Kettle, Pot, Yadda Yadda Yadda…..

Matt ‘SONDA – yes, that SONDA, the still-gay-only-SONDA nine years later’ Foreman is over at Shillerico pretending to constructively oppose HRC:

The reality is that we are two separate movements: the Human Rights Campaign and everyone else.

Imagine if we could get past these divisions and present a truly united front in the fight for complete equality for LGBT people. There is a chance to do this right now, as the HRC Board of Directors works to name a successor to its president, Joe Solmonese, who will be stepping down in March.

[T]he cause of LGBT equality has suffered because of a deficit of trust and a surplus of ill will between HRC and the rest of the movement.

That last sentence will appear to most to be a neutral encapsulation of the history of the LGBT movement over the last few decades.  In reality, however, its as much of a dodge as Herman Cain’s press conference was yesterday or the typical Boner-Cantor-apologist claim that both major parties are equally responsible for the state of the economy. 

Every last ounce of ill-will directed at the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool has been earned by the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool – whereas, the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool has yet to amass even one quintillionth of the moral capital necessary to even think about legitimately expressing any ill-will against any LGB and/or T individual or group.  (Four years after ENDA 3685 and, still, the only trans woman to ever be allowed to earn a living as an employee of the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool is someone whose primary pre-HRC experience consisted of being a preacher in Europe?  I rest my case.  No appeals.)

The cause of LGBT equality has suffered not only because of actions taken by HRC that simply are not in the best interests of the vast majority of the LGBT people that it claims to represent but because of actions taken by HRC that actively and substantively harm trans people.

You know, Matt…

The way that the Empire State Pride Agenda (ESPA) – under your control a decade ago – acted in a manner that has actively and substantively harmed trans people not simply in the state of New York (via SONDA) but by neutering what was left of the National Gay-Lesbian Task Force once you got bumped up there from the back benches of state policy advocacy.  Maybe you don’t remember the gay transphobes who, for all of their transphobia, were actually historically accurate in 2007 when they called you out as a toothless hypocrite for claiming to support a national trans-inclusive gay rights law when you folded like an onion skin tent on the issue at the state level – but I do.

And right now I smell a gay neo-Armstrong Williams and a very inorganic, deceptively worded pile of criticism of HRC.

As the members of the HRC board weighs the next steps for the organization they lead, let’s imagine an alternative to the recent state of affairs…

  • Imagine if HRC’s political donations were actually in sync with those of Gill Action’s Political OutGiving program and the Victory Fund’s work to elect LGBT people to office.
  • Imagine if organizations with deep understanding of specific issues – the needs of gay families, bullying or anti-LGBT violence, work in communities of color or faith, marriage equality, etc. – could partner with, rather than compete with or work around HRC on their specific priorities.
  • Imagine if the grassroots, grasstops and financial clout of the LGBT community was brought to bear in a focused way on our top priorities.
  • Imagine if HRC partnered with Equality Federation organizations and local groups to build their collective power, lists, fundraising bases and expertise.
  • Imagine if information and leverage points were shared honestly so that our community could start playing legislators and policymakers the way they play us now.

Can you imagine?

I can. Let’s hope that the HRC board of directors can, too. Because if they do, then we all win.

Especially the out-of-touch. marriage-derangement-syndrome-addled champagne-swillers of Rhode Island Avenue – for whom you’ve just mapped out what you and they can claim is a cooperative strategy but, in reality, is just a take-over strategy.  There is no such thing as Wal-Mart cooperating with locally-owned grocery stores and pharmacies, there is no such thing as Koch-owned officeholders cooperating with legitimately-elected representatives – and there is no such thing as HRC cooperating with state and local interests.  The illegitimate end of each of those truthful dichotomies has interests that are fundamentally opposed to and incompatible with the interests of the legitimate, productive masses at the opposite ends.

Deceptive piles of ‘analysis’ by feckless wonks-for-hire who have never had to live under the short end of the ‘compromises’ that they were rewarded with promotions for making won’t change that – and neither will whatever non-white-skin-clad and/or trans tom mouthpiece that the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool comes up with as Pee Wee Solmonese’s replacement in order to claim that it really isn’t what it is, what it always has been and what it always will be.

Current odds, courtesy of my imaginary transsexual bookie:

  • Stampp Corbin – even money
  • Jonathan Capehart – even money
  • Diego Sanchez – 3:2
  • Winnie Stachelberg – 3:1
  • Generic non-gay (but, of course, non-trans) person (in order to claim the ‘post-gay’ mantle): 3:1
  • Susan Stanton – 4:1
  • Ken Mehlman – 4:1
  • Hilary Rosen: 10:1
  • An Elizabeth Birch comeback: 20:1
  • Generic trans person who might have some experience that can be protrayed to the malleable masses as being law or policy-related but whose actual experience is the substantive equivalent of being a preacher in Europe: 1,000: 1
  • Generic trans person who has actual law or other policy-related experience and will actually work toward the best interests of trans people: 1,000,000,000:1
  • Generic trans woman who has law or other policy-related experience and will actually work toward the best interests of trans people: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000:1

8 Responses to Kettle, Pot, Yadda Yadda Yadda…..

  1. Kathleen says:

    Matt sounds like he’s auditioning for the job, or is supporting someone.

