Mitt the Trans-Basher-Lover


Kudos to The John for being willing to ‘go there’:

Eric Fehrnstrom is called Mitt Romney’s “most trusted” adviser. Well it seems that Mr. Romney’s most trusted adviser is alleged to have “glee”-fully outed a transgender women, ending her career in politics.  This from GQ:

Fehrnstrom saved his cheap shots for smaller-time Massachusetts pols. When a political activist and gadfly named Althea Garrison was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives, the fact that she was transgender was an open secret in Boston political circles. But Fehrnstrom was the first one to put that information into print—“I can remember his glee when he found the birth certificate,” says former Herald reporter Robert Connolly—thus bringing a swift end to Garrison’s future on Beacon Hill.

Two things need to be added.

(1) The term “gadfly” is actually a bit of an understatement for a description of Garrison the politician (plus, though not out, she is – as far as anyone knows – the first and only trans person to serve as a member of an American state legislature.)

(2) Garrison is African-American.


And, as a bonus, Mitt (or, rather, his “brain”) isn’t just homophobic, transphobic, and racist…

there’s also a nice dose of misogyny:

[Fehrnstrom’s] biggest scoop of all came in December 1989, when he received a tip that Evelyn Murphy, Dukakis’s lieutenant governor, who was running to succeed him, was vacationing on Sanibel Island in Florida during budget talks. Together with a photographer, he flew from freezing Boston to sunny Sanibel and staked her out. They eventually ambushed Murphy while she was jogging, leading to an unflattering picture of her in her running shorts on the Herald’s front page—”her middle-aged thighs flouncing across 300,000 newspapers,” as Fehrnstrom would later describe it. The photograph helped end her political career.

Etch that sketch, Mittens.

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  1. Kathy says:

    ”her middle-aged thighs flouncing across 300,000 newspapers,” as Fehrnstrom would later describe it. The photograph helped end her political career.”

    No, no, no – the Mittens crew has no problems with women.

    Flouncing? Really? Wernstrom has no like for the women.

    I’ll bet he looks like Dave Foley as Mr. Peacock in the Tick when he’s all alone in his office.

  2. "Vic" (2) says:

    If this Althea Garrison had been a trans activist, I’d have said that Romney’s destruction of her political career is a reason to vote for Romney. But seeing as she is a classic transsexual, who was simply living her life and trying to serve her constituents, outing her was wrong and is another reason to oppose Romney.

    I’d imagine that there are many decent classic transsexuals serving without fanfare in public office. But there are virtually no trans activists. Voters don’t want to be represented by hate-filled, enraged thugs obsessed with gender disorder.

  3. Katrina Rose says:

    Bess must have the day off.

    • Heather R. says:

      Sure sounds like it, Tee Hee! Sounds like we’ve got a Dana working the board tonight! Tee Hee!

  4. Kathy says:

    Newsbreak. Fordham Law rejects transphobes.

    ordham Students Study Transgender Civil Rights

    By Laura HaringAll Articles

    New York Law Journal

    May 11, 2012

    Students from the Policy and Legislative Advocacy Clinic at Fordham University School of Law collaborated with the New York Civil Liberties Union on a report calling for state legislation to protect transgendered individuals from discrimination based on their gender identity and expression.

    Advancing Transgender Civil Rights and Equality in New York: The Need for GENDA advocates passage of the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA), which was recently passed by the state Assembly for the fifth time, but remains held up in the Senate’s Rules Committee.

    It also profiles transgendered individuals who have faced discrimination in employment, housing,
    education and public accommodations because of their appearance or gender identity.

    Local laws, Gurrieri said, have shown that concerns that anti-discrimination would detract from personal privacy and safety in sex-segregated areas like restrooms and locker rooms “stem from ignorance.”

    Oh, snap!

    • "Vic" (2) says:

      Enjoy your report because that’s all you’ll be getting. That bill is never getting out of committee. LOL! And do you know what the best part is? No one cares! Just check out the gay blogs and gay press. There is virtually no coverage or discussion of GENDA. I think I saw one bit of coverage during the entire process.

      It is the exact opposite of the atmosphere at this same time last year, when the whole gay nation was waiting on a daily basis to see whether the NY senate would vote on marriage and which GOP senator might switch sides.

