Shit-Shovelling Shills and Their Same Old Shams, Scams and Swill: New Faces, No Changes

February 27, 2011

Take a look at this guy:

Based on the teeth-gritting, is he:

  1. Unable to shake off a badger that’s gnawing his foot off?
  2. Unable to shake off a badger that’s gnawing his testicles off?
  3. Unable to take a piss?
  4. Unable to take a shit?
  5. Unable to believe the shit he’s shoveling?

Hopefully for his physical well-being it is (5), but that, then, would only beg the question of why he’s shovelling it to begin with.  Oh wait…I bet you can guess why:

Some advocates within the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community have presented a false choice between advocating for marriage equality and the proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which would outlaw workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The truth is that the steps we take toward one goal also bring us closer to the other goal. Equality begets equality.

In fact, this week’s much-celebrated announcement by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in the litigation challenging the so-called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) will likely bolster efforts to secure equal rights both in civil marriage and in employment.

Uh huh…

That sounds a bit like:

Every gain that gays and lesbians have made has positively impacted trans people.

But of course it sounds even more like:

…the current trans-excluding ENDA, when read in conjunction with Title VII, would result in judges having no daylight between the two laws wherein they could allow discrimination against transgendered people.

But Tico Almeida, someone who I suspect has never competed against trans people for employment, can’t stop himself:

[W]hat many people in the LGBT and broader communities do not realize is that under current constitutional law, transgender employees actually have stronger constitutional protections and greater chances of winning workplace discrimination cases than gay and lesbian employees who also work for state government employers.

Funny…he doesn’t look like Cathy Brennan.

Or Stephen Clark, for that matter.

But, the gay marriage industry is the gay marriage industry, and all-gay-marriage-all-the-time InsidersOut blogs are  all-gay-marriage-all-the-time InsidersOut blogs.

Am I the only one who finds it a bit ironic that this particular piece of gay-marriage-primacy santorum (he gets kudos, yes, for mentioning the Jim Trans Crow witness list of the Senate ENDA hearing, but santorum is santorum) materialized a few days after an on-the-outside-of-reality-and-not-even-attempting-to-look-in chunk of nonsense uncritically advanced the notion that having the temerity to notice the gay-marriage-primacy agenda in action falls under the heading of “paranoid conspiracy theories”? (The reality-centric discussion of the specifics of that controversy will never be found at Bilerico, but can be found here.)

While it is tempting to analogize the implicit illegitimate double message about trans people contained in Almeida’s dogwhistle to that which a group of white men in Texas are illegitimtely putting forth about themselves (after all, as gay dogma tells us, trans people are only white and really men – whether MTF or FTM), I can’t think of a better way to end my analysis of Tico Almeida’s entry into the hall of gay-primacy shills than by quoting Cynthia’s comment to the thing:

What a total load of hooey! Trans already have more protections than LGB’S? Not even close! This seems to me to be an attempt to derail, and subvert any chances that Trans persons might have towards also gaining equality. What I still all these years fail to understand is why LGB people feel such animosity towards us.


How About REALLY Doing Your Gay Children a Favor: Tell Them That Religion is a Scam That They’d Be Better Off Staying Away From

February 18, 2011

From the Houston Chronk:

Ebie Hussey’s first reaction when her son announced that he is gay was to offer unconditional love.

Finding a new church was a close second.

“His first question was, ‘Am I going to hell?’ ” Hussey said of that conversation with her son, Jaxn. “Mainstream Christianity and fundamental Christianity really pushes that homosexuality is a sin, and he had caught on to that.”

Jaxn, now 15, knew his parents didn’t think that. “But I had always heard people saying that kind of thing,” he said.

In an effort to counter the message, almost two dozen Houston-area churches have designated Sunday as Bring Your Gay Teen to Church Day.

“We think it’s important for families to know there’s a safe place to go to worship,” said Jim Bankston, senior minister at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.

You want to really help your kids?  Give them a safe place wherein they can stay away from religion.

They’ll thank you for it.

Do People Who Work at Sex Toy Shops Count as “Young Professionals”?

February 16, 2011

I’m just askin’…

I’m still askin’…

And I won’t stop askin’….

That’s how they marginalize us. They don’t go into the local department store, the shoe store, or the coffee shop and show regular folk doing regular jobs. EQMD drags their plantation mentality selves in front of the lemmings and say “Lookie, our little trannies provide excellent customer service.”

EQMD mentions Sugar as a “novelty shop” and the owner calls it a “retail store,” but their website clearly identifies it as a “sex toy shop.” I guess “out and proud” doesn’t apply when you’re asking clergy in Annapolis to celebrate how loving and committed you are.

