Mitt Romney Really Will Lie About Anything

From The World, According to Me:

One of they key tenets of the LDS Church is that in 1820, God appeared to Joseph Smith.  In fact, what differentiates Mormonism form other religions is the fact that we believe that God has spoken to, and through prophets from Joseph Smith and Brigham Young to Gordon B Hinckley and Thomas S Monson.

So why, in 2007, did Mitt Romney tell a Boston TV station in 2007 that he didn’t think God had spoken to anyone since Moses?

Because, like all white, christianist (and christian-esque) conservative elites, Mitt Romney does not believe that rules apply to him – so he is free to lie about anything and everything.

Next question….

100 Responses to Mitt Romney Really Will Lie About Anything

  1. Bess says:

    When you plan on being a god – you know reality will bend to your will. You can’t lie – reality changes.

    Humans may become Gods for other worlds as God is God for this world.
    Worthy Mormons may become gods to create, rule over and receive worship from their own worlds some day. They will do this exclusively as the god or the team of gods for that world or that set of worlds (like the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are for this world or this set of worlds), and thus the God of this world will not perform those functions there (Ibid; D&C 76:50-8 and 95, 132:15-23, 29, and 37; The Latter-day Saint Woman: Basic Manual for Women, Part A, Lesson 10: Eternal Marriage; and Gospel Principles, 302 [1997 edition]).

    There are many Gods for other worlds, and each God is equal to the God of this world in terms of His nature.
    There are many gods who create and rule over other worlds, and on those worlds, worship excludes the God of our world. So there is only one God for us, and this God is typically referred to as the Heavenly Father. Mormons may also speak of the term “God” in reference to “the Godhead,” which is a team of separate Gods (McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, 576-7; Joseph Fielding Smith, ed., The Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, 346-7 [pre-2002 edition]; Abraham 4:1, Pearl of Great Price; Gospel Principles, 245 [1997 edition], and 302; “God,” LDS Bible Dictionary; and Blake Ostler, “Review of The Mormon Concept of God: A Philosophical Analysis by Francis J. Beckwith and Stephen E. Parrish,” FARMS Review of Books [Provo, UT: FARMS, 1996], 99-146).

  2. "Vic" (2) says:


    Hey Billy! I thought you had stormed off with great fanfare. Now you come slithering back to amuse us with your sideshow act. Write us a song, shim!

    • Vic trolla says:

      Hi Bess.

      Say – does your place of work discriminate against trans elders? Do they have nondiscrim policies that comport with law in Cambridge & NYC? With new federal rules?

      Do you think they can feel safe receiving services there? Does the President of the firm?

      • "Vic" (2) says:

        Fool, how many times do I have to tell you I am not “Bess” or “Cathy” or any of the other (real) women that you have transmogrified into the Great Satan? You are just going to have to accept that there are other people in the world who are nauseated by hateful and violence-prone trans activists.

    • Hiya, Bessie! You’re just grumpy because you’re past due for milking. At least that’s how it sounds what with your incessant bawling, Miss Moo Cow!

  3. Vic trolla says:

    “Vic” (2)
    on June 10, 2012 at 12:39 pm said:
    how many times do I have to tell you I am not “Bess” or “Cathy” or any of the other (real) women that you have transmogrified into the Great Satan? You are just going to have to accept that there are other people in the world who are nauseated by hateful and violence-prone trans activists.

    Whatever you say Bess. Seriously – you think you come off as not being hateful and violence prone?

    You’re not a Great Satan. You’re just a little annoyance. With less and less power every day. Hell – you’re afraid to even meet people in public. That’s how powerless you know you are. You’d like to intimidate people – but the best you can hope for is to inspire people to ally with us.

    You’re losing and you’re a loser. And a coward, of course. Just the kind of person who would enjoy exerting power over helpless elders.

    • "Vic" (2) says:

      Now why would you want to “meet in public”? What opportunity would a personal meeting afford you? Perhaps an opportunity to assault me?

