What? Anti-Trans Slant from The John?

November 5, 2007

The John snidely states:

I look forward to the vote so we can finally settle whether adding transgender to ENDA is a cakewalk or not.

The John’s website declares that “a great nation deserves the truth.”  Obviously, he’s taking advantage of the reality of what the United States has become under the current ruling junta in order to get away with a lie like that.

Luckly, at least one commenter called him on it:

I don’t recall anyone saying it would be a cake walk. I think this a shows biased and hateful attitude that only hurts the overall cause and has helped fuel resentment.


From The John?

Who’da thunk it?

We expect no cakewalk – just honesty.  And honesty requires coming clean – completely clean – on how we got to where we are now.

But, that would show the world how full of shit those who practice Aravosisism actually are.

Is the Scam Now Complete?

October 26, 2007

Alex Blaze over at Bilerico reacts to the alleged reason – fear of Repug attack ads – that some first-term Dems are going further than simply not supporting the Baldwin Amendment, instead not wanting the Amendment to be brought up at all:

What a great decision! Now there won’t be any attack ads in 2008! Democrats will sail right back into Congress since Republicans won’t have any reason to run attack ads!

Now that that problem is solved, the fresman Repugs can move on to their next trick: sucking pianos into their lungs.

Timid Reps? Reps Full of Fear? Yeah – That’s What We Voted For in ’06…NOT

October 25, 2007

From Gay People’s Chronicle (Ohio):

“We should not be so timid about protecting transgender people,” [Rep. Tammy] Baldwin said.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Cleveland is the only Ohioan on the Education and Labor Committee. He is also an original co-sponsor of the transgender-inclusive ENDA.

Kucinich agrees with Baldwin that the original bill should not have been pulled back.

“It’s fear,” Kucinich said of the leadership strategy.

The non-inclusive bill passed the committee October 18 by a vote of 27 to 21, with Kucinich voting against it as a protest.

“And so today when we’re confronted with this legislation, we should be mindful that discrimination of any kind is un-American and should not be tolerated,” Kucinich told the committee.

“I stand with the principles of the LGBT community to defend against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity,” Kucinich continued.

Kucinich said he cannot recall any member of the committee speaking against transgender inclusion.

“I would not have split this bill,” said Kucinich. “I would have reached out to Republican leadership in an attempt to not politicize this.”

“But some in leadership are worried about the spin,” Kucinich said.

Be honest, GLB America, the spin that is causing the real fear, discord and tumult is that which has been spun by those GLBs who want the special right to discriminate against trans people that Barney’s ENDA will create.

Self-Serving Aravosisism Du Jour?

October 25, 2007

On AmericaSlog today:

There are a lot of rumors as to why today’s House floor vote on the GLB ENDA has been postponed.

[I]t’s not even clear if Baldwin still WANTS her trans amendment to be voted on now at all, because she may fear that the GLB ENDA crowd was right, that her amendment will go down in flames and that such a stunning defeat will set the trans community back years).

Hmmmm…if that reality has now been successfully manufactured, I wonder who it was that managed to weave it out of the cloth of initial receptivity to inclusion? 

For the answer, try checking here and here.


ADDITION – 10/25/2007, 2:56 CDT:

I have to pass along the following comment to today’s Aravosisism:

You learned to spin well from your time with the GOP. You threw trannies under a bus because you wanted votes for your bigoted ENDA bill, now Obama did the same, courting black church goers, and he’s a bigot, but you’re a pragmatist who doesn’t give a damn about trannies. You’re not kidding anybody but yourself. It’s okay for you to deny trans right, but if a candidate appears with a confused ex-gay singer, it’s clubbering time. Please look in the mirror and wipe that brown shit off your nose. No one is more sad about the divisiveness you caused than the people you banned because we still believe you did more harm than good. Once in the GOP, always in the GOP. It’s like being gay, no such thing as an ex-gay, right? It’s all trans people fault for wanting workplace protections like every other human beings. When you point a finger at Obama, you’re pointing even more at yourself.


It is signed ‘Banned American.’

