American Parasites for $1000, Alex! And the Answer is: Because Their Ancestors Pretty Much Slaughtered All of the Native Americans and Can’t Get Away With Officially Enslaving Blacks Anymore but Still Need a Class of People to Subjugate in Order to Maintain Their Immorally Acquired Superior Status

January 12, 2012

The correct question?

Why Do Republicans Hate Poor, Hungry People?

If you’re ever on Jeopardy!, that also would be the correct question response to: Because a few of the people who are poor only because the rich rigged the system to make themselves rich and their descendants immune from reality have had the temerity to think for themselves, thereby realizing that, unlike what Mitt the Flip would have America believe, there actually is no rationale for recognizing those who are born into inherited stolen wealth as being either morally or politically “successful.”

The Bigger Question is: Why Did it Take a Fake News Show to Force Rick the Dick to Confront This?

December 7, 2011

From TPM:

Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi interrupted a press conference by Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) to ask him to prove to the state taxpayers that he’s not on drugs by peeing in a cup.

“You benefit from hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars every year, so would you be willing to pee into this cup to prove to Florida taxpayers that you’re not on drugs, that you’re not using that money for drugs?” Mandvi asked.

Mandvi’s question referenced the law proposed by Scott and passed by the state legislature that requires all welfare recipients to take a drug test before they can receive benefits from the state.

No special rights for criminals who buy governorships.  As such, I think Rick the Dick should also have to prove that he doesn’t own or have access to a whizzinator.

A Memo to Anyone – T or LGB – Who Has Recently Filed a Complaint With the Iowa Civil Rights Commission

August 23, 2011

Specifically, if you’ve filed a state civil rihgts complaint based on sexual orientation or gender identity and the complaint was rejected, contact an attorney immediately and seek to have the investigation re-opened based on…

Three Iowa civil rights investigators have been fired after sending hundreds of gossipy emails calling co-workers derogatory nicknames like “Psycho,” “Monster,” and “Roid Rage,” and forwarding pictures that made fun of fat people, Wal-Mart customers and others, according to public records and interviews.

Who were some of the “others”?

“While employed by an agency whose purpose is to confront, remedy and eliminate discrimination, Ms. [Michele] Howard engaged in a remarkably broad, persistent campaign of discrimination and otherwise offensive conduct through her abuse of the employer’s electronic communication system,” Administrative Law Judge James Timberland wrote Aug. 15. “What is even more remarkable is Ms. Howard’s effort to minimize, or excuse away, the discrimination and offensive conduct she directed at various individuals and groups.”

Timberland said Howard traded and received emails “that made fun of and/or ridiculed obese people, gay, transgendered and/or transvestite people, elderly people, Walmart customers, African-American men, white high school students, white men, and white people generally.”


Wal-Mart customers?


I wonder if any of the e-mails sent around included links to the Sandeenista’s legendary Pam’s House Blah post “Ode to the People of Walmart”?

But I digress…

In all seriousness, if you have had an ICHR complaint rejected recently (and I’m not sure how far back “recently” goes; the Mason City Globe-Gazette news item indicated that the investigation which led to these firings began after Gov. Terry Branstad took back over in January and the item mentioned groups of e-mails monitored from March to June, but I have trouble believing that the attitudes involved weren’t in play long before that), take appropriate legal action to ensure that your complaint wasn’t being handled by someone who was even more anti-LGBT than who/whatever you might have filed the complaint against.  The people involved with this insanity were not the ICHR’s only investigators, so even if you get your case re-examined its possible that Howard and the others might not have had a hand in its outcome and the rejection might have been valid (I know many of you don’t like to hear this, but not anti-discrimination complaint actually is valid), but you have to be suspicious wherever there is this sort of taint (kinda like what you would have to suspect if yoru gender identity-centered complaint was rejected and you learned that the investigator was involved with the radfemshlub.)

From the time the Commission receives the complaint to the time the investigation is completed and a finding by the administrative law judge has been made, the Commission is a neutral fact-finder and represents neither party.

Does it matter if you’re not literally representing a defendant employer/landlord if you clearly are biased against the sort of people who might be filing the complaint?  (Refer back to my comment about the radfemshlub.)  That doesn’t sound “neutral” to me.

What’s truly disturbing is that the dateline of the story is Iowa City, suggesting that the fired investigators were either based there – ostensibly the most liberal city in Iowa – or dealt with complaints in that part of the state.  if that’s the case, one can only imagine what’s going on up in Steve King land.

