I Just Found New Strength To Hate Barney Frank Even More Than I Already Did

Hypocrisy can do that to a girl, ya know?

From the Huffington Post:

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, announced Wednesday that he would vote against the White House’s recent tax cuts deal, but admitted that the package would likely pass despite increasingly vocal opposition from House Democrats.

“No, I won’t vote for it. I don’t think that I should be coerced,” Frank told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, before conceding that he was “afraid that it is” going to pass anyways.

No, I don’t hate Barney Frank simply for not wanting to go along with the bullshit compromise that is going to give billionaires millions of more dollars that they never earned in the first place.

I’m not hatin’ on Bernie Sanders for not wanting to go along with it

But, Bernie Sanders didn’t spew out this hate-filled bile on the floor of his congressional chamber back in 2007:

I think I know a lot about this place and increasingly little about everything else. What I am sure about this place is this: if we listen to the most dedicated, most zealous believers in purity and kill this bill that would be such a great advance in civil rights, we will be a long time in getting back to anything. People who think that if they are successful in killing this one and in attacking people and demonizing people who want to deliver, as part of a movement, this big advance that they will then be able to get more than that live in Oz, in not only a fantasy world but a nonexistent fantasy world and a dream. It simply will not happen.

Of course, a member of Congress did spew out that hate-filled bile on the floor of the House back in 2007.  That member of Congress was Barney Frank – the same Barney Frank who apparently is trying to bring Bill Hicks back to life to update his Officer Coon routine.


How much so?  I didn’t yank the Barney quote from the Congressional Record – though it can be found there.  The SOB is so proud of that speech that he has it up on his official congressional website

Seriously – and with this photo accompanying it.

clip thumbnail

Seriously.  (You know…if us dirty, scummy non-homosexually-pure trans folk caused him to have that look on his face, I think we can count 2007 as a success after all.  I don’t think I’ve had a look on my face like that since a bad teriyaki burger I downed at the local mall kept me in bed for two days a few years back; of course, I have no visual record of what my face looked like the last time I heard Mara Keisling claim to speak for anyone other than herself.)

And, of course, lets not forget to weigh it against something he said today (again quoting from the HuffPo item):

Frank accused the administration of falsely saying that Democratic opponents of the deal were engaging in “political theater.””We ought to be able to have honest differences of opinion without those kinds of characterizations,” Frank said.

Damn Barney…

I knew you weren’t skinny, but I had no idea that all of that extra poundage was actually balls of sufficient mass to alter the Earth’s gravitational pull…

…apparently now pulling all of us all the way to Oz.

And, um….

by the way…




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