    • AmyBlue says:

      Oh, I’ve always wanted to go to that event, just to see it, and experience it, to see the sights, and to personally experience all the goings on.

      It’s a shame I can’t this year, though. Finding time off of work has become such a bear. It’s the price I pay for being invaluable at my job, I suppose. 🙂

      • "Vic" says:

        I’m so sorry you won’t be able to make it. I thought that flexible work hours was one of the main benefits of CSW.

    • Kathy says:

      Ah – you’ve done nothing. Ever. BTW – Michfest doesn’t work with men. So you’ve just updated your profile or stated your intention to transition.

      • "Vic" says:

        Not true at all. Males are not permitted onto the Land during the festival, but that doesn’t mean that males cannot provide services in support of the festival. You know, like that male tow truck driver who was providing towing services outside the Land when he was attacked by a mob at Camp Trans.

        Turns out that there are a lot of LGBs, including males and law enforcement personnel who aren’t prepared to allow a women’s music festival to be terrorized and who are prepared to bring the full weight of the law down upon those who would use violence and the threat of violence to get their way.

        Never worked with a finer group of women – and men. Go check it out this year!

  5. Kathy says:

    Vic says: May 2, 2012 at 9:28 pm

    I’m so sorry you won’t be able to make it. I thought that flexible work hours was one of the main benefits of CSW.

    Commission on the stays of women? No, no -Vic’s mind only hews towards things within his own limited experience or preconceptions.

    Sad – because we all know there are no gay male prostitutes. And that homeless young gay men are never taken advantage of, resort to selling themselves to survive or deserve the slightest sympathy or dignity.

    • AmyBlue says:

      What’s a CSW?

      • Kathy says:

        Most people would understand that as the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

        But – Vic’s life experience and respect for women leads him to understand that as commercial sex worker.

      • Kathy: “But – Vic’s life experience and respect for women leads him to understand [CSW] as commercial sex worker.”

        Huh! Fancy that…

        My life experience and respect for women led me to read “CSW” as “Certified Social Worker”!

        (i forgot that “Vic” likes “him” a little bigoted typecasting when he reaches for “his” Preformulated Weaksauce Insult Pablum!)

      • Heather R. says:

        Clinical Social Worker, in AmyBlue’s real life, but in “Vic’s” hilarious sense of riotous humorosity, it means Commercial Sex Worker, because “Vic” is funny, in the head, where it counts. Tee Hee!

  6. AmyBlue says:

    Oh, I’m terribly sorry, there must’ve been some sort of miscommunication, but I work as a manager at a local grocery store.

  7. Kathy says:

    Bonze Anne Rose Blayk says:
    May 3, 2012 at 7:52 am

    Kathy: “But – Vic’s life experience and respect for women leads him to understand [CSW] as commercial sex worker.”

    Huh! Fancy that…

    My life experience and respect for women led me to read “CSW” as “Certified Social Worker”!

    (i forgot that “Vic” likes “him” a little bigoted typecasting when he reaches for “his” Preformulated Weaksauce Insult Pablum!)

    It might be a fun game – describe Vic using that acronym. Let’s get started:

    Conservative Stance Wide
    Crack Sucking Weasel
    Cancerous Secreting Wang


    • Katrina Rose says:

      Cancerous Secreting Wang

      So that’s why you don’t see Wang computers anymore.

      The case is sol-ved!

      • Kathy says:

        No – no “thinking machines” being referenced at all. Although it’s likely described as the very little head in his personal ads.

      • Katrina Rose says:



        So you mean the Monkees movie?

  8. Kathy says:

    “Vic” says:
    May 3, 2012 at 10:27 am

    Not true at all. Males are not permitted onto the Land during the festival, but that doesn’t mean that males cannot provide services in support of the festival. You know, like that male tow truck driver who was providing towing services outside the Land when he was attacked by a mob at Camp Trans.

    Turns out that there are a lot of LGBs, including males and law enforcement personnel who aren’t prepared to allow a women’s music festival to be terrorized and who are prepared to bring the full weight of the law down upon those who would use violence and the threat of violence to get their way.

    Never worked with a finer group of women – and men. Go check it out this year!

    That sounds totally like a guy to me.

    Thanks – but no thanks. Besides sounding like a boring way to burn through my hard earned vacation time – I have no interest in feeding the pockets of a business owner who not only discriminates – but takes advantage of attendees who are under the false impression that this is anything but a business. It was a collective for the first year only.

