21 Responses to MADvertising

  1. Sooo… I am wondering whether the Presidential limo will get a custom-fitted RPG-proofed dog carrier on the top?

    It just would not do to leave the pup in that big White House all on his lonesome, and you don’t really want Mr. President Himself to have to get a valet to brush off a bunch of dog hairs before a big meeting with the President of France, or something, do you?

    Especially not the President of France… they are very picky about style… or so I am told? (And there’s always that Force de dissuasion to keep in mind!)

  2. Howardine Cosell says:

    The dog deserves to be in the limo. Put the vulture capitalist on the roof.

  3. Om Kalthoum says:

    Who’d a thunk it? You come to something called “ENDAblog” thinking you’ll catch the blogger’s take on the recent hearings before the U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) and….crickets. Shocking? Well, no. Not if you’ve had a look around here recently.

    Check out any of the gay or lesbian blogs, or even U.S. News and World Report – just not ENDAblog – for reporting on, or analysis of, the testimony. A couple of the glb sites I looked at had embedded a live feed of the proceedings.

    Rather historic, I suppose. First time an open trans person – a black trans man at that – had testified before a committee of the U.S. Senate. Hmm. I wonder why Katrina Rose wasn’t interested?

    Me? I think ENDA doesn’t have a chance in hell anytime soon. But, goodness, all the trans people in the blogosphere were apoplectic when the non-inclusive version was proposed. If I recall, Katrina Rose was beside herself, couldn’t stop calling teh gays all kind of names. The use of the dreadful expression, “to throw someone under the bus,” reached critical mass. Now ENDA has the T’s back on the bus.

    Oh well. There must be an important minor league baseball game going on somewhere. Or a duck to photograph. Or something.

    • “Katrina Rose was beside herself, couldn’t stop calling teh gays all kind of names.”

      It’s almost amusing how some people think criticism of the unelected “leadership” of the gay “community” is a criticism of gay folk.

      But not really? – “Om”, you indulge in a logical fallacy here, The Fallacy of Composition… and seeing it used to abuse a critic of that “leadership” in a fashion intended to manipulate those who don’t catch on to this rhetorical sleight-of-hand is actually pretty disgusting.

      Of course, things look different from the puppy’s point of view…. though sometimes dogs are confused about their actual status?

      I’d bet Romney’s dog still thought he was “one of the family” after he debarked from “the top of the bus”; I would not be surprised at all if “Top Dog Mitt” gave him a doggie treat, and the puppy was all gleefully tail-wagging joyfully bounding and enjoying his


      Bonze Anne Rose Blayk

      • Om Kalthoum says:

        Fallacy? You clearly haven’t been reading our Katrina Rose for as long as I have, at least until she was banned at the sites where she was posting. One can’t scrub the internets of all the generalized anti-gay rants she’s spread far and wide. I suspect these embarrassing diatribes are the reason that no “respectable” transsexual or transgender (at least those of the activist variety) would be caught dead commenting on her blog these days. These respectable sorts know that it’s hard to attract, much less keep, allies when you spew forth like she has.

        All that aside, it’s peculiar that you avoided the entire point of my post – that Katrina Rose maintains (I use that term advisedly) a site called “ENDAblog” yet seems to ignore news about, you know, ENDA, or seemingly any current trans news.

        Umm Kulthum Ebrahim Elbeltagi
        Fāṭimaẗ al-Zahrāt ̈Ibrāhīm
        فاطمة إبراهيم البلتاجي

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Well, no. Not if you’ve had a look around here recently.

      You mean the stealth radphlegms polluting the comments section?

      I’ve seen quite a bit of that.

      • Om Kalthoum says:

        Couple of questions:

        1.) What is a radphlegm?
        2.) Can you point out the radphlegms in this thread?


    • Vic says:

      This isn’t really an ENDA blog. It is a hate blog. I found this Klan site when I was looking for a good blog dedicated to the legislation. I found the deep insanity of “Kat” Rose instead.