      Why the difference? Because – big shocker here – gay and lesbian people care about gay and lesbian issues, not tranny issues. LGBT is a fiction that only very gullible or self-deceived people believe. The longer you insist on believing in it, the longer you will be screwed.

      • Kathy says:

        Thanks – I do enjoy it. I also enjoy the fact that trans people have nationwide employment and housing protections. And that in my City it was a united LGBT community that passed a full civil rights bill.

        You enjoy …..trolling blogs and using slurs?
        When you die – and let’s hope that’s far off as you live such a miserable existence -what will they put on your tombstone?

        She spent her life feigning being a man online? Look at all the good she didn’t achieve? Wow – supporting her was a colossal waste of our taxes dollars? At least the worms will like her?

        To be fair, they’ll be some sentiment. People will sprinkle a little fine single malt on the earth that covers you. A tribute to your worth as a human being.

        They’ll just let it pass through their kidneys first.

      • Orrion Skylar says:

        Actually there is a lot of truth to what Vic has stated, and unless you live in or near any major city chances are you’re a “lone wolf”. I do believe the LGBT has LG interests at all times but often lacks support for the T community. All you hear about are LG issues and non to Bill issues about T issues or support. I have seen this first hand and do not identify as L or G…personally I want out of that umbrella because T issues are being ignored and L and G issues are taking more presidence andthe T community is getting lost in the shuffle. The other comment that was left was kind of harsh, we can’t even support on another on a blog and simply agree to disagree without having to make crappy statements about how or where a person should be treated even in death, shame on you! That was a bigoted remark no wonder why we’ll never move forward with remarks like that makes me believe there is little hope for the human race. We should all be allowed to express our thoughts and opinions…we have enough to endure and face every day. I am part of the T community, I fear what public restroom to use when I am out…can you imagine something so small and simple can be so complex for some, but I can assure you this issue will never be brought to life because it doesn’t effect the L and G community and therefore will merely be swept under the carpet. I pray for change and open mindedness in all communities…and I do mean ALL.-peace

      • grrlinterupted says:

        “gay and lesbian people care about gay and lesbian issues” Finally some (partial) truth from Vic – hence the reputation of the L/G within progressive political circles, as well as in media, of being self-centered, vapid, and generally rubbish as allies. The only thing the L/G politicos have going for them is the fact that supporting gay rights is simply the right thing to do.

  5. "Vic" (2) says:

    Here’s a little free education for you, tranny. The EEOC’s guidances and interpretations are not law and don’t give trannies any protections. They are just statements by the agency regarding how it interprets the law. They are not binding on any court or on any employer. These guidances are ignored and rejected all the time.

    I know that you have a long history of celebrating things that aren’t true, like your being a woman, for example. So celebrating your non-existent nationwide job protections would be in that tradition.

    Now please don’t feel the need to be coy about fantasizing about my death. We both know that you don’t wish me a long life and I’d respect you more (well, disrespect you a little less) if you’d just say what you feel. Authenticity is important, don’t you think?

    • Heather R. says:

      Live long and fester, you carpet-munching bulldagger! Tee Hee!

      • Katrina Rose says:

        Don’t feed the radfem trolls. We all know that “Vic” is a collective identity used by multiple radfems solely to provoke comments like that which the radfems will titter at on their own websites.

      • Heather R. says:

        I’d rather they were posting screenshots of my insults on their slam pages than going after trans women’s jobs the way they did Joelle Ruby Ryan and others. If you don’t feed these trolls, then they’ll just dig deep into some trans woman’s essay and find some penumbral emanation that can turn into a massive campaign of transmisogynistic terror.

        Other examples than Joelle Ruby Ryan would be the whole Cotton Ceiling fiasco, and trying to create one of their radscum internet dogpiles to attack Tobi Hill-Meyer.

        If you garner the radscum’s attention by posting under your real name, they will do their utmost best to cause a shitstorm in your personal and professional lives. They will and have written letters of false concern to people’s employers, to the contacts on their social networking accounts, and so forth, in an attempt to utilize endemic societal transphobia against them.

        So those hairy stink-apes that call themselves radical feminists can all go play in traffic as far as I’m concerned, Tee Hee!