Where ENDA is now (as of last night)

October 24, 2007

This is a copy of the article on ENDA that will run in tomorrow’s issue of Colorez!, southern Arizona’s GLBTS newsmagazine. Props to ENDAblog contributor justkelly, from whom I stole the headline pun that was just too good to not steal.

The Never-ENDA Story: the Baldwin Amendment, a Veto Threat, and Another Delay

By Kynn Bartlett

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act, a landmark civil rights law designed to protect GLBT employees from workplace discrimination, is stalled again after a tumultuous fortnight of political wrangling — and some GLBT-community in-fighting.
As reported in the Oct. 11 issue of Colorez!, Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., conducted a “whip count” of the Democratic members of the House and found there were not enough votes to pass ENDA with gender identity protections included. There were, Frank said, enough Democratic votes to overcome Republican opposition if gender identity language were removed from the bill; ENDA would pass the House if it only provided protection based on sexual orientation.
“I am convinced that we have the votes to pass in this House a bill that has been the number one goal of the gay and lesbian and bisexual community and our allies for many years, a bill to ban discrimination based on employment,” said Frank on Oct. 10, in a speech on the floor of the House. “I think it will be an extraordinarily good thing for America if we are able to do that.”
Frank introduced H.R. 3685, a revised version of ENDA that addresses sexual orientation, and H.R. 3686, a version only for gender identity. These bills were designed to replace Frank’s H.R. 2015, the version of ENDA introduced in April 2007, which included gender identity for the first time since federal legislation establishing protection from workplace discrimination was first proposed in 1974.

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Surprise, Surprise: Hilary Rosen is in Barney’s Corner

October 24, 2007

And the Huffington Post allows yet another piece that, at the very least, rationalizes giving gays and lesbians a federal right to discriminate against trans people.

Several years ago it became clear that protections were needed in the workplace not just for gays and lesbians but also for transgendered people, so additional language was added last year to do just that.

Uh huh – after more than several years of your HRC (the organization headed for a good number of those years by your former partner, Elizabeth Birch) subverting the efforts of trans people to make our case to Congress.

By now, most interested people know that the House Leadership anticipated a lack of support for the gender identity provisions and stripped them from the Bill that moved out of the Ed and Labor Committee last week. 

By now, almost all people have asked why, if this was even remotely considered to be a problem, an inclusive bill was introduced in the first instance – and all of those people are still waiting for an answer.

Rep. Tammy Baldwin will offer an amendment to put that provision back in the bill. It’s chances of passage are slim even tough many good people are working to push it through.

Are ya actually counting Barney Frank in that number?  I’m, like, kinda not doing so – and I’m not alone.

When good and fair-minded members of Congress support final passage because they didn’t have a chance to vote on a whole bill, they must be appreciated for their efforts, not made to feel as though they have just sunken LGBT civilization. Why would we want Tammy Baldwin and our countless other friends in Congress to have to vote WITH Rep. John Boehner to kill a gay rights bill?

Ummmmmm…here’s why: Because it is a bill that is NOT neutral to trans rights; it will very likely extinguish the thin patina of protection that some federal circuits have seen on us because of Title VII; and it absolutely will legitimize every future attempt to enact state and local legislation that gives gays and lesbians the right to discriminate against trans people. 

How could we in good conscience ask her to do that?

Why don’t you ask Barney Frank?

Why don’t you ask your ex?

Why don’t you ask all of her former employees at HRC?

They’re the ones who have created this menage a transphobique.

Is the Scam Even Worse Than We’ve Been Willing to Think?

October 23, 2007

Autumn Sandeen over at Pam’s House Blend is indicating that Barney Frank may have crossed the rubicon – becoming more than simply an obstacle to inclusion:

Behind the public view, several congresspeople, congresspeople’s staffs, and other government sources have reported to ENDA activists that Representative Frank is strongly advocating in private for congresspeople to vote against the Baldwin Amendment because, in his opinion, it would cause the bill itself to fail.

The debate over whether or not ENDA should or shouldn’t be fully inclusive shouldn’t be about individuals or organizations, but on the facts and merits of the issue. However, on the subject of how inclusive ENDA should be, the blatant duplicity found between Representative Frank’s public and private statements is utterly reprehensible…it’s utterly unacceptable.

That’s being too diplomatic.