Another white, rich, professional gay man is really really offended!

January 17, 2008

Over at Bay Windows, WRPGM Richard J. Rosendall — a frequent contributor to the bigoted David Horowitz‘s Front Page Magazine — is horrified by the “leftist” attack by Meredith Bacon on WRPGMs:

On the self-defeating side of the ledger is a December letter from Meredith Bacon, board chair of the National Center for Transgender Equality. Speaking for herself, she offered an over-the-top denunciation of the Human Rights Campaign: “NCTE will not work with HRC in the foreseeable future, until the current HRC leadership is completely purged …” She elaborated, “Not only is Joe Solmonese not to be trusted but neither are the second rank of HRC staff or its Board of Directors or Board of Governors. All of them would have to resign or be fired before we could even contemplate anything like cooperation. In short, NCTE is neither forgiving nor forgetting what HRC and Barney Frank have done to all of us.”

To underscore her complete divorce from reality, Bacon also stated, “As long as HRC is controlled by and is dependent upon white, rich, professional gay men, such collaboration may never occur. Getting stabbed in the back is a useful experience only once in a very great while.” This combines a tired and gratuitous leftist attack against leading funders of the gay rights movement with a repetition of the lie that disagreement over strategy is a betrayal.


Disparaging incrementalism and “white, rich, professional gay men” are non-starters. […] Transgenders have a long, hard slog ahead. But centering your message on the arc of history bending toward justice is a damn sight more appealing than insulting your allies both in the LGBT community and in Congress.

Yeah, because it works so well to just sit back and trust the WRPGMs, doesn’t it? People like Barney, The John, Crain, and Rosendall are our allies, if only we’d accept their sage advice and never criticize them!

Meanwhile, here’s Rosendall in October 2007, declaring that there are these perpetually disaffected types out there:

We tend to take our civil order for granted. The grisly images following a terrorist attack on Benazir Bhutto’s motorcade in Karachi, Pakistan last week help put things into perspective. As misguided as I consider the all-or-nothing approach to ENDA, and as unfair as I think many of the accompanying attacks are, angry messages fall a good deal short of insurrection. Neither did Barney Frank hurl incendiary devices; he talked to his colleagues and called a press conference.


But as most of us move on, we should face the reality that some among us are by temperament perpetually disaffected. They are the sort of people who believe that complex conspiracy theories are the best explanations for every calamity, and are so mistrustful of their own allies that they readily believe the worst about them. These are people who refuse to take “yes” for an answer. Like the 1960s Black Power radical Stokely Carmichael (later Kwame Ture), they would rather remain protesting outsiders than join their colleagues who are taking responsibility and moving into governance. At some point, we have to let these self-exiled people go.

I quoted the first paragraph because it explains clearly what this conservative, bigot-embracing WRPGM is all about — “civil order.” Oh no, those awful trannies are upsetting the magical civil order that will work for them in some mysterious way, if only they’d sit back and let us WRPGM do our stuff!

And that stuff, of course, consists of screwing over transfolk (and anyone else who is not a WRPGM who can be easily excluded).

Let’s all just sit back and let Rosendall and others launch attacks on the “temperament” of justifiably angry trans-rights activists — including comparing them to that boogeyman of all Horowitz-following WRPGMs, the dreaded Black Power Movement Of The Sixties! — because then Rosendall will do his best for us, really!

Here’s Rosendall’s suggestion for a “step forward” after the ENDA vote:

The Human Rights Campaign, which had the sense not to ask representatives to vote against a gay rights bill, was slammed by the left for doing its best to navigate an impossible situation. HRC’s every tactical adjustment was treated as treachery by zealots who regard any change of mind as evidence of a lie.

The leftists’ repeated insistence that House passage is worthless because the bill has little chance of becoming law this term ignores the entire legislative process, as if all that mattered were the end result. But passage into law would never happen without arduous intermediate efforts. Refusing to take Congress’s yes for an answer because it is insufficiently comprehensive would do nothing but relegate LGBT advocates to the sidelines.


The endlessly repeated rhetoric about “throwing trannies under the bus” is not only unfair, it is particularly tasteless as we approach the Transgender Day of Remembrance commemorating victims of actual, savage, murderous attacks. To associate an honest disagreement over strategy with anti-trans violence is obscene.

Few of the self-righteous leftists will face up to the harm they are doing with their dogmatism; but the rest of us can limit the damage by refusing to pander to them. Working for the best bill we can achieve, while continuing to work toward a more comprehensive one, is not betrayal but the very definition of legislative effectiveness.

Oh no! LEFTISTS! Horrors!

See, he’s free to criticize (and namecall), but in a routine that will no doubt be familiar to our readers of color, trans activitists need to Know. Their. Place.

Just trust Rosendall and his ilk, you stupid angry queers, and the magic of right-wing WRPGMs will fix your problems. While preserving the civil order!