Conservative, Christian and Con Artist – Why Do All Three So Often Accurately Describe a Single Individual?

July 21, 2011

Gee…and I bet you all thought I’d be referring to Tom Minnery with that title, eh?

Well, it does apply to that liar of course, but try Pat Kiley on for size:

Conservative radio show host Pat Kiley claims he was just reading from a script when he told his worldwide radio audience in weekly broadcasts that he was a senior financial adviser and they could avoid financial Armageddon by entrusting him and his business partners with their money.

But federal authorities say he did much more than that. In an indictment unsealed Wednesday, Kiley was portrayed as an integral figure in the $194 million Trevor Cook Ponzi scheme that defrauded more than 700 investors.

Kiley’s program, “Follow the Money,” was carried on more than 200 stations nationwide, including KSTP Radio (1500 AM), and on the Worldwide Christian Radio network. He called his listeners “truth seekers” and drew them in, rich and poor alike, with promises of financial security, just as the bottom began to drop away from the stock market.

Speaking of Fraud on teh Family’s Minnery, though….

Would you let your children anywhere near that man? Even someone else’s obnoxious kds that you don’t like?  Seriously, the guy looks like what would have happened if Voldemoort had enrolled in an MBA program instead of Hogwarts.

It Turns Out That the Proposal Had Something to do With ‘Incremental Progress,’ so I Turned it Down

April 8, 2011

And, as luck would have it, I really need $10.8 mil right about now.

He even offered to toss in a couple of his names, but I still said no.

Why I’ll Refrain From Saying “I Told You So” to Grace Alexis

March 26, 2011

Grace Alexis writes at PHB:

Ok, here it goes, I was wrong.

1. I was wrong for believing that Israel Luna genuinely supported the Transsexual community.

2. I was wrong for believing Israel’s motivation behind the film “Ticked Off Tra**ies With Knives” was to empower the Transsexual community.

3. I was wrong for being a sucker and putting myself on the front lines defending Israel’s character and intentions.

4. I was wrong for dismissing legitimate concerns from rational and valued friends who objected to the content of “Ticked Off Tra**ies With Knives”.

Let the chorus of a thousand Transsexuals begin;


I would be temped to join the chorus, but I won’t.


Because Grace just did something that no one who was involved in selling the neo-apartheid 2001 Maryland gay-only rights law by claiming that trans people didn’t need to be included because we were already covered has ever been willing to do – and something that no one who has been involved with pushing the 2011 lie that homeless shelters are covered under HB 235 has been willing to do in any meaningful way.

She admitted that she was wrong.

She didn’t try to scrub her (or others’) history from the internet.

She didn’t enlist some overly-privileged, clueless retired professional to pepper websites with intonations that we should forget about relevant history.

She admitted that she was wrong.

Try to imagine how much less painful that the events in Maryland would have been this year if the con artists of 2001 and their successors-in-interest had finally just admitted what they did, asked for forgiveness from those who were on the short end of the con artistry, and truly opened up their hearts and minds to the possibility of legitimate political process.

Now, as for what Grace is pointing out?

Israel Luna is providing more proof of what he is.

He is the enemy.

Hopefully, no one else will get conned by him.

Scott WalKKKer

March 10, 2011

Circa 1992:

Okay, so my title is slightly in opposition to what Walker was claiming – that David Duke’s KKK affiliation was too extreme, but the political positions that come along with KKK-ology aren’t all that problematic:

Walker espouses his issues as not extreme, but only condemning his past affiliation with the KKK. Duke’s issues are highly extreme.

Walker to Duke:

The distinction we’re making is not one of saying his issues are extreme, they certainly are not.

Duke, still a regular at the White Nationalist website Stormfront, is a Holocaust denier, among many other things, with very severe issues.




George Wallace always did quite well in Wisconsin….

Shit-Shovelling Shills and Their Same Old Shams, Scams and Swill: New Faces, No Changes

February 27, 2011

Take a look at this guy:

Based on the teeth-gritting, is he:

  1. Unable to shake off a badger that’s gnawing his foot off?
  2. Unable to shake off a badger that’s gnawing his testicles off?
  3. Unable to take a piss?
  4. Unable to take a shit?
  5. Unable to believe the shit he’s shoveling?

Hopefully for his physical well-being it is (5), but that, then, would only beg the question of why he’s shovelling it to begin with.  Oh wait…I bet you can guess why:

Some advocates within the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community have presented a false choice between advocating for marriage equality and the proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which would outlaw workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The truth is that the steps we take toward one goal also bring us closer to the other goal. Equality begets equality.