    • Kathy says:

      No – I’m really not nice enough to wish you a short life. I want you to continue living the punishment you chose for yourself. Spending so much time with those you hate.

      Now – if your heart were to ever grow beyond the sad limits you’ve set upon yourself and you acknowledged the harm you tried to cause other devalued people – I could actually forgive you and give you space for redemption.

      Until then – you’re right where you belong. Karma has set you to live among those you despise because you despise them. I’m not spending time on your doorstep – you’re on mine. By choice – though I doubt you have many degrees of freedom given how driven your behavior is.

      So – please stay. You need to be here.

  6. Kathy says:

    Authenticity is important, don’t you think?
    Yes, Ma’am.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Amtrak from Boston to New York is awfully authentic.

      • Kathy says:

        As are corporate tools who feign being edgy, radical punks. No one knows their true nature beneath their pinstripes!

        Except, like peeling an onion, there is no core. Just layers of pinstripes. Desperately clinging to some imagined world where they actually did something of real artistic, cultural or civil rights related significance. Imagining their Acela ticket to be a seat on the freedom riders bus, the magic bus or at least the green turtle. And those people sitting next to you are secret punks under their pinstripes too!

        Coming up from the mean streets of Northampton, where life was cheap and people survived on just one trust fund.

        Like Williards’ days in the wilderness in Paris, they valiantly struggled on without grey poupon, keeping their spirits up by singing the Internationale ………business machines six sigma camp fire song. Anarchy in Armonk.

      • Katrina Rose says:

        I do wonder which of the corporate radfems are managing to deduct the expenses related to the creation and continued existence of “Vic.”

  7. Cat says:

    Fuck you, “Vic”

  8. "Vic" (1) says:

    None of them are taking a deduction because they incur no expenses relating to my existence. I am very real. I am gay. I am a real man, no air pumps needed. I am not alone in grasping the bigoted, parasitic nature of trans activists. We are getting wise to you and the backlash is coming soon!

    @ Cat:

    Sorry, I don’t do men who have breasts by Dow Corning. If you want a lay, go to your regular spot by the docks.

    • Kathy says:

      Even if you were born male, you’re hardly a real man. Real men don’t troll trans sites while sitting in their Richards Simmons exercise shorts.

      Sweating to the oldies with Vic.

      • "Vic" (1) says:

        But I am not trolling. You admitted that I made valid points about the sham of “LGBT.” A troll doesn’t make valid points.

        If you trannies had any sense you would realize that “LGBT” is a hole that you dug yourselves into. When you find yourself in a hole, the first rule is stop digging.

        Poor “Kat” Rose thinks that trannies should spend their lives ranting about lesbians and gays won’t do this or prioritize that or hire such and such a person. Well someone needs to tell the cat lady that we will never do what she wants. The most she can hope for is that infrequently we will do something in our interests that happens to coincide with what she wants. That is the most you will ever get out of LGBT, and if there were some way to deprive you of even that, I’d advocate it.

        Now most LGBs pay lip service to LGBT are way too politically correct to ever say any of this out loud. But I can assure you that I hear this all the time, and mostly from younger LGBs. They won’t tell you to your face. I just did.

      • Heather R. says:

        Don’t you mean GLBT, Mister Male Gay Man Sir? So, are you a sex pig, a bear, a twink, or some kind of rebel who mixes black and brown leathers? How many dicks have you sucked in the past year, and how would you rate them on a scale of one to zero?

        You pretendigay! Tee Frikkin Hee!

  9. Kathy says:

    Vic says: May 14, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    But I am not trolling. You admitted that I made valid points about the sham of “LGBT.” A troll doesn’t make valid points.

    Ah – one of those they all look alike to you moments.

    Not that you have; but of course trolls attempt to mix in points with some semblance of validity along with their derailing, slurs, lies and the dung that is expressed from their fulminated id.

    In your case – this usually entails passing the baton to the next node in your borg to try a slightly different tactic when Bess loses it. But you’re all broken deeply inside – and less accepted in LGB power circles than even the posters here.

    None of what you say is in any orgs mission statement. In the dem party platform. Or in the scads of policy achievements since the Obama admin began – where trans folk have had greater success than you. With meager resources. But why not? The President was raised by a trans caregiver for some of his youth.