They paint us into a caricature of what many churchgoers might consider a “sleazy” job with obvious sexual overtones. It’s bad enough that Jerry Springer does that. But this is coming from a so called “civil rights organization.”

As I recall it was the same sex toy shop where Equality Maryland held a fund raising event last week. I have a problem with that. What a lovely way to tell the Christian community whom they want to vote for marriage equality that they are just normal “loving and committed couples.” It’s just dumb EQMD.

Don’t drag us down to your level.

And I won’t stop tellin’….

Insane in the Swiss-Cheese-Brain, et. al.

February 10, 2011

Well, well…

Looks like I touched a Marriage-Derangement-Syndrome-addled nerve over in the comments section at Transadvocate:


Apparently MDS is biologically linked to Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, as it clearly turns brains to mush.

Anyone who claims to have found evidence of me actually (read: not with qualifiers – such as ‘until trans equality is passed’ – and not as satire) saying that gays and lesbians should not have the right to marry needs to be sent immediately to mental health facility for his/her own good.  And, if you seriously claim that that commented-upon post (whether at Transadvocate or here) actually (read: not with qualifiers  – such as ‘until trans equality is passed’ -and not as satire) says that gays and lesbians should not have the right to marry, should seriously consider volunterring to have him/herself put down for the good of the species.


A mind is a terrible thing to lose to Marriage Derangement Syndrome.  Of course, the same clown continued shaking, rattling and rolling into dementia on her (and I’m presuming ‘her’, because, though I do not claim to have proof beyong my suspicion, I smell the stench of a vintage 2001 lying, deceitful Maryland dyke) descent into the land of swiss-cheese-brains, continuing her rant against Marti:

Ah yes…

marriage equality is employment equality pensions, insurance, the ability to be married and not be fired for marrying

Not if you don’t have a job to begin with because the emplyers of the state can refuse to ever hire you because you’re trans – you know, like the gays and lesbians of Maryland ensured that the employers of Maryland retained the right to do back in 2001?

is this what being a NOMZI troll looks like you don’t even want transgender marriage Equality which is work Equality too

Wow.  I think we’ve gone beyond swiss cheese brain to a newly re-animated prehistoric species: spongeasaurus obnoxious. 

And. again, we have the claim that I don’t want gays and lesbians to get married at all. 

Get thee to an abby-normal-ery.

I simply don’t want the same cadre of overly-prvileged, out-of-touch, transphobic greedmeisters who, ten years ago, deceitfully convinced the Maryland Legislature to give  overly-prvileged, out-of-touch, transphobic greedmeister gays and lesbians the special right to discriminate against trans people to get even more rights while never having to live up to the always-implies – and often-explicit – promise to ‘go back and add’ trans people to the employment protection law.

I listened to the gay marriage bill hearing on Tuesday.

Even though I don’t care much for hate crime laws, I do love to listen to the reactions of christianist psychopaths when such bills get proposed.  Similarly, even though I think the very fact that Maryland is even considering gay marriage before trans employment rights are signed into law is itself a hate crime against trans people, I listened intently to see what sort of non-religion-based arguments were made against the bill per se (again, as opposed to arguments about it being something that the people who have screwed trans people don’t deserve because they haven’t fulfileld the back end of the ‘incremental progress’ lie promise) – and, of course, there weren’t any, because there aren’t any to be made.  From a comment at a Baltimore Sun item:

The truly pathetic thing is that not one person can make a clear argument against equal marriage without resorting to the bible or religion.  Keep “all” religion out of politics and make laws that apply equal treatment for all people.  “All Individuals have the same right to Life, liberty, and the pursuit of hapiness” …. Period…. Just be fair !!!!

All Individuals have the same right to Life, liberty, and the pursuit of hapiness

A nice thought, but ummmmm….

In Maryland?


I’m a transsexual woman.  I’ve been legally unequal to gays and lesbians in Maryland since 2001.  

Yes, I listened to the gay marriage hearing to see what religionist psychopaths had to say – and I’ll post about that at some point – but right up front, even before Haggie Gallagher and Austin Nimrod talked in putrid circles, I got to listed to other interesting soundbites.

One sponsor (who noted that he is heterosexual) of the Maryland same-sex marriage bill (SB 116) noted how he had once been only in favor of extending certain rights to same-sex couples: “piecemeal approach is the wrong way to go” (this is approximately 6 minutesinto the hearing; audio of the 2/8 Judicial Proceedings Committee hearing can be found at: 

The question posed to this senator after his intro, by an anti-gay marriage senator, involved questions of whether churches/businesses can be sued under public accommodations law for refusal to deal with weddings (photos, etc.) of same-sex couples and their kids at ‘christian’ day camps.