    It’s not a collective, it’s not a non-profit – it’s a business owned by one person who rakes in millions in gross receipts.

    And – I believe “the land” is rented. I’m old enough to remember so many scams perpetrated on community members by community members. It really sucks. We should be passed this nonsense by now.

    • "Vic" says:

      It’s a “scam” because they rent land? OK. Got it. Also, “receipts” is not the same concept as profits. No one makes big money off of that event. They use their “receipts” or revenue to pay for the festival.

      I think you are just jealous because over all these many decades, “trans folk” have proven themselves incapable of creating anything close to MichFest. Indeed, they don’t create anything. Has there ever been a single trans artistic or cultural event for the public in the last 40 years?

      All they can do is demand access to the fruits of other people’s labor. How sad is it that the people who waste their time at Camp Trans year after year terrorizing women never even considered the possibility of creating their own “inclusive” festival. They never even thought of trying. But that would take talent and creativity and productivity and the ability to work with others, skills that are absent from the vast majority of trannies.

      Anyway, I wasn’t inviting you to check out the fest, since you, a hulking male in a dress, wouldn’t be admitted anyway. I think you should instead go to the rented land on that is infested by Camp Trans and see what happens. Gonna be huge!

      • Heather R. says:

        “Has there ever been a single trans artistic or cultural event for the public in the last 40 years?” -“Vic”

        The Koovagam festival is going on in the village of Viluppuram right now, as it has for many many years. And there are entire clubs where the public goes to be entertained by trans performers every night, you stubborn little silly billy boots you! Tee Hee!

      • Cromulent says:

        Ah yes “THE LAND” has no special meaning? It’s sold as just a state park or outdoor motel room! And there are no profits – you know this because you’ve seen several years tax returns from the owner? The business? The affiliates it self deals to?

        So Vic – how could you extend an invitation if you’re male?

      • Vic says:
        May 3, 2012 at 12:10 pm

        Indeed, [trans] don’t create anything.

        “Reading you five by five, ‘Vic’, but our readout on your twenty is netting a big zero. Advise you revise your position.”

  9. "Vic" says:

    I gave you 4 decades and an entire planet to choose from and all you can mention are unnamed bar and club performances and a Hindu festival in a tiny village halfway around the world.

    Other than that 1 religious oddity in India, you couldn’t come up with a single cultural event. No plays. No recitals. No public concerts. No presentations of great works of visual art. Nothing. Small wonder that you violently demand access to MichFest. You conquer what you can’t create.

    Is there a group on the planet that has contributed less to the cultural enrichment of society than trannies?

    • AmyBlue says:

      On the other hand, I really love the movie Plan 9 from Outer Space. Many <3's for Ed Wood. 🙂

      …you know, if you don't mind me saying so, you've got an awful lot of built up anger. I think you really need a hug. 😦

  10. Heather R. says:

    Actually, Dear Silly Billy Wife-O-Mine, those trannies have been making poetry, books, music, paintings, movies, TV shows, and lots of other things you love. You can find them in the lists of “Gay” contributions to culture that we homosexual types love to trot out to prove to the straights that they shouldn’t discriminate against us.

    Here are a list of trannie shemales who have contributed significantly to the arts:

    Wendy Carlos, Moog artist
    Leslie Feinberg, author
    Jan Morris, historian and author
    Richard O’Brien, Writer, actor, musician
    Flo McGarrell, Sculptor and founder of a nonprofits arts center
    Greer Lankton, Sculptor
    Candy Darling, Warhol Superstar
    Jeffrey Catherine Jones, Artist

    Oh dearie me, my fingers got tired typing and I’m not even nearly halfway done! But I think I made my point, those filthy trannie shemale he/she shims sure produce a metric ton of cultural contributions for a group that comprises maybe one in a thousand people! Tee Hee!

    • "Vic" says:

      My heavens, what an impressive list. All of civilization is grateful for the vast cultural contribution of Candy Darling. LOL! Did you forget Divine? We all loved Pink Flamingos and eating dog poop would certainly rank among the greatest artistic contributions from the trans community. Even if it is a kind of cannibalism.

      In any event, please remember that I was asking about cultural events that trannies have created for the public. Try to focus. I know that there are individual shims who put on lounge acts and obscure he-shes who sculpt. There are some who get crack withdrawal shakes and call it performance art. The question is whether trannies, who act to destroy an annual artistic and cultural event by and for WBW have ever had the talent, skill and motivation to create anything like it. We’ve now gone through 3 back-and-forths on this and I’m still waiting.

