Aravosis goes after intersex kids now

October 12, 2007

For all the uproar in the liberal blogosphere last week (and rightly so) about the conservatives attacking a child with a disability for political gain in the SCHIP controversy, you’d think it would make John Aravosis think twice about doing the same thing.

But, no, he’ll do anything he can do to stop trans-inclusive ENDA, including attacking kids with birth defects:

Welcome to your community

I’m just wondering if anyone in Congress, or the community, outside of the “groups” and the activists-who-speak-for-everyone, realizes that ENDA (the gay employment discrimination bill) supposedly covers this condition as well (it sounds like a horrible condition, don’t get me wrong, but I’m just a bit surprised to find out that this child is covered under ENDA, a gay rights bill).

Here’s a letter from a parent, recently posted on in response to the ENDA debate:

as the father of a “severely” hypospadic boy (his pediatrician’s characterization, not mine) on of the first things i was told was (1) his penis is going to me really small (2) he was probably going to be gay (3) he had to have surgery starting right away. A few years of frustrating research and half completed surgeries later i’m still confused and i want so much to be able to give my son the firmest foundation possible as he heads into high school and has to deal with the locker room (a decade yet away, but still).

A reply to the letter, posted in Salon’s comments:

yes in all the kerfuffle [over ENDA], neither “side” (and how bad is it when there are “sides”) – has mentioned the Intersexed.

My son is mildly Intersexed, not severe but moderate hypospadias. Really bad chordee too, so genital reconstruction was needed before his gender became apparent, to avoid pain. We hope we guessed right. We opted for the minimum needed, to allow him to decide on further surgery later.

A T-inclusive ENDA would prevent your child from being fired, or prevented from using either restroom at work because of his non-conforming genitalia. ADA doesn’t cover everything.

Your child is no more likely to be Gay than any other kid, and only 10% of IS people have significant issues with gender. (2 separate issues there, one sexual orientation, the other gender).

How many members of Congress know that this is what they’re supposedly voting for in a trans-inclusive ENDA? If the “GLBT community” now covers boys who are born with a messed up urethra and a penis that bends the wrong way, then I guess I really am behind the times.

Now, clearly, it’s not enough to just throw the transgender weirdos overboard — it’s also about intersex kids.

Look, I know Aravosis is clearly ignorant of the long and awful history of doctors surgically “assigning sex” to intersex children, just as he’s ignorant of anything related to the trans community.

But really, national policy on the treatment of transgender employees has to be based on something other than John Aravosis’ ignorance and his near-pathological fear of harm to the penis. From his statements about “a man cutting off his penis” to this latest attack on an intersex boy, Aravosis’ clear biases and privilege are shining through.


Like any good right-winger, John Aravosis attacks his opponents for being “too PC” — here’s him in the comments on AmericaBlog:

Yes, I was waiting for the PC assholes to weigh in. Here’s my challenge, and you are assholes. Come up with a logical argument and stop you’re holier-than-thou bitching and moaning and personal attacks (and yeah, I’m permitted to respond personally when you started it). If every child we pity is included in ENDA, then let’s add the thousands of Iraqi children who are orphaned because of this horrible war. Let’s add SCHIP – no ENDA until SCHIP is increased by $25 billion. But spare me your PC crap. If you can explain why these children are covered under ENDA, why 25 million gays and lesbians don’t get rights until these children are helped, then do it. Do it with logic, not with your incessant whining. It’s becomingly increasingly clear that far too many of you on the other side have no facts nor any arguments whatsoever to back you. All you have it ego, arrogance and PC fear, and you know what, some of us aren’t afraid of you any more.

No it’s not. You are assholes and you are PC. Just read your comments. All you do is attack personally when someone asks you a reasonable question. That makes you pc and it makes you an asshole. If you can respond with a reasonable argument, without personal attack, then please do. But if all you do is get personal and whine and act holier than thou, then what should we call you? And as for you cowboy, you have been posting some thoughtful posts with real arguments, so when I say “you” I don’t mean YOU personally. I’m saying in general, those who feel the need to post their “outrage” every two seconds but no real arguments.

And Ed, spare me your crap. Stop the name calling? You’ve been attacking me relentlessly for days, in a very personal way. You haven’t been raising rational arguments, you’ve been person and mean. So again, spare me your hurt puppy crap now. You want to play with the big boys, fine, let’s play. You can get nasty, I can respond just as tough as you.

Oh, and I”m sorry, but the boy in question isn’t changing from male to female. He’s a boy with a small penis that has other problems associated with it. They’re worried that he’s going to be mocked for his penis. Explain to us how that has to do with gender identity, but more importantly, what this has to do with the gay community? Why aren’t we amending the ADA if it doesn’t cover this condition?

Biggest asshole in gay blogging.

Update #2: I’ve been banned again at AmericaBlog. Surprise!