Public accommodations?

What are those?

Free State Just Us, er…, Equality, er…, INEquality Maryland knows.

So do trans people – but we’ve never counted in Maryland, so why should now be any different?

Gay Senator Madaleno said that the gay marriage bill will rectify the current situation in which families are susceptible of being torn apart because they are:

  • “‘invisible in the eyes of the law.”
  • “instead of security we have fear”
  • “that even one family lives with this fear is bad enough” 
  • “when that fear is created by the laws of this state,” it is “unacceptable”


Since 2001 Maryland has made damn sure that thousands of people know that they are legal outsiders in Maryland – and the same people who ensured that the machinations of Maryland law and politics cemented those thousands of Marylanders (not to mention any trans person who might just happen to venture into Maryland via the Beltway or the Metro or BWI) into a third-class legal status back in 2001 are now demanding more for themselves before anything is done to chip away at that third-class status.

Maryland “can end an injustice against thousands of its citizens.”

Yes it can – by dropping the marriage bill until trans people in Maryland are equal to gay men like Senator Madaleno.

In the Baltimore Sun, Lisa Polyak of Baltimore recalled “feeling ‘crushed’ in 2007 when Maryland’s highest court rejected a constitutional challenge to Maryland’s law defining marriage as between a man and a woman.”  In her words, “It has taken years for us to get back up on our feet.”

2011 minus 2007…


Its simple math really.

At least it should be.

I think that comes out to FOUR years.

And in those FOUR years – not to mention the SIX which preceded them – in Maryland Polyak has had the right to challenge discriminatory actions taken against her because of her sexual orientation.

And, of course, during all ten of those years, she’s also had the right to commit those same discriminatory actions against trans people because people like Cathy Brennan, Shannon Avery and Liz Seaton lied to Maryland Legislature – and all segments of the populace who might have been paying attention – a decade ago to get that gay-only law that she now enjoys passed.  Whether she’s ever used the ability she has pursuant to that law – the ability to discriminate against trans people – is immaterial.

She and all the other gays and lesbians in Maryland are genetically linked via that 2001 atrocity – and anyone who is choosing to focus on marriage instead of rectifying that hate crime is as guilty as the transphobic con artists who engineered it.

Yet, biology doesn’t have to be destiny.

She and all the other gays and lesbians in Maryland can damn well wait for marriage until the hate crime perpetrated against trans people in Maryland in 2001 is rectified.  But, those who can’t are no better than those of Brennan-Avery-Seaton Free State Just Us Axis – and don’t deserve any rights at all, much less marriage

The Historical Calculus of Gay Greed

January 1, 2011

Think I’m done reminding everyone of the deceit and duplicity of Maryland’s gay elite of a decade ago?

Think again.

The following is from a March 20, 2001 press release (sorry, no link available):

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center of Baltimore and Central Maryland applauded the decision today by the Senate Judicial Proceedings
Committee to approve a bill to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The measure – Senate Bill 205 – will prohibit discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations. The bill – which exempts religious organizations – would provide statewide protections. Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Hawaii, California, New Jersey, Minnesota, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Nevada and the District of Columbia already prohibit sexual orientation discrimination.

Currently, 49.5 percent of Maryland’s population live in the four jurisdictions that ban this type of discrimination at the local level – Baltimore City, Montgomery County, Howard County and Prince George’s County. The remaining 51.5 percent of the State’s population lack this protection, said Shannon Avery, chair of the Center’s Committee for Legislative and Political Action.

“Whether or not one faces discrimination should not be an accident of geography,” Avery said. “In approving this bill, the Senate Committee is respecting the will of a majority of Marylanders who favor this legislation.”

Clearly then, the difference between Maryland and Minnesota  was not one of geography but of spelling.

But lets look not at maps but at numbers:

Currently, 49.5 percent of Maryland’s population live in the four jurisdictions that ban this type of discrimination at the local level….


By their own admission, HALF of the gays and lesbians in Maryland were already protected against discrimination, yet they didn’t consider that a high enough percentage to take the moral high ground and say ‘no’ to a statewide bill that would give that 49.5% (as well as the other 50.5%; I’m not sure where the 101st percentile falls in – or out) the special right to discriminate against trans people via trans-excluding gay inclusion.

And now  the gay elite in Maryland wants marriage.

Maybe That’s the Number of People Who Haven’t Figured Out that NCTE is an Astroturf Organization That Isn’t Actually Operating in the Best Interests of Trans People?

December 23, 2010

I’m just sayin’.

Xmas Outside the Walton and Koch Families

December 22, 2010