      • Heather R. says:

        You asked “Has there ever been a single trans artistic or cultural event for the public in the last 40 years?” and I pointed out that the Koovagam is this week, you silly billy tutti fruity booty! Tee Hee! Then you asked about presentations of art, and performances, and I pointed out that even though they represent about one in ten thousand of the population, they still manage to be disproportionately represented in the Arts, you goofy woofy sleeves all poofy, you! Tee Hee!

        It seems as if your two superpowers are moving the goalposts, and being really unfocused. Just kidding! I could never say anything so critical about my sweetie weetie snookum wookums! Smoochies! Tee Hee!

  11. grrlinterupted says:

    Considering the women who attend and support MWMF, it is surprising that they would need or even welcome a MAAB to do anything to protect The Land ™. I mean, sure,the odd truck driver moving cars and the sanitation crew who empties the porta janes are men, but I think that is more an issue of local resources than any *need* to have men provide those services. Having a MAAB work on a project to “put the smackdown” (violent imagery) on Camp Trans seems a little strange. No FAAB folks have access to your resources? abilities? connections? odd indeed…

    Still, the question was posed what you have contributed, and this is your answer. So, after calling trans women selfish and unwilling to work on anything but trans issues (and being shown that this is incorrect) all you can come up with is “smacking down” Camp Trans”. Keep it classy “Vic”.

  12. "Vic" says:


    In one post, you say that trannies are 1 in 1000 and in another post, you say that they are 1 in 10000. Please choose one lie and stick with it, or at least parse out your lies on different days. Whichever figure is correct, you are admitting that millions of trannies (around the globe, alive over the past 4 decades) can’t manage to create a single art or musical festival anywhere in the world. Even the 1 obscure event that you mention is religious with a musical component, not strictly an artistic event. Trans culture is a wasteland b/c trannies are dedicated to violence and hostility, not beauty and art.


    The Fest has no rule about working with men or accessing their skills and resources. You are projecting that onto them. Their one rule is that males should not come onto the Land during the festival, because that is supposed to be a safe space for women during that time. That’s it. The project with which I am involved is women-run and employs both women and men. Nothing about it will require any male to access the Land. I am sure that women could be substituted for all of the men involved, but there is simply no reason to do that.

    The Fest is completely non-violent, and it says a lot about how completely debased and psychotic trannies have become that they could bring the threat of violence – including arson threats, vandalism, the discharge of firearms and a mob attack on a truck driver – to such a peaceful place. It really tells you all you need to know about them. But this year, the Fest will be kept safe from thuggery. Law enforcement is ready. Attorneys are ready. Staff and allies are ready. We are all ready.

    • Heather R. says:

      Well, most places around the globe, they can’t do anything in public as trans people without getting killed, or otherwise harmed. Sort of like how in America they can be fired in most States or kicked out of their homes, or even out of stores or movie theaters or museums, solely for being trans. Or how according to Amnesty International’s study last year, one in six times a trans person reports being raped or robbed (or both), THEY are arrested. That’s what you and me and Cathy Hunderford are working so hard to enshrine into international LAW, silly billy poopy head! Tee Hee!

      As for the 1 in 1,000 and 1 in 10,000 references, that was as percentages of the Lesbian & Gay communities and the general population. You see, about 10% of the general population is gay or lesbian. Dividing by Ten is so easy that even a Georgetown grad can do it, give it a try! Tee Hee!

    • Heather R. says:

      Oh, and that “discharging firearms” accusation, considering that that is most likely the local non-lesbian Michiganders out hunting small game (most of which is nocturnal), you might want to look up the word “libel” in a dictionary. It’s a teensy word, but sometimes teensy words can be very important! Tee Hee! Same thing about the vandalism accusation. I know a certain goofy woofy poofy sleeves who slept through at least one day of law school! Naughty naughty “Vic!” Tee Hee!

    • Heather R. says:

      “Law enforcement is ready. Attorneys are ready. Staff and allies are ready. We are all ready.” -“Vic”

      As a matter of fact, the only thing we are NOT prepared for is the lurching realization in the bases of our spines that one or two of us lesbian feminists has been doing all of the bad stuff on their own initiative as a false flag operation, and that we’ve been duped. That would be awful! Tee Hee!

    • Cromulent says:

      And Vic really is a guy – & one voice…..btw – what are your accomplishments again?

      You know much more about this event than you do about gay ones.