      I’m losing? I don’t think so. The evidence is all around you. In a few weeks, the NY leg will wrap up business and there will be no GENDA. And there isn’t a single article or blog post in the gay press/blogosphere about it. We don’t care! 🙂 And your killer “heroine” Cee Cee got sent up the river, probably to a men’s prison. Again, we collectively yawn, and rightly so.

      This shows you that gay and lesbian people are finally getting that it is not in their interests to identify with the causes of the parasites attacking them. No, I’m not losing. You are losing.

      • Cece McDonald was attempting to leave the scene when she was slashed through her cheek and salivary gland with a broken glass by one of her several attackers, and still she tried to leave the scene peacefully, and still was pursued by multiple aggressors.

        Compare and contrast that to Patreese Johnson, Renata Hill, Venice Brown, and Terrain Dandridge, plus the three other women who copped pleas to lesser charges. They were the aggressors, they chased Dwayne Buckle down the street, and stabbed him in the liver and the stomach. Buckle was alone, they were seven.

        It looks like in a comparison between trans women and cis lesbians, the hateful violence-prone ones are the cis lesbians. The papers are filled with story after story of violent acts perpetrated by cis lesbians, who seem to be, person for person, the most violent subculture in America.

      • Vic trolla says:

        Of course not – I’ve been a victim of violence – don’t wish it on another soul. Trust me – being shot at is not a great deal of fun. I hope you’re excused from learning that lesson.

        Oh – and we all know many more lesbians (and gays) have assaulted trans people than the other way around. You keep trying to portray victims as responsible for violence – But it lives in your heart. You’re obsessed with causing harm. Just not very good at it.

        And yes – we’re doing quite well, thank you. Better than you at this point. NY won’t pass – but we already have the EEO decision and HUD coverage nationwide. Sure it’s not a legislative victory – but you know damn well you’d call it a huge victory if it covered you. And rightly so – I hope it does some day. Even with you being the violent ass you are – you deserve equality under the law.

        Really – poor CeCe isn’t my hero – but she is a victim. And she was defending herself. If a white lesbian beat back her attacker and was sent to prison for defending herself – what would you be saying? What would you call assholes who villify her?

        Say what you will, she wasn’t like the two lesbians who drugged, tortured, murdered and dismembered a trans person to rob her of chump change.

        But – I really do worry what someone with your hate filled soul might do to a helpless trans elder. You really shouldn’t be working in that field. I do hope your boss keeps you away from clients. I know you’ll never be giving a workshop on your firms services to lgbt groups in the future. At least – not after it’s found out. That would be a shitstorm of negative publicity for the firm. Kind of like letting Rev. Phelps do a workshop on caring for lesbian elders.

        But – you continue to be drawn to trans people. You spend more and more of your life obsessed with them. A tiny portion of the population you call inconsequential and powerless. Odd, don’t you think?

  4. "Vic" (2) says:


    The point was not that CeeCee is more or less guilty than someone else. The point was that LGBs understand at a gut level that they are not in a community with trannies and that criminal cases involving trannies are not their cause to take up. That is why there is virtually no coverage of the case in gay media.

    But since you mention CeeCee’s innocence, you left out the part about the scissors and the multiple version of events that she told. Anyway, if she is so innocent, she shouldn’t have pled guilty.


    Don’t worry! I don’t work with “trans elders.” No one works with trans elders. Trannies don’t live long enough to qualify for elder care.

    • Vic Trolla says:

      “LGBs understand at a gut level that they are not in a community”

      And yet, here you are. Like a toe tapper or Marcvavage at a Pride – you’re only here because there’s nothing in common.

      “I don’t work with “trans elders.”

      Remember that – you’re going to be held to it.

  5. Om Kalthoum says:

    That this thread turned into another ugly abortion is not a surprise. What did surprise me, but perhaps shouldn’t have, is that when I searched EndaBlog for what I assumed would be multiple supportive threads about the CeCe McDonald case, I found not a one. Now that is interesting, particularly on a trans blog.

    Could it be that Kat is not one of the hand-wringers about this young person’s punishment? I hope so.