    I have to disagree with your candidate roster. I think the smart money is betting on Chuck Wolfe.

  2. POC trans woman who has law or other policy-related experience and will actually work toward the best interests of trans people:

    two trillion:1

  3. Victor says:

    HRC is not a trans organization and there is no reason for it to hire a non-gay trans person, particularly when trans people contribute nothing to the organization in the way of time, effort, or money. Interestingly, some of the largest contributors to “trans only” groups are gay people. So gays have a much stronger case that these trans-only groups should begin hiring gays. Of course, gays don’t demand such things because they are not grasping thugs.

    BTW, speaking of Foreman, and since you are such a great scholar of trans history, why not tell your half-dozen readers all about how he was harassed and stalked by trans activists until he adopted the activists’ view on ENDA.

    The best thing that gays can do for themselves is to carefully identify what trans activists demand of them and then do the opposite.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      HRC is not a trans organization and there is no reason for it to hire a non-gay trans person

      So you’d agree then that it should hire a lesbian trans woman (such as myself) and should not ever employ any non-trans person who also is non-gay, correct?

      Interestingly, some of the largest contributors to “trans only” groups are gay people.

      Far more interestingly, the largest involuntary sacrifice of existing rights on the altar of gay marriage has been made by transsexuals.

      Yet again, we have an HRC-(oid? defender? One IP address check, coming up!) implying that gay money is more important than trans people’s lives.

      HRC myopia…

      • Victor says:

        I am not an HRC member or supporter. I happen to think that they are a huge waste of money. However, I find your ongoing crusade to shame HRC and other gay orgs into hiring trans activists to be ridiculous. Now this may be a new approach for you, but rather succumbing to your totalitarian thuggish instincts and running an IP search on me, why not try to make a coherent argument in support of your view?

        As to your other points: I don’t think that HRC should take the position that it will never hire a non-gay person. Obviously, if there is a qualified candidate who is non-gay, whether trans or not, that candidate should be considered on his or her merits. However, HRC does not owe any special obligation to seek out and hire trans candidates, which is what you are suggesting.

        If a trans candidate is gay, then she is gay. If HRC prefers gays in its hiring, then that preference should extend to all candidates who are gay, including those who also happen to be trans, such as yourself. Incidentally, I wouldn’t support such a preference for hiring gays as a matter of policy. Gays would be more likely to be hired at HRC simply because they are more likely to have experience in gay politics.

        Finally, trans rights have not been sacrificed on the alter of gay marriage because gays never owed it to you to back-burner marriage in the first place. You keep assuming that gays owe you something, whether that be money or employment in their orgs or the subordination of their political priorities in favor of your political priorities. You feel that they are reneging on this debt and that frustrates you, causing you to churn out unhinged rants. But once you accept that they owe you nothing, you will feel a lot better.

        BTW, still waiting for a post setting forth how Foreman was stalked and harassed by trans activists for positions he took while at ESPA. You seem uncharacteristically reticent to address it.

      • Katrina Rose says:

        trans rights have not been sacrificed on the alter of gay marriage because gays never owed it to you to back-burner marriage in the first place.

        Your lack of giving a shit about the people who are dragged against their will onto an altar, are disembowled, their entrails devoured, and their hearts then aloft to gain favor from your gods does not make the victims any less dead.

        Love that swiss-cheese ‘logic.’

        Thank you, though, for laying bare the ‘what gays want, gays get – no matter who and how it harms’ mindset.

        Rest assured, you will be quoted – often.

        You keep assuming that gays owe you something

        Its called damages.

        The causes of action include fraud and intentional infliction of emotional distress – and the liability has long-since been proven.

        unhinged rants

        Anyone who validly displays anger (if it is in disagreement to your position) is unhinged, eh? So perhaps you’re not an HRC-oid after all – but you do bear the mark of the Hannity.

  4. Victor says:

    Please do quote me, loudly and often. Well, high-volume repetition comes naturally to you, so just carry on per usual.

    From your post, it appears you had just watched Apocalypto and then maybe an episode of Law and Order. Very evocative, even if lacking in coherence.

    Anyway, just to make this even more clear: it is not a matter of not caring about trans rights or hating trans people. It is a matter of whether gays are *obligated* to subordinate their interests and priorities in favor of yours and to expend their time and resources on your issues as opposed to theirs. They are not so obligated. Nor are trans people obligated to subordinate their interests to gays. That is why they, without a hint of embarrassment or self-consciousness, fund and operate trans-only groups that focus exclusively on trans issues.

    Gays can be your allies. They can be neutral. Or they can be your enemies. But they cannot and will not be your slaves and they will not allow themselves to be captive to demands and ultimatums. What kind of relationship develops depends upon whether you can appreciate boundaries and show the same kind of respect that you expect gays to show to you.


    Still waiting on your post about how Matt Foreman was stalked and harassed. What’s the matter? Kat got your tongue?

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Sorry, we don’t take orders from gay rights industry shills.

      Still waiting on your post about how Matt Foreman was stalked and harassed. What’s the matter? Kat got your tongue?

      Still waiting for you to familiarize yourself with law and history.

      Have a nice day.

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