  13. "Vic" says:


    Explain to me again how trannies are simultaneously 1 in 1,000 and 1 in 10,000 of the population? I couldn’t quite make heads or tails of your comment. I’m slow that way.

    Thanks for admitting that trans culture is a wasteland. You can haul out the old “we’re so oppressed everywhere by everyone” line to justify all of your failures, but at least we agree that trannies are massive failures when it comes to contributing artistically. I believe that women – real women – are at risk of violence and rape, but somehow they manage to put on this festival annually.

    In the same state, in the same area, at the same time, trannies have access to land. You have the time set aside. You are gathered there. No one is arresting or raping you. All the elements are in place for a positive contribution. But for some reason, all you can produce is hostility and hatred and threatening conduct. The problem isn’t with the world or external circumstances; it is with you and your hate-filled hearts.

    If you have any evidence, even a little bit, that hunters discharged weapons near the camp at 1 am (when no one hunts) or that the other violent incidents are the result of a false-flag operation by lesbians, please lay it out. Go ahead. Expose the hunters and the lesbians to the world!


    I am happy to share my accomplishments with you! Come on over to MI this year and have a look.

    • Kathy says:

      Come see your accomplishments at an a michfest…………….Because you’re a guy.

      Let’s just call you Bess going forward, shall we?

      And your accomplishments there are? Unless you’re the business owner it’s hard to see much to crow about. If there were some – you would have mentioned at least a few of them.

      It’s all so confusing – first you’re angry over people coming to the event – then you’re angry for people saying it’s boring and they have no intention of wasting their time? Then you re-invite people.

      I’ve seen rapid cycling before – but congrats on setting a new land speed record.

      • "Vic" says:

        What are you talking about? I wasn’t angry over anyone coming to the event. Trannies don’t come to the event. They camp outside and terrorize people who come to the event. I didn’t invite or re-invite anyone to the event. I don’t run it and don’t participate in it and have no ability or authority to invite anyone to it. I was suggesting that the trannies here might go to Camp Trans, which again is outside the Fest, to see firsthand how law enforcement is, from this year forward, going to protect women.

        Protecting these peaceful festival-goers is an accomplishment and I am proud to be part of it this year. Frankly, this should have been done years ago.

    • Heather R. says:

      Oh “Vic” dear, what exactly have Gays and Lesbians contributed to the culture, then, other than self-serving political parades and the occasional music festival held by and for shirtless Amazons, the Public specifically not invited?

      Mapplethorpe’s “Piss Christ” perhaps? If Koovagam doesn’t count, then neither does Dore Alley. By YOUR standards, “Vic” sweetie bumpkins, GAY & LESBIAN culture is a wasteland of drug and alcohol and tobacco abuse, a heavy focus on unsafe sex, and public display of paraphilias such as leather fetishes and BDSM. Why, I once traveled to San Francisco and attended the Folsom Street Fair, and at that “art and music festival” I saw many men publicly masturbating into the gutters, men leading other men on leashes, groups of lesbian leather or rubber fetishists, and hundreds of gay and lesbian furries and plushies.

      That “cultural wasteland” comment was really you pointing out a mote in the tranny eye and not noticing a ship’s keel protruding from your own orbital socket, you silly willy billy nilly jennifer tilly you! Tee Hee!

      • Katrina Rose says:

        Mapplethorpe’s “Piss Christ” perhaps?

        “Piss Christ” was the work of Andres Serrano

        To be fair, Mapplethorpe had some good, non-BDSM work.

        I think a good substitute in your analysis would be pretty much anything ever uttered by Perez Hilton or George Michael.

      • "Vic" says:

        I don’t think I ever suggested that the Folsom St. Fair was a gay art festival. I am certainly not going to log for you all of the thousands of museum exhibits, film festivals, concerts plays, dance performances, and visual art performances gays and lesbians have contributed to the culture over the last 40 years. It would take months just to identify and list them all. Unlike you, I have friends and family.

        Let’s just focus on MichFest shall we? Let’s pretend that that is the only contribution lesbians have ever made to the culture. What have trannies done to match it? If you want to disagree with me about the value of that religious festival in India, then let’s focus on this continent. I’ll give you the entire continent and I’ll give you not 40 years, but a century. Please identify the tranny equivalent, or anything even in the ballpark to MichFest, in all that time.