In fact, this week’s much-celebrated announcement by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in the litigation challenging the so-called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) will likely bolster efforts to secure equal rights both in civil marriage and in employment.

Uh huh…

That sounds a bit like:

Every gain that gays and lesbians have made has positively impacted trans people.

But of course it sounds even more like:

…the current trans-excluding ENDA, when read in conjunction with Title VII, would result in judges having no daylight between the two laws wherein they could allow discrimination against transgendered people.

But Tico Almeida, someone who I suspect has never competed against trans people for employment, can’t stop himself:

[W]hat many people in the LGBT and broader communities do not realize is that under current constitutional law, transgender employees actually have stronger constitutional protections and greater chances of winning workplace discrimination cases than gay and lesbian employees who also work for state government employers.

Funny…he doesn’t look like Cathy Brennan.

Or Stephen Clark, for that matter.

But, the gay marriage industry is the gay marriage industry, and all-gay-marriage-all-the-time InsidersOut blogs are  all-gay-marriage-all-the-time InsidersOut blogs.

Am I the only one who finds it a bit ironic that this particular piece of gay-marriage-primacy santorum (he gets kudos, yes, for mentioning the Jim Trans Crow witness list of the Senate ENDA hearing, but santorum is santorum) materialized a few days after an on-the-outside-of-reality-and-not-even-attempting-to-look-in chunk of nonsense uncritically advanced the notion that having the temerity to notice the gay-marriage-primacy agenda in action falls under the heading of “paranoid conspiracy theories”? (The reality-centric discussion of the specifics of that controversy will never be found at Bilerico, but can be found here.)

While it is tempting to analogize the implicit illegitimate double message about trans people contained in Almeida’s dogwhistle to that which a group of white men in Texas are illegitimtely putting forth about themselves (after all, as gay dogma tells us, trans people are only white and really men – whether MTF or FTM), I can’t think of a better way to end my analysis of Tico Almeida’s entry into the hall of gay-primacy shills than by quoting Cynthia’s comment to the thing:

What a total load of hooey! Trans already have more protections than LGB’S? Not even close! This seems to me to be an attempt to derail, and subvert any chances that Trans persons might have towards also gaining equality. What I still all these years fail to understand is why LGB people feel such animosity towards us.


How About REALLY Doing Your Gay Children a Favor: Tell Them That Religion is a Scam That They’d Be Better Off Staying Away From

February 18, 2011

From the Houston Chronk:

Ebie Hussey’s first reaction when her son announced that he is gay was to offer unconditional love.

Finding a new church was a close second.

“His first question was, ‘Am I going to hell?’ ” Hussey said of that conversation with her son, Jaxn. “Mainstream Christianity and fundamental Christianity really pushes that homosexuality is a sin, and he had caught on to that.”

Jaxn, now 15, knew his parents didn’t think that. “But I had always heard people saying that kind of thing,” he said.

In an effort to counter the message, almost two dozen Houston-area churches have designated Sunday as Bring Your Gay Teen to Church Day.

“We think it’s important for families to know there’s a safe place to go to worship,” said Jim Bankston, senior minister at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.

You want to really help your kids?  Give them a safe place wherein they can stay away from religion.

They’ll thank you for it.

Do People Who Work at Sex Toy Shops Count as “Young Professionals”?

February 16, 2011

I’m just askin’…

I’m still askin’…

And I won’t stop askin’….

That’s how they marginalize us. They don’t go into the local department store, the shoe store, or the coffee shop and show regular folk doing regular jobs. EQMD drags their plantation mentality selves in front of the lemmings and say “Lookie, our little trannies provide excellent customer service.”

EQMD mentions Sugar as a “novelty shop” and the owner calls it a “retail store,” but their website clearly identifies it as a “sex toy shop.” I guess “out and proud” doesn’t apply when you’re asking clergy in Annapolis to celebrate how loving and committed you are.

They paint us into a caricature of what many churchgoers might consider a “sleazy” job with obvious sexual overtones. It’s bad enough that Jerry Springer does that. But this is coming from a so called “civil rights organization.”

As I recall it was the same sex toy shop where Equality Maryland held a fund raising event last week. I have a problem with that. What a lovely way to tell the Christian community whom they want to vote for marriage equality that they are just normal “loving and committed couples.” It’s just dumb EQMD.

Don’t drag us down to your level.

And I won’t stop tellin’….