    Let’s face it. McDonald stabbed a man to death and was originally charged with some degree of murder. As I’m sure the prosecutors intended, as in 99% of all such cases, this was resolved by the defendant pleading guilty to a lesser charge.

    I haven’t yet heard a soul anywhere claim that McDonald had lousy representation. She could have held out for acquittal and gone through a trial. Ah, but then everyone would have had to testify under oath. And when the judge or jury determined that she had lied in the beginning about not stabbing the guy, she might have been convicted of murder.

    Sucking it up and accepting the manslaughter plea with maybe three more years to be behind bars seems like the best she could have made of a lousy situation. Hopefully, McDonald will behave herself in the slammer and get out with lots of life left to live, unlike the man she killed. Or she can keep responding to ugly speech with violence. That’s her choice, just as it was the night she killed the guy who dissed her.

    • I sincerely hope that you’re never slashed in the face while walking down the sidewalk minding your own business, so that you don’t have to face the decision of whether or not to let yourself be further injured and possibly killed on the spot or defend yourself and face a homophobic legal system. Nobody should have to go through that, not even transphobic hater assholes like you.

      “Dissed her?” You mean “was one of a group that followed her down the street and slashed all the way through her cheek and salivary gland. If you’d just been given a Glasgow Smile like that, how would you feel if some homophobe described that as merely “being dissed?” Before she so much as raised a hand to anyone, CeCe McDonald was seriously maimed by a small pack of strangers on a public sidewalk. Not “dissed,” you retard.

    • Om's sticky fingers says:

      Could it be that Om masturbates to pictures of trans people being assaulted?

      “Oooooooh, that’s so hot. Where’s that picture of the hole through her cheek? It makes me so wet. I can’t wait till I get that Chrissy Polis video!” -Om Khalthoum

      Fuck off, you creepy pervert.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Could it be that Kat is not one of the hand-wringers about this young person’s punishment?

      Could it be that the brave, anonymous, corporatist-state-loving radphlegms turn every thread here into an “abortion,” so such a discussion would be pointless?

      • Vic Trolla says:

        Could it be that they believe women who get assaulted deserve it? Or just some women? Not cis or lilly white, of course.

    • valeriekeefe says:

      I think it would have been less of a concern for the community, a plea bargain like that, if CeCe, like cis women, could be completely confident that her 8th Amendment rights to freedom from cruel and unusual punishment, such as being sent to a mens’ facility, were to be respected.

      • Om Kalthoum says:

        I’m really loath to even respond to such a fantasy that somehow most people in prison who aren’t trans people are magically afforded all their “rights” and are not subject to cruel and unusual punishment. The racism alone inherent in that belief is just gob smacking.

        At any rate, “the community” didn’t do the crime, nor did “the community” plead guilty, nor will “the community” be serving the time. So I don’t know what you’re talking about there. If I had to guess, only on gut feelings, I’d say McDonald will end up in a women’s facility, if only because of the notoriety of the case.

        It’s a shame that men can be so predatory and violent. All females know that only too well. I do hope you realize that you don’t have to be trans to be raped and abused in men’s prisons. I imagine even trans men suddenly revert to female status in order to ensure they go to women’s prisons instead of casting their lot with their brothers.

  6. […] – who lets murderers like this go free but imprisons trans women for defending themselves (shout out to Om!; apparently CeCe McDonald made the mistake of not claiming ‘religious freedom,’ […]

  7. Om Kalthoum says:

    I know even you don’t believe that, but your readers can judge for themselves. Click any of the archives on the right for the past year. In the time from the killing on June 5, 2011 until the end of that year, you barely have ANY commenters at all. And almost all of those are in your Amen Corner. Plenty of time and space for just one tiny piece on Chrishaun “Ce Ce” McDonald, wouldn’t you say? Just one?

    So no. That’s just embarrassing. Try again. You look really unprepared for class.

    • valeriekeefe says:

      Perhaps, like me, Kat believes systemic denial of employment, housing, medicine, and access to public accommodations kill more trans women than hate crime classifiable violence ever will. (Unless of course, one of the genocidalists like the “Brilliant”* Sheila Jeffereys manages to classify transition medicine a human rights violation.)