      You won’t see much discussion of ENDA here because tranny activists don’t really care about the law itself. They care about using the law as an excuse to attack and hate. That is what makes them feel fully alive. When you look at the litigation record in the various states and cities that have protected “gender identity” you won’t see more than a few complaints. This protection is supposedly so vital to “trans lives” but no one actually uses the protections when they are passed. No, what these scum care about is attacking gay people and using gay people as scapegoats for their many mental and emotional problems.

      • Vic: “ENDA blog…. is a hate blog. I found this Klan site …”

        Gosh, Vic, do I have a choice?

        I have to agree with you here.†

        After all, it’s always the case that Joe Random IP Address, wearing the white hood of an anonymous commenter, testifies only to… The Truth™!

        Any resemblance between your rhetoric and racist rhetoric, and your post and a flaming cross planted on Kat’s lawn is… purely accidental.

        Have a nice day, Vic, laddy!

        Yours In Complete Sincerity,
        – bonze anne blayk – The Accidental Comedienne

        †… and looking forward with great expectation… to an out-of-context quotation! Not being an activist… I am in this for lulz

      • Umm Kulthum Ebrahim Elbeltagi says:

        And what makez “Vic” feel fully alive? What puts a smile on your face and a bulge in your crotch?

    • Umm Kulthum Ebrahim Elbeltagi says:

      I suppose it’s better than coming to endablog expecting passive agressive transphobic postings by borderline personalities who seek to self aggrandize by appropriating an artists name.

      Or, maybe not.

  4. Vic says:

    Hey Kevin. Please give my regards to Precious. Also, if I could make a humanitarian request, please consider letting Catherine Martin out of your cellar.

    • Hey “Vic”!

      Are you referring to me, “The Artist Formerly Unknown As Kevin Saunders”?

      If this is the case: Wow, Vic, that’s cul-asssss-aaaay!

      Did you develop your comedic skills through a Correspondence Course from the Famous School for Comedians – – or did you acquire them like you did your knowledge of “trannies” – watching movies?

      I’m thinking “Borat”, right? Except with a little twist, an ingenious spin on it: something like “Throw the Tranny Down the Well”?

      Bonze Anne Rose Blayk

      PS: “Keep it up. This is helpful.”

      • Vic says:

        I’m glad you like my posts, Kev! I was just trying, in a gentle way, to encourage you to adopt a look that isn’t abjectly terrifying.

      • Ah Vic, the “abjection” is all on you!

        … but true, you’re onto “something” there, and why should I deny it?

        “I’m on the lamb, but I ain’t no sheep!”

        On the other hand, sorry but – I don’t think “Queer Eye for the Straight Transwoman” is gonna work for me.

        bonze anne blayk – paleogoth

        PS: Regarding ‘Precious’:

        Catherine came out holding the dog, kept the dog in the ambulance.

        They drew the line on dogs at the hospital and wouldn’t let the dog in. A fireman, instructed to drop it off at the animal shelter, took it home with him instead.

        … and it’s a lead-pipe cinch that that little puppy got a daisy-fresh monicker!

        All’s well that ends well.

    • Since I just came across this comment again while ego-Googling, I figure that following Vic’s comments… this is a space that needs a bit of air freshener?

      It’s a bit “off-the-wall” and unusual, but that’s the way it goes sometimes…


      B.A.R.BLAYK – LAMB / CHOPS – Transsexualism, Misdirection, and “the silence of the lambs”.

      What’s the scoop, Vic?


      Because you get your takes on life from stupid movies, not even the original books… and still — even though the book is great — that’s nothing like real life.

      B.A.R.BLAYK – the artist formerly unknown as
      “Kevin Eric Saunders a/k/a bonze blayk”

  5. Heather R. says:

    Look, cis lesbians stab their partners:
    “According to reports received by Denis Nzioka, editor of Identity Kenya, an LGBT Kenyian Magazine, Achieng was attacked and stabbed by her girlfriend.

    When her parents discovered the attacker was, in fact, her girlfriend they removed her from Nairobi to their home in the small rural town of Mbita Point, in Western Kenya, to ‘ensure she is under their control and monitoring’, Nzioka told Gay Star News.”

    More of the inherent violence of the cis lesbian. Tee Hee!

  6. AmyBlue says:

    Is it weird that whenever I say Romney’s logo, I immediately think of it being a toothpaste advert?

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