Need Any More Proof That the Stampp Corbin Hissy-Fit at Bilerico is a Deceptive Effort to Revive the ‘Screaming Trannies’ Meme Just in Time for ENDA 2009?

I was hoping that my ‘Gay Michael Steele’ item would be the only thing I’d need to write about the Stampp Corbin nonsense that popped up at Bilerico.

Well – it would have been.

However, Steele Corbin decided to start responding to some of the comments.

Most were just lame, but then he ventured into something that I would call fantasyland except that it would insult both the concept of fantasies and the reality of terra firma.

I find it interesting that many attack HRC in their comments. HRC is the organization that put the T in LGBT, when other organizations did not have the courage to do so. It is a credit to the work of Elizabeth Birch, who educated many in our community about the broader issue of transgender rights.

No – really.  He actually wrote that (unless, of course, he can prove that someone hacked into his computer and misappropriated his name.)

The Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool is the organization that has, perhaps more than any other, given twenty-first-century mainstream national political legitimacy to the paranoid transphobic ravings that morphed into general hegemonic gay discourse with the late-1970s push from the man-hating, lesbian separatism of psychopaths such as Janice Raymond and Mary Daly.

The Cesspool began its fraudulent ’embrace’ of the ‘T’ via modification of its mission statement to include the ‘T’ in……………….


When last I checked, that was, chronologically speaking, some years after 1997, which was when NGLTF did so far less fraudulently.

Although I can’t imagine that anyone currently employed by the Cesspool would actually attempt to burnish the organization’s resume to that degree (at least to trans people who might happen to have access to something more than a 286 with a 300 baud modem), Corbin is just parroting the now-decade-old Elizabeth Birch Society lie, which famously appeared in Chicago’s Outlines on Sept. 1, 1999, in a Tracy Baim interview of Queen Elizabeth III herself

Outlines: The concept of trans issues … are they in partnership just like with Black issues might be, or are they integral to the agency? ENDA is just one example of how that manifests itself.

Birch: I think that the Human Rights Campaign has done as much if not more on transgender issues than most other national [gay and lesbian] organizations. If you really look at the actual work. I hope we can get beyond lip service … which is what I think some of the other organizations tend to broker in. We have put a lot of muscle and time and effort to both educate on Capitol Hill, as well formulate realistic, tangible courses of action that might deliver some results down the road.

I wonder if she considers Pee Wee Solmonese’s 2007 Southern Comfort speech to be something more than lip service.

Outlines: If you´re working with the national trans leaders, why do you think the anger is coming out?

Birch: I think that this is a very vibrant and excited movement. I think they are coming into power in a way that we´ve never seen before. I think they´re being very effective, and I think that although lots of transgendered people were at Stonewall, it´s only in recent years that it´s sort of surfaced into sort of national education. … I think it´s a natural thing for people to be single-minded about what they want, and I think they have a misapprehension about HRC´s being the gatekeepers. I also think that gender identity is complex, and there needs to be tremendous education on Capitol Hill. Just as it took years and years to educate people about gay, lesbian and bisexual issues, this is a brand new topic for many, many members of Congress. Even our very liberal left friends know little about this topic. I think that it´s wholly unfair to almost overnight … for them this feels very new, they want to know more about it. It´s a very complex issue, and it needs to be teased apart and simplified. We want to stand there and help do that. I also think there are other legal avenues to some of the results that want to be gained, that so far have been rejected out of hand. I think transgendered issues are rooted very deeply in gender issues in the law, and for some reason, no one has seen that as a vehicle.

Kinda makes one wonder exactly what the Cesspool-oids were doing during the eight years following that interview considering that the Cesspool itself, as well as its shills, attempted to use the exact same ‘more ed-ja-ma-ca-shun’  lie in 2007 as an anti-critique amulet.  Of course, the now-legendary (though unfortunately non-net-archived) HRC Watch report, “The Subversion of the American Transgender Movement,” documented the type of ‘education’ that HRC actually appeared to be interested in doing on Capitol Hill.

From the Foreword:


And, one of the examples:


Corbin makes a point of noting that he is now no longer with HRC in any capacity.


His blathering and subsequent comments illustrate what sort of dishonest buffoon that HRC has been willing to put on its BoD. 

Why should anyone believe that the organization is capable – even it it is willing – to do anything meaningfully positive for anyone?

(Anyone other than its own employees that is.)

6 Responses to Need Any More Proof That the Stampp Corbin Hissy-Fit at Bilerico is a Deceptive Effort to Revive the ‘Screaming Trannies’ Meme Just in Time for ENDA 2009?

  1. Stampp Corbin says:

    I will not comment on your insults but will attempt to have civil dialogue. The reality is that when HRC put the T in LGBT for the HRC organization it was helpful to the entire transgender community. You may not like that fact but it is true.

    The accccusations that GenderPac conspired with HRC to undermine the transgender movement is patently ridiculous. As long as you harbor feelings against an organization that has tried to be helpful, albeit with some major missteps, we cannot move forward because a lot of energy is spent on issues that have been discussed ad nauseum.

    Thanks for listening. Please note, I did not call you any names because I believe in civil dialogue. Just as President Obama says much more is accomplished by talking to people, not screaming at people and demonizing them.

  2. Anise says:

    Nice recycling of the Drowning Maestro attak there, Stampp.

  3. translegalhistorian says:

    The accccusations that GenderPac conspired with HRC to undermine the transgender movement is patently ridiculous.

    And O.J. still says he didn’t kill Nicole & Ron.

    Nice try.

  4. Was at the 1998 and 1999 GenderPac Lobby days in DC when several members of congress in office at the time told us that’s EXACTLY what was going on.

    So keep digging that hole Stampp.

  5. […] both of what HRC has never done for trans people and what it actually has done to trans people, would try to convince people that: HRC is the organization that put the T in LGBT, when other organizations did not have the courage […]

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