      *according to bugbrennan

      • Om Kalthoum says:

        Poppycock. It’s hardly zero sum. I notice Kat has time to put up plenty of posts about less weighty topics such as minor league baseball or some duck she photographed at some zoo last century (it was a cute duck).

        As for the rest of your post, it sounds as though you have issues with some people. Why don’t you take them up with them? Or maybe do a guest post here for Katrina Rose!

  8. Om Kalthoum says:

    Let’s break it down:

    You’re 23 years old, black, presenting as a woman, walking down the street after midnight with a group of similarly-situated friends. You’re coming up on a neighborhood dive bar you’re well familiar with, and you see some trailer trash standing outside who start shouting offensive shit at you regarding your race and gender presentation. Being a typical 23 year-old young woman in a dangerous situation at night, what sensible choice do you make? You might:

    1.) Get the hell out of there. Now! or
    2.) Shout out exactly what you think of said white trash and make hand gestures showing them where they can stick their cigarettes and beer bottles. THEN you get the hell out of there. FAST! Or, (can you believe it?) the whole lot of you
    3.) CROSS THE STREET and get into a brawl with a man and two women!

    Yes, we know these innocent, delicate flowers made choice #3. And from this choice flowed what followed. You all milled around and shouted obscenities at each other until one of the three bar patrons threw a glass or bottle at you and cut your face.

    Lucky for you, you go out prepared to stab anyone with whom you mix it up, and you somehow think that having a pair of scissors instead of a big honking knife is going to make every thing okay with the police, I guess. So you fight back with your weapon and stab someone who was unarmed and who dies on the spot, not even the person who cut you with the glass.

    You flee the scene and throw away your weapon, but after arrest you tell the police various stories:

    1.) You confess you did it.
    2.) You insist you invented the confession due to police pressure.
    3.) One of your friends did it and has recorded a “confession” on a cell phone.
    4.) Well, maybe you were holding the scissors, but the victim “ran into” the blades while you were running away from him.
    5.) Etc.

    Unfortunately for you, there were other witnesses who will testify what you said and did, and probably your own friends ultimately wouldn’t have risked jail time by telling lies under oath about what really happened. You didn’t run away, you weren’t running away, you got in a street fight and you stabbed a guy and he died.

    The only way most of the facts would have come out for public consumption is if McDonald had continued to proclaim her innocence and gone to trial on the murder charge. She chose not to. But in order to be convicted of the lesser charge, second degree manslaughter, she had to knock off telling the various b.s. stories and admit in court that indeed she had stabbed the victim causing his death. This she did.

    If people think justice should be fair, then what do you propose as punishment for Chrishaun McDonald? No punishment at all? Really? Remember, you don’t get to kill someone just because they say mean things to you. You don’t even have a free pass to hit someone who says mean things to you. You certainly don’t get to kill someone if someone ELSE hurt you.

    And what if it had gone exactly the opposite way? If the trailer trash had the blades and McDonald was the one stabbed to death? Would you have been howling for Justice for Dean Schmitz? That he should be set free? I’m guessing no.

    • Vic Trolla says:

      Are you sure that wasn’t Om’s stanky fingers?

    • Bess says:

      It’s true – a young black woman would never have fought back. Um – Sakia Gunn?

      • Om Kalthoum says:

        I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make here. Just thought I’d point out that Sakia Gunn is another member of intersecting communities about whom Kat has written not a single word on this blog. Just not enough time, I reckon. She’s too busy writing about baseball or how awful teh gays treat her. Or something.

    • Are you seriously contending that everyone who cops a lesser plea is actually guilty? Hey, I bet you’re lily white and you don’t leave the house without wearing at least two mainstream-society-approved gender markers like a good little boy, and have never been caught walking around outside of your car in a working-class neighborhood in your life. Go ahead, prove me wrong, here I am posting under my legal name and there you are, posting under the name of a deceased Middle Eastern pop singer who died decades ago. Give us your real name and link us to your Facebook account if you aren’t a hypocritical chickenshit.

