Richard Nixon…Socialist?

From the Houston Chronk:

In another previously unreported taped White House conversation the week before the first 1972 [Washington Redskins] playoff game, Nixon vented to Kleindienst and White House aide John D. Ehrlichman about the game not being televised locally.

The folks should be able to see the goddam games on television,” he said. “Playoff games. Playoffs — all playoff games should be available.

“Now, you might say this. You might also point out, and say listen, just so you understand … the president is not speaking for himself in this instance, because he’s going to be in Florida. And he’s going to be watching the game in Florida — it’s going to be carried there. But he’s speaking for all the people in Washington that didn’t vote for him,” Nixon said to laughter. The president had lost only the District of Columbia and Massachusetts in his landslide 1972 victory over Democrat George McGovern.

How dare that nasty, evil socialist, er…., Republican, president believe that he has any place to tell owners of private property – such as football franchises – what they can and cannot do with that private property in, er…, publicly-owned stadiums.

The folks?

That sounds conspicuously like ‘the people’…

which sounds a lot like socialism…

which is just like communism.

Richard Nixon: apparently pink right down to his underwear.

2 Responses to Richard Nixon…Socialist?

  1. valeriekeefe says:

    Honestly, Nixon’s paranoia, and continually lashing out with disdain at anyone who wasn’t in the room aside, his record as president puts a lot of ‘progressives’ to shame. I just wish he’d got his GAI passed. That’d have done more for LGBT people than even ENDA would, given the difficulty in many cases of demonstrating discrimination.

  2. friday jones says:

    ALL Presidential Administrations are the Johnson Administration, since it apparently is a non-negotiable requirement that candidates have a Johnson.

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