Is Anyone in the United States OTHER Than James O’Keefe ACTUALLY Committing Voter Fraud?

The answer, of course, is no

In his newest video, conservative videographer James O’Keefe claims that during his organization’s latest inept voter fraud sting in North Carolina, “we found ballots being offered out in the name of the dead.” Unfortunately for O’Keefe, the person whose ballot his operative sought is actually alive, as is indicated by the raw video his organization posted online.

Yet, O’Keefe actually commits voter fraud (or, perhaps, conspiracy to commit voter fraud – but some criminal act nevertheless) by providing false information in the obtaining of a ballot.

If white, christianist, Republican-controlled legislatures were actually concerned about voter fraud, why wouldn’t they simply enact bills of attainder against Jame O’Keefe (and the ghost of Andrew Breitbart, should it ever appear)?

Yes, bills of attainder are facially unconstiutional.

But since when has that curtailed the political bloodlust of a white, christianist, Republican-controlled legislature?  It certainly hasn’t with all of the vote-suppression laws that they’ve concocted.

2 Responses to Is Anyone in the United States OTHER Than James O’Keefe ACTUALLY Committing Voter Fraud?

  1. Kathy says:

    He gets around a bit for a guy still living in his parents basement.

    Isn’t he still on probation? Is he wearing one of those tracking ankle bracelets? It would be hilarious if he had to post his location on google maps.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Maybe if its infrared they can track Breitbart’s ghost along with him (either that or possibly Novakula.)

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