Corporate Nooz

(The top portion of) today’s front page of the website of the Houston Chronicle, the corporatist slagheap of anti-news in the fourth largest city in the country:

Now, to be fair, the comicapalooza image rotates with the others underneath it – so, it is possible that someone could go to and find that the top story is the presidential-year – and, of course, U.S. House and Senate (tea-party-bot Ted Cruz, anyone?  Status-quo-Republican-oid David Dewhurst, anyone?) – primary being held today.

But with the state’s primary being held today – and the ongoing efforts by corporast christianists to buy the presidency via a combination of lying about Mitt the Flip’s record of ‘job creation and bullying people into not questioning those lies – why would an organ of actual ‘journalism’ have a front page filled with stories focusing on (by my count) nine celebrities (more if you count the reference to the ‘Talent’ crapapalooza; still more if you count ‘Wonder Woman’; perhaps even more than that depending on how many people are in the group Sugarland.)

Sure, some of the items are actual news – but do any of those deserve to be of lower significance than a comic book convention (and, bear in mind that I went to plenty of them in Houston when I was a kid – a couple of those even featuring George Takei as a guest)?  And is some clown’s effort to make a “practical iPad nightstand’ even news?  Or just a commercial?

Meanwhile, in actual news…

More Americans died in Afghanistan today because George W. Bush was too connected to the Bin Laden family to go after Osama in 2001.  More Americans committed suicide today because of the mental abuse inflicted on them by two wars that Republicans lied us into.  More working-class Americans were conned by corporate media into believing that millionaire-who-has-never-worked-a-day-in-his-life-son-of-a-millionaire Mitt Romney actually gives a shit about whether they live or die.

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