    You come here not to spread your dubious truths; but because you’re powerless elsewhere. Even with other lesbians. You come her anonymously because of how embarrassed you’d be to say these things in the light of day before a camera.

    You come here because you’re afraid.

    • "Vic" (1) says:

      Huh? WTF are you babbling about? Borg nodes? Who is Bess?

      This is what hormone treatment does to the tranny brain. Another example of why 90% of you should be committed to mental hospitals.

      • Kathy says:

        Yes – frightened to death. So you strike out. In more ways than one.

        Your sad, little life……you need to be here.

        There, there Bess. Let it out. Tears for fears, as the saying goes.

  10. "Vic" (2) says:


    I’m thinking you have been hospitalized in a facility. Am I right?

    • Kathy says:

      Oh dear – now you say you’re thinking. Grandiose sentiment that.

      But fine – let’s say we get a few of us together for coffee in NY. Will you make a few statements before the camera?

    • Kathy says:

      Hey – no need to be embarrassed. If you can’t afford it – I’ll buy your coffee & danish.

      I’ll even promise to put the video straight to youtube without editing. Just bring yourself & some ID.

      Unless you really are here because you’re frightened. Don’t real men stand behind their words?

    • Kathy says:

      Hey – we can even have the anti-violence program or GLAAD there to hold your hand if you don’t feel safe. Though it’s hard to see how a “real man” such as yourself would be so afraid.

      Tell you what – I’ll even buy you a gift card for a weeks worth of coffee & snacks and a few subway tokens if your financial situation is that bad.

      I understand that some times people need a helping hand.

  11. grrlinterupted says:

    “But I am not trolling” – Yes, yes you are. You are also holding an ever so common double standard that homos love to employ.

    ‘“LGBT” is a hole that you dug yourselves into” – Hardly. It was YOUR academics and politicos who decided to call trans-anything “gay” in a bid to establish both historical context and gain sympathy when pushing your legislative agenda. Much like you did with Bi folks – just ask them.

    While I’m not going to talk for Kat, I will say that having a non-trans person as the “go to” for trans issues in a national org is busted. Calling out “LGBT” groups that state “transgender” in their policy statements when they screw trans people (again) seems valid. Kinda like Lesbians did with NOW after the grand purge in the 70’s.

    “I can assure you that I hear this all the time, and mostly from younger LGBs” How utterly funny. You see, one of the largest complaints from gay men who want to distance away from trans people is that younger folks are far to invested in “gender/queer theory” and bristle at the fact that it is younger activists who see LGBT rights as not only tied together, but also intrinsically Feminist in nature (the number of homo guys who resist homophobia classified as a form of sexism is astounding – are you one of those ‘Vic”?)

    You want to get trans out of your movement – then get your people to try to be honest for once. To rewrite your history books and re-pass the laws you passed using trans women to get them. I also don’t think the L/G movement is ready for any back-lash from trans and bi folks (who are also pretty over your colonization, erasure, and general nonsense)

    • "Vic" (2) says:

      Grrl said: “You see, one of the largest complaints from gay men who want to distance away from trans people is that younger folks are far to invested in “gender/queer theory””

      I don’t know what planet you live on. But here on Earth, young gay and lesbians are over the whole “queer” thing and along with it the “LGBT” thing. Those concepts were created and propagated in the early and mid-1990s by people who are today in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. With one exception, young gay and lesbian people have no use for it. The one exception would be that small group of activists who have joined “queer” groups. Obviously, you will hear them use the language of queer and LGBT, but they are few in number and have no cultural cachet.

      Go to any youth-oriented club or org or bar or social network and you’ll hear people using LGBTQ as the punch line of a joke. Which it is. Hey, or you could go to any GSA (that would be gay-straight alliance, please note that the youngsters have left off the T) and hear the same thing. The attitude ranges from lighthearted disrespect for these concepts – and the nutjob language used to promote them – to open contempt.

      Bs have nothing to do with this. You desperately want there to be some terrible schism between LGs and Bs so that you can mask the fact that it is the forced merger with Ts that is the problem. You are more than willing to exploit Bs as your cover. It won’t work. LGs and Bs share a common bond: we are all homosexual, to one degree or another. LGBs have no common bond with shemales and air pump “men”.

