White FOX ‘Logic’

I wonder what will happen if it emerges that Mitt the Crip (or Blood) did more than commit hate crime assaults against gay kids – you know, something like, perhaps, his own personal Chappaquiddick?

Fox News’ senior political analyst on Sunday dismissed a Washington Post story which revealed that presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney had assaulted a gay classmate in 1965.

“Look, this was not a prank,” Brit Hume admitted. “This was hazing and it was mean.[“]

No – it was aggravated assault.


It was aggravated assault with extenuating circumstances.

You know…

the extenuating circumstances of the perp being a rich, white snot whose daddy was the governor of the state?

 [“]There was no doubt about it and I don’t have any doubt about the basic truth of the story. The problem with the story dating from high school was that it was the utter failure of the Post to connect it to anything else in Romney’s life or career.”

Yes, if it ever emerges that Mitt the Crip (or Blood) did more than commit hate crime assaults against gay kids – you know, something like, perhaps, his own personal Chappaquiddick – I’m sure that Brit would rationalize that, unlike Kopechne, Mitt’s Mary Jo somehow would have had it coming.

“[The WaPo article detailing and verifying Mitt’s aggravated assault against the gay student] was 5,000 words of nothing,” Wall Street Journal editor Paul Gigot agreed. “It was about his high school years. ‘Oh, he went to an elite prep school. Oh, he was a happy-go-lucky guy. He was a leader of the prankster group.’ So what?”

It sure gets better if you’re an obnoxious, rich, addicted-to-entitlement snot son of a governor.

That governor, had such a story emerged about something that had happened four decades earlier, would have had Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley and Frank Reynolds tearing him a new asshole on all three legitimate network legitimate newscasts (remember what happened when George Romney claimed he’d been brainwashed?) – whereas Mitt the Crip (or Blood) not only is being taken seriously as a presidential candidate but he also has an entire network of fake journalists spinning apologia for him 24/7.

3 Responses to White FOX ‘Logic’

  1. Kathy says:

    You know what’s a bit odd. Willard bashes a kid in 1965 and it’s relevant today.

    Others coordinate a nationwide campaign to vilify someone and get them fired in the next decade & it’s ancient history. Bringing it up is unseemly.

    I guess responsibility skips a generation – it’s a recessive trait.

  2. Katrina Rose says:

    I guess responsibility skips a generation – it’s a recessive trait

    Or, perhaps, its replicative failure and it will not get better in any future generation o’ Romney.

    Seriously – can anyone honestly believe that Mitt’s five entitlement-addled sons (the sons who’ve been told that working on their daddy’s presidential campaign is the moral equivalent of serving in the armed forces in a real war) are going to trend more toward George than Mitt in the decency department?

  3. Howardine Cosell says:

    People who bully in childhood tend to also bully as adults – instead of bullying with fists and practical jokes, they bully by screwing their employees, burning their stockholders, and passing discriminatory laws. Which defines Romney, and GW Bush, for openers.

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