  14. Bianca Lynne says:

    Firearms discharge – from what I understand, (and I’m perfectly willing to be corrected as I wasn’t exactly keeping tabs on MWMF two years ago when that stuff went down) that same night there was a celebration and fireworks etc. were being set off around the same time as the people were claiming to hear gun shots.

    Growing up in rural Ohio, quite close to Michigan, the statement that “nobody hunts at 1:00 AM” is patently false. Particularly around protected/government/park lands night hunting is when less scrupulous hunters will go poaching so they are less likely to get caught.

    • "Vic" says:

      Initially, some people speculated that it might have been fireworks, but the shots were heard after the fireworks had ended. I am not an expert in hunting, but people familiar with the Land and it’s history tell me that there is no hunting there. And it was only a few shots in a limited time period, more consistent with people popping off rounds than a hunt.

      Is it possible that the noise came from hunters? I guess anything is possible, but you would have to believe that they were the first hunters to appear near the festival in 35 years, that they showed up with night vision goggles to poach and that the poaching/hunting consisted of a few rounds fired at 1 am. In the context of all the other hostile activity going on, I’d say that the Camp Trans theory is the better one.

      As for the truck operator, he was there to do a job. He had every right to be where he was. He was accosted and surrounded and threatened. Only then did he pick up a chain to defend himself against a mob.

      How is it that this “camp” came to be in such conflict with a complete stranger who was only there to tow a disabled vehicle? What kind of people set upon a stranger who has nothing to do with the festival, its policies, or any political issues? You might not like how he handled the mob, but the better question is “why was this man facing a mob in the first place?”

      • grrlinterupted says:

        Golly “Vic” you sure know lots about Fest history. Although, the report from some non-trans friends of mine who watched the incident with the driver have a totally different take on the events as they transpired, and specifically remember people setting off fire crackers well into the dawn. To the point that some camps were complaining to fest security the next day. It was only after they returned that they were aware that CT was being blamed for all manner of incidents from busted pipes (an annual occurrence) to graffiti (likely some CT people of fest supporters) to lost clothing (another yearly happening) etc. etc. etc.

        But you know, you and the other festies do what you gotta do to protect The Land ™ from women while openly allowing men to attend. Even if that means engaging law enforcement, because we all know how swell the cops are wrt women, lesbians, POC… way to get all radical and empowerful.

        So again, you blatantly state that your single contribution is “this year at MI” – after lambasting trans women for being selfish and initially criticizing a small sample of the work I have done post transition. If you are an example of the average L/G person, it is no wonder that gays have a reputation for being vapid, selfish, and short-sighted.

  15. Bianca Lynne says:

    “mob attack on a truck driver ” you mean the guy who threatened a woman with a towing chain? Are you going to blame “trans activists” on a car accident that claimed the life of a long-time festie 6(ish) years ago now?

    next time you talk to Bevjo or Rose Verbena ask them about AIDS and how lesbian’s response to the epidemic in the 80’s is the root of all that ails the Lesbian movement today.

  16. Kathy says:

    “Vic” says: May 4, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    What are you talking about?

    You sweetcheecks; and your multiple lack of personality disorder.

    Now you want people who have no interest in a non-event to go see you outside of it? I don’t think you’ll get many ticket buyers to your freakshow. I have to admire the extent of your delusional system. You’ve found a way to spend even more time with trans people while maintaining you really have no interest – like gay cops who used to work the bars.

    Bess – why don’t you start your own blog so folks can visit you?

  17. "Vic" says:

    “vapid, selfish, and short-sighted.”

    Now, now, Grrl. You have been pretty civil with me up to this point and I think you are one of the nicer people on here. Let’s not devolve to the Kat Rose level of discourse. BTW, you get a big LOL for the TM on the Land. I only capitalize it because they do it but I don’t know what great mystical significance it is supposed to convey and I don’t care to ask them.

    I’d love to hear the trans version of the tow truck incident. I am having a hard time envisioning a plausible scenario in which a lone man on a job assignment starts attacking an entire encampment of complete strangers for no reason, and with a chain that is fixed to his truck.

    • Kathy says:

      You can’t seriously be so deluded to believe anyone feels that your feigned approval carries any value or sincerity?

      To quote Phillip II: I piss on your peace.

      It’s a shopworn tactic from someone who’s displayed her true soul far to often to attempt to to reinvent their persona.

      Prince Geoffrey:

      I know. You know I know. I know you know I know. We know Henry knows, and Henry knows we know it. [smiles] We’re a knowledgeable family.

      Try something clever for a change of pace.

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