      LGB is a community. LGBT is a fraud and a joke. But the joke is primarily on you, the Ts, because you are the ones relying on it to accomplish your public policy goals. It has failed you and will keep failing you until you finally get a clue and move on with your lives in an independent trans movement.

      • Heather R. says:

        Spending a lot of time prowling youth-oriented clubs, orgs, bars and social networks are you, “Vic?” Hoping one of their members will be DTF with a crone?

  12. Heather R. says:

    “I can assure you that I hear this all the time, and mostly from younger LGBs”

    In fact, if you interview most of them in their ninth year in school, you’ll find them so deep in the closet that they hang with the straight kids and call the trans kids “fags” and “lezzies.”

    Babygays and babydykes often arrive in the Community still soaked from head to toe in the ‘phobic poisons of straight society, and then they are ripe for recruitment into our special little exclusionary groups! Tee Hee!

    • "Vic" (2) says:

      The scary thing about this comment is that you might be hanging around “interviewing” children in their “ninth year in school.” Do parents know that a shemale calling itself “Heather” is interviewing their children?

      BTW, while no one should call a trans kid or any kid a fag or a lezzie for any reason, the truth is that those gay kids have far more in common with their normal gendered straight peers than they do with transgenders. It is entirely appropriate for LGB kids to identify and bond with their straight friends and not identify their gayness with GID. Their straight friends are more likely than ever before to accept them and love them as openly gay. Whether anyone accepts transgenderism is a different question, and not one that gay kids need to be saddled with.

      • Heather R. says:

        Aren’t you the “guy” who just said he knew what they were saying in the “youth-oriented clubs, orgs, bars and social networks?” You seem to be the one who’s trying to convince people half your age to come take a look at your labrys tattoo. Tee Hee!

  13. "Vic" (2) says:

    I can interact with younger people because I’m normal. You are a guy in a dress who may or may not have had his peen surgically removed. Your “identity” can be found in DSM IV. That is why you shouldn’t be “interviewing” 14-year olds.

    • grrlinterupted says:

      Sorry Vic, I’ve been working with young people for the past decade and the nonsense you spout is a piping hot bowl of self-serving BS. It is, in fact, a criticism that I, personally, have with many young L/G people. That they unquestioningly fall into post modern queer theory and consider trans and gay as on a sort of spectrum of “queerness” eliminating the distinctions that we have. I have read the same expressed, slightly differently, on AmericaBlog and a number of RadFem sites. But whatever, you are an aging troll (of both varieties) so clearly you know what’s what. Considering that the ONLY activism you have ever mentioned is working with MWMF, I’m led to believe that your interest in young LGbs is hardly more than a cover for your chickenhawk tenancies. Shall we talk about the DSM and how/when GID was introduced? Funny that it didn’t exist in the DSM until after the homos threw their pissy-fit in the 1970’s…

      I don’t *want* there to be anything between L/G and B. I don’t really care if there is a schism or not. It can be all good in the LGB political land for all I care – funny thing is, if you read any bi-activists, the same complaints that trans women have are largely mirrored.

      I have expressed the way to get the T out of “your” movement. Unfortunately, it requires something the L/G, as a political movement, has never possessed – honesty and some measure of internal and external accountability and removing the famed homo double standard.

      As far as “cover” – I don’t need/want a cover for the “LGBT”. I want the L/G movement to fess up, correct their BS that has only ever bitten trans people in the ass, and get out of our way.

      Also “we are all homosexual, to one degree or another” – tell that to a bi-activist… lol

      • Kathy says:

        Homosexual is a clinical term that most lgb people consider stigmatizing and pejorative. Someone saying “we are all homosexual to one degree or another” is saying that lgb people ate all mentally ill to some degree.

        While it’s certainly untrue in that general sense – it’s also a cry for help. And shows more self awareness than I gave Bess…I mean Vic….credit for.

        Hope springs eternal. Besides paying for your meal and subway to our meeting Vic; I’ll prepare a list of mental health resources with cultural competence in lgb issues for your usage.

        A very nice first step – I look forward to videoing your opinions for the record. Don’t be afraid.

      • "Vic" (2) says:

        I’ve seen your pic and assuming that it is recent and not gauzed and cleaned up like “Kat” Rose’s pic, I can safely say that I am your age or younger. I am, of course, aging. But so is everyone alive. So that was not your most insightful remark.

