Texas Turd

From Bay Area Houston:

Dan Flynn, who filed a bill to display the ten commandments in classrooms, has been caught breaking the VIII commandment, stealing from the taxpayers.

Regarding the bill he filed to allow teachers to shove christianism down the throats of students in public schools:

State Rep. Dan Flynn hopes to ensure that any Texas teacher who wants to can display the Ten Commandments in a classroom.

Flynn, R-Van, in East Texas, recently filed a bill that says school board trustees may not stop copies of the commandments from being posted in “prominent” locations in classrooms.

Calling it a “patriotic exercise,” Flynn said the bill is geared to teach youths about history and principles.

He has me there.

There is nothing more connected to the core of Texas history and political principles than crooked hypocrites holding public office.

Need I say more?  Probably not – but I will.

“This is necessary to protect teachers who have the desire to establish that the country’s historical background is based on Judeo-Christian traditions,” he said. “This might be a reassuring step to the people that we are wanting to maintain and hold on to those historical findings of how our country was founded.

“And anything that helps build the morals of our young people would be helpful,” Flynn said. “For too long, we’ve forsaken what our Judeo-Christian heritage has been. Our rights do come from God, not from government.”

If he sez it if must be true, eh?

Well, now back to that commandment-breakin’ shtick:

From Jay Root of the Associated Press:

The Associated Press asked him about thousands of dollars in questionable travel expenses, including more than $11,000 that was billed both to taxpayers and his political campaign.

Flynn, a self-described expert in financial management, has enough excuses to last a hypocrite a lifetime. Such as:

He said he was too busy traveling to determine if he kept the money or reimbursed the private account he used to pay for the travel. 

I guess his ‘expertise’ in financial management came from the same place he got his information about where rights emanate from.

I won’t speculate as to where that might be.


Not gonna do it.

Wouldn’t be prudent.

Even though its probably his ass.

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