Christianists Really Think That Reality-Centric People Don’t Recognize “Irony”

Coming on the heals of the hereditary Darwin Award-winning snakristianist taking a dirt nap, we have the story of some christianists who didn’t want to let any icky, legitimate physicians stop their child from taking a dirt nap:

A Washington state couple has agreed to accept a plea deal that spares them jail time but holds them responsible for their teenage son’s death after they failed to call a doctor.

A jury acquitted JaLea and Greg Swezey of Carlton of second-degree murder charges for failing to call a doctor or ambulance before their son Zachery died of a ruptured appendix in 2009. However, they still faced manslaughter charges.

JaLea Swezey pleaded guilty to third-degree criminal mistreatment and received a suspended sentence. Greg Swezey was charged with second-degree criminal mistreatment and his case was continued for two years.

The Swezeys are members of the Church of the First Born, which believes in faith healing.

And they’re star citizens of the Circling-the-Drain States of America – who lets murderers like this go free but imprisons trans women for defending themselves (shout out to Om!; apparently CeCe McDonald made the mistake of not claiming ‘religious freedom,’ eh?)

The item about the oppressive child-murderering christianists who – for all practical purposes – got off scot free by claiming that paying for the crime that they committed would mean that they were being oppressed came from one of the wonderful sub-Fox ‘News’ christianist propaganda sources: One News Nowt.

Note, however, how the page appeared:

It is beneath a banner ad for a movie entitled ‘October Baby.’

Well, on a christianist propaganda site, you can probably guess what such a movie would be about, but lets take a look at the info for the film:

The listing of the ‘stars’ (featuring such luminaries as, um…, John Schneider and Jasmine Guy) is hard to read on that, but at least a few of the organizational logos promoting the ‘film’ should stand out – well-known terroristic hate groups such as the ‘American’ ‘Family’ Association (AFA), the ‘Concerned’ ‘Women’ ‘for America’ (CWFA) and Focus Fraud on the Family.

Now, the money shot – the IMDB synopsis of the ‘film’:

A college freshman’s world is rocked when she learns she is the adopted survivor of an attempted abortion.

Yes, with right-wing tool – who would have had no career but for a television series (30 years ago, but why quibble; and the less said about his singing career the better) which glamorized all manner of illegal activity (so long as it is done by white, ostensibly-christian country-folk) – John Schneider as its biggest name (Victoria Jackson, Kirk Cameron and Stephen Baldwin weren’t available? I’m shocked!), you know its a high-quality production…

and, of course, a propaganda film opposing abortion…

something which christianists claim to consider to be murder (until one of them – or one of their daughters needs one – but why quibble?)…

yet, here, being opposed by a film being promoted on a webpage that not only facially claims to be ‘news’ but also uncritically accepts the notion of America’s legal system giving special rights for people who kill actual, non-fetal children by witholding legitimate medical treatment from them.

Maybe America really does deserve Mitt Romney.

4 Responses to Christianists Really Think That Reality-Centric People Don’t Recognize “Irony”

  1. Om Kalthoum says:

    Hey! It’s not my fault an entire year has gone by since McDonald stabbed the guy to death and you haven’t been able to write a single (that right, not a one) blog post on this case. That is just plain weird. What sort of trans person are you, anyway? Too busy writing about Mitt Romney and “random nutty fundies,” I guess.

    Don’t kid a kidder. But thanks for the “shout out.”

  2. Om Kalthoum says:

    Whew! The air was so fetid over in this thread, that I figured I’d be able to catch my breath over here. Well, until your “Bess” entry above. Classy as usual, Kat Rose.

    Your blog seems to follow a pattern, at least since you began encouraging a “More Vulgar More of the Time” format. You put up a few articles that have nothing to do with ENDA or with trans stuff and get maybe one or two comments that consist basically of, “Yes, I agree!!!” Then, out of the blue, the pervs and crackpots pick an article and descend from all directions, seemingly at random. Or maybe not so random.

    You know, your immediate “Bess” response above got me thinking. Now, I’m not at all a conspiracy buff, but what if some of the grosser nasty stuff we find on your blog this year amongst the comments is produced by Kat Rose herself under an array of alter names? That seems as likely as anything else, I think. Well, let’s leave that be for now. Bottom line, whoever is producing the feces onslaught in your comment section has your approval, or it simply wouldn’t exist.

    I bet you throw one heck of a dinner party crawling with creepazoids.

    “Oh my, I just don’t know where all these creeps and perverts came from, but since they showed up I just had to let them in, right? It’s not my fault they’re vomiting in the living room and taking dumps under the dining room table. Oh, I’m such a little ditz, I just can’t figure out how to keep them out.”


    • You hate it so much you had to come back again and again and you’ve contributed tons… of bullshit. Hey, “Om,” you’re taking full advantage of the exact same laxness in comment moderation that you’re complaining about. It’s like you’re wishing yourself out of existence, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you get your wish.

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