        Bisexuals are a distinct group and a sexual minority only because they, by definition, are attracted to the same sex. It may not be exclusive, but homosexuality is part of their sexual orientation. Thus, the common bond. A Kinsey 3, 4, 5, or 6 all share an important defining trait with one another.

        There is no common bond with trannies. Had things developed differently, we might have been allies and even friends. But the trans activists have pretty much destroyed that now. The T in LGBT is around now as a formality, a nod to political correctness. But in substance, it is already on its way out.

        Here’s an exercise for you to do in those long, lonely hours after you finish rubbing hormone cream on your boobies: Go look at the revenue for ESPA, the big “LGBT” group in New York. Look at the revenue for 2009, 2010, and 2011, the years when gay marriage was the key issue. Then compare those stats to revenue for 2012 when those numbers are available. 2012 is the year when ESPA pretended to push GENDA. Compare those revenue figures and you’ll learn everything you need to know about how gay people really feel about the sham of LGBT.

    • Heather R. says:

      You claim to be “normal?” Tee Hee! Normal people aren’t fixated upon the genitals of strangers on the Internet, silliam william! You’ve got “Damaged Goods” written all over your horsey face, Miss Jane Hathaway! Tee Hee!

    • Heather R. says:

      Isn’t the Kinsey Scale about as fresh and up-to-date as using electro-convulsive therapy to cure homosexuality? Like right there in the early Fifties?
      “Today, many researchers believe the Kinsey scale is too simple.”

      Is there anything in your repertoire that is not discredited bullshit? By your standards, gay males bang cub scouts and lesbians constantly recruit vulnerable teenaged girls. Step out of your 1950’s world of pipe-smoking bearded white male intellectuals and embrace the 21st century, you tiny little colony of dung beetles you.

  14. Kathy says:

    Still waiting to schedule Bess…I mean Vic.

    Besides helping you out with some food, transportation, the attendance of an LGBT group to hold your hand & allay your fears and the therapist resource list…..what else can we to?

    It seems like you have trouble developing friendships with gay men ….such as yourself. I can bring you some social resources for gay men.

    I know. It can be scary meeting others in
    the real world. If you’re not quite ready to spend time with other gay men……what else might help you? Have you considered getting a puppy?

    You do seem like someone who needs that kind of unconditional love in your life. Any kind of love, really.

    It must be difficult with this being the only place left for you to go to find help. But this meeting could be your first step to a larger world.

    • AmyBlue says:

      For puppy recommendations, I have a Japanese Chin, and he’s just adorable. They’re totally the perfect cuddly little dog. 🙂

  15. "Vic" (2) says:


    I’m happy to come and meet you! Thank you so much for the invitation. But since we have never met, I need to know what you look like so that I can spot you at the airport. Why don’t you post a pic?

    • Kathy says:

      You first Vic – being all manly man that you are – you shouldn’t have any security worries. And hold up your ID in the photo so I know it’s you. Feel free to cover the street address.

      And since you travel by rail – it would make more sense to meet at Penn Station. People can’t meet at Airports anymore – security and all. Unless Grand Central is easier for you.

      I’ll wear a red carnation & carry a copy of the times. So – what time is that again?

    • Kathy says:

      Hey – and nothing is stopping you from making your own video with your face in it and posting it.

      Being such a well respected guy who is totally accepted by everyone for your views on trans issues. I’ll bet you get tons of lgb groups lending their names in support – so – by the by – what gay men’s groups are you part of?

  16. grrlinterupted says:

    “homosexuality is part of their sexual orientation” – I don’t know a single bi-activist who appreciates being defined in relation to gay people. bisexuality is its own orientation and it stands alone. It isn’t “part-time gay” and it is, in fact, exclusive – one is exclusively bisexual. But, please do continue to show the obvious solidarity with bisexuality – my bi friends are laughing and shaking their heads.

    The rest… *shrug* with some errors. ‘LGBT” was never “in”, so it can’t really be “on its way out”. All we have is continued lip service and more rounds of using trans people to get what homos think they want.

