The World Series to ENDA All Series

October 22, 2007

World Series 2007: The team from a state with a trans-inclusive civil rights law vs. the team from a state with a transphobic gay-only law.





 Yeh, okay, there is that lingering concern about the Rockies preferring players with “character” (and we all know what that’s a codeword for.)

Still, I see it as Colorado (the state) vs. Massachusetts (the state) – a state with a trans-inclusive law vs. a state that not only has a transphobic gay-only law but also has given us the congressman who wants to pass a federal vrsion of his state’s trsnsphobic gay-only law.

Rockies in 5.

The (Apparently) Self-Loathing Trans Presidential Candidate

October 22, 2007

And – no – I’m not talking about Hedda Lettuce.

This isn’t directly tied to ENDA – nevertheless, a hat-tip goes out to Autumn Sandeen over at Pam’s House Blend for pointing this out: Rudy ‘I Own 9/11 and Three Marriage Licenses’ Giuliani decided to use trans people as a punch line in defense of his position against an anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment.

I don’t think we need a constitutional amendment at this point.

I did 210 weddings when I was mayor of New York City. So I have experience doing this. They were all men and women.


I hope.



GIULIANI: You got to give me a little slack here. It was New York City, you know, but it’s not just a religious institution.

Thst’s enough from Rudy.  Now, I’ll turn to Autumn: “As a transwoman, I’ll remember that joke — and I’ll especially remember it when it comes time to vote.”


Open Thread: Gimme some links

October 9, 2007

Let’s start off with an open thread where you can post links in the comments.

Give us some blogs to blogroll. Point out some people who have written nice stuff about this topic. News articles about ENDA are welcome (yeah, we know about Salon). You can even promote your own blog here.