    I would have been shocked if ESPAs cash flow hadn’t dropped. So no mental exercise needed. groups that focus on issues that aren’t related to his and his towels are also feeling the “love” – HIV/AIDS funding, Homeless LGBT youth services, targeted domestic violence prevention, all of it sees the money evaporate after the homos get the right to divorce.

    My hours are as long as anyone’s hours, as time is a constant (not very insightful “Vic”. Your constant attention to and commentary on trans women’s bodies is telling and creepy. I also have for more important and amusing things to do with my time that involve dating, friends, and an over abundance of work. I’d rather not spend time pondering the obvious sham that is LGBT activism and the decades’ worth of being used as a prop so gay men don’t get called out for perversions in the toilets.

  17. "Vic" (2) says:

    Well, I am glad we agree about sham of LGBT. Even though we disagree about many things, we can see the obvious. Please try talking to your fellow trans folk like “Kat” Rose. She seems to believe in it the way 5-year olds believe in Santa Claus. Blind faith, which will only lead to disappointment, and in her case, bitterness and rage.

    However, I again have to call you out on yet another attempt to cover the T issue by misdirection. LGs are not in any great conflict with Bs. While AIDS activism has dropped off, that goes back to the late 1990s and the development of effective meds. I don’t agree at all with this drop-off in interest, but it isn’t part of some gay or marriage equality conspiracy to screw over PWAs. LGBs massively funded AIDS orgs for years and still do, despite the drop off. There is no comparison with T issues, where there has never been popular interest, funding or mobilization by LGBs. Even in 2012, there are AIDS walks and AIDS rides all over the country that raise tens of millions of dollars collectively. In the entire history of the gay movement, there has never been a walkathon or anything comparable for a trans issue. And there never will be.

    Grrl, keep focus on the issue: LGB and T. Not AIDS, not homelessness, not domestic violence. LGB and T. There is no bond. There is no concern. There is no interest. There is only the continued futile effort by deluded trans activists to insist that the 2 groups are really 1.

    • grrlinterupted says:

      Actually, Vic, the “futile effort” to merge the two groups was started by homo “historians” and academics. This was then taken up by post-modern “queer/gender theorists” who are/were largely not trans. The link between trans and bi issues wrt the L/G is one of colonization, lies, and later grudging admission. It isn’t deflection, it is a plain statement of documented historical BS conducted by a greedy grasping L/G movement in their initial bid to 1) empower homos 2) counter stereotypes 3) establish the “all places all times” meme 4) (less successfully) create “gay spirit” movement that mostly started and ended in the 80’s – 90’s.

      The other issues simply illustrate that a lack of interest in trans issues in NYS is hardly isolated nor particular to GENDA. But rather an example of the nature of LGBT politics and by extrapolation, L/G people.

      I also have never gotten the feeling that Kat is really interested in a unified movement. What I do see her doing is holding groups that claim to represent and speak for/about trans people to either stop screwing it up, or just stop the nonsense.

  18. Kathy says:

    on May 16, 2012 at 2:37 pm said:
    You first. Go on. Post a pic, Kathy!
    When you show up – feel free to take one.

    So – when Vic?

  19. "Vic" (2) says:

    C’mon Kath. Don’t be shy. Post a pic. I won’t even laugh. Much.

    • Kathy says:

      You can earn that right by showing up. Hell – you can even laugh to my face.

      You just have to actually face me. C’mon Bess – show us you’re the real man you keep saying you are. Show up – go on camera.

      I knew we could find something to motivate you – I just never thought it would be me. Creepy – but – whatever works.

      So – yes – you can have pictures of me if you show up, Bess.

      • "Vic" (2) says:

        Look, Kath. You said it yourself. I have fears. I need reassurance from you in the form of a pic and I need it before I can take that big step to journey to the big city to see you.

        Now you said you wanted to help me, so help me. Post a pic. Just a facial shot. I don’t want to see your peen or, you know, what’s left of it.

        Post the pic and I promise I will give you a date and time.

  20. Heather R. says:

    On the contrary, you’ll probably masturbate to it! Tee Hee!

  21. Kathy says:

    on May 16, 2012 at 6:59 pm said:
    Look, Kath. You said it yourself. I have fears. I need reassurance from you in the form of a pic and I need it before I can take that big step to journey to the big city to see you.

    Now you said you wanted to help me, so help me. Post a pic. Just a facial shot. I don’t want to see your peen or, you know, what’s left of it.

    Post the pic and I promise I will give you a date and time.


    You could just make believe you have that until you can take one for yourself.

    Just like you make believe you’re a real man. Or ask your Dr to raise your medication.

    But – just so you can stop obsessing over collecting pictures and genitals – I’ll even buy you a subscription to porn that has trans performers. Get it out of your system…. so to speak. You’re obviously fixated on the subject.

    Then, when you’ve exhausted your … ah…. curiosity ….and washed your hands….let me know when you’ll be free to meet.

    Seriously? Who calls a penis a “peen”? Adults call them peni and vaginas. Ah – that’s why you want pictures – you haven’t actually seen any yet. Buck up little buckaroo – they say there’s someone out there for everybody.

    Of course – they just say that to make you feel better. But – it’s kind of them.

    • Heather R. says:

      “Vic” is begging Kathy to post a “facial shot?” OK, off to the Urban Dictionary to find out what “Vic” is asking for…. TEE HEE!

    • "Vic" (2) says:

      Kath, I’m not about make believe. I am real. I don’t pay doctors in the deluded belief that they can create a vagina.

      Why are you so reluctant to post a pic? Is it because you are ashamed of how you look? Don’t be. Stand tall and proud, Wookie-in-a-dress!

      • Kathy says:

        You can have plenty of pics – you just have to be real enough to take them.

        In a dress? For once you’re sly – finding a round about way to ask what someone’s wearing. Cue the heavy breathing.

        Hey – I’ll even put one in a locket for you. Just like i did for your Mother. She was obsessed with trans people’s genitals too…wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

      • Kathy says:

        Yes – the truth can finally be told. Bess – did your Mom ever tell you about that separation she and your Dad took about nine months before you were born?

      • Heather R. says:

        “I am real.” -“Vic”

        Yeah, real stupid, real ugly, real annoying, real shitty, and real fucked up. TEE HEE!

  22. "Vic" (2) says:

    So you won’t post a pic? Sorry that you are ashamed of how you look. 😦

    • Heather R. says:

      Your mug shot is a group photo, Tee Hee!

    • Kathy says:

      Don’t worry son/daughter – your looks only came from my side of the family.

      Be nice – surely you want to see pictures of your real family? I can do that for you when we meet. We can make up for lost time – I can toss the frisbee & you can catch it in tor mouth.

      Who knows? You may need a kidney some day? BTW – how is your Mom? I only know how she was.

  23. Kathy says:

    When there are gray skies
    I don’t mind gray skies
    You make them blue Sonny Boy
    Friends may forsake me
    Let them all forsake me
    I still have you Sonny Boy

    They grow up so quick. One day she/he is in diapers. Then they ……pay people to put them in diapers.

    • "Vic" (2) says:


      Why won’t you post a pic? Is my tranny father ashamed that he-she looks like a big hulking dude in a dress? C’mon dad, show me how a tranny proudly posts a picture of itself.

      • Kathy says:

        Are you OK? With all that heavy breathing I was wondering if you needed oxygen.

        There, there daughter mine. All in good time. You can have your photos at our reunion. I can see you may need more time in therapy beforehand – just post when you’re ready to meet. I’ll give you the space you need.

        But – no matter how nicely you ask – you can’t have those “special photos” of your Mom – that’s creepy even for you. Just how did she raise you? If I bring a doll – will you show me where she touched you?

      • Heather R. says:

        Everyone knows that a Real True Lesbian prefers to wear jeans over sensible Joe Boxers with a fitted T shirt. We Real True Lesbian Females who are not political lesbians call that look “butch.” At work we wear dark stretch slacks and boy’s dress shirts because hey professional butch coming through. We would never stomp around in a dress like the Incredible Hulk, who by the way buys the most indestructible purple pants ever. TEE HEE!

  24. […] about that whenever you hear someone dismiss the relevance of Mitt the Crip (Blood?) having a surrogate who, based on some of the descriptions of Eric Fehrnstrom’s glee at the prospect of outing […]

  25. […] comment that someone – probably a member of the “Vic” posse consortium (after all, another legislative season will be upon us in a few weeks, so the ususual brave, […]

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