      • "Vic" (2) says:

        Isn’t it interesting how the trannies’ overriding interest is in finding out identifying information. We have Trolla wanting to “meet” with me and now we have Billy trying to get the FB page of another commenter.

        Trans activists are basically thugs. They can’t argue. They can’t persuade. They can’t think through problems. All they can do is threaten and intimidate. If Om did give you his real name, you and your band of sleazy shemale thugs would give him the full Dan Savage or Diego Luna treatment – harassment, threats, and violence.

      • Vic trolla says:

        “Vic says:
        June 11, 2012 at 10:28 am

        Isn’t it interesting how the trannies’ overriding interest is in finding out identifying information.”

        From the “dude” who spent all that time trying to get a copy of another persons’ picture. We all know how noble your intentions are.

      • Seems like you’ve been so obsessed with finding out identifying information on trans women that you even dragged poor Billy Johnston’s name into your circle of websites, because I gave him my old domain name about ten years ago. Billy is the nephew of a friend of mine, you retarded wannabee stalker. He’s a bald dude with a goatee who is about six inches shorter than I am and about 15 years younger.

        So reading something from you regarding “identifying information” is sheer irony, considering that you are trolling behind a sockpuppet here and then posting what you BELIEVE is “identifying information” of trans women on the umpty-dozen web sites you frequent where all they do is talk shit about trans women.

        For someone who is allegedly a normal homosexual adult, you spend an inordinate amount of effort tracking trans women, stalking trans women, trolling trans women, writing about trans women, and fostering sites dedicated entirely to talking about trans women. Trans women are YOUR LIFE. Without trans women your life would be so much smaller and more hollow than it is. Trans women provide you with an externality on which to assign all of what you perceive to be wrong with the world.

        Bad weather? Trans women and their damned hair spray! Your candidate lost? Those damn trans women voted wrong! You caught a cold? Those damn trans women should cover their mouths when they cough!

  9. "Vic" (2) says:

    I found it interesting that “Kat” Rose did not see fit to do a single post on the conviction of poor CeCe. She never misses an opportunity to whine about such crucial issues as HRC hiring practices or a letter to the editor written by a lesbian 38 years ago. But when a transwoman of color gets sent to the (men’s) big house after killing a possible white supremacist, “Kat” Rose just isn’t interested. And “she” has the audacity to accuse HRC of being elitist.

    What’s the matter Katrina? Wasn’t CeCe white enough to make you care?

  10. Om Kalthoum says:

    For those interested in a recent, fairly even-handed media treatment of this case, see CeCe McDonald murder trial: Behind the scenes of the transgender woman’s case

  11. (Probably Not) Om Kalthoum says:

    Anyone have trans dismemberment pics to trade? I have a nice selection to reciprocate with – only slightly damp.

    • "Vic" (2) says:

      I don’t get that last comment, but I think you should leave comments with disturbing imagery to the trans activists.

      I like that article on the CeCe trial. I had not seen any balanced mainstream coverage of the case. I don’t begrudge her using some force against her scummy attackers, but the idea that she was some put-upon transgender, railroaded because of her brave defiance of the gender binary, is ridiculous. Another trans activist lie. So glad that the LGB community is moving beyond and away from this dysfunctional rabble.

    • Om Kalthoum says:

      Better lay low. I think Om’s on to us.

  12. Bess says:

    Vic says:
    June 11, 2012 at 7:49 am

    -snip- I don’t begrudge her using some force against her scummy attackers. -snip-

    There, fixed that for you.

    • "Vic" (2) says:

      So you sliced off a large part of my comment in a vain effort to conceal the comment’s true and original form. You obviously have a lot of experience in that regard.

      • Bess says:

        True – I do know what your original face, the one you had before you were born looks like.

  13. Howardine Cosell says:

    I see the queens of forum lo-jacking have been busy again. Exactly 2 of 41 comments to this thread have anything to do with the original posting, and most of them derive from the usual suspects i.e. shared email addresses. Nice discourse, bozos.

  14. "Vic" (2) says:


    A pic would not have served to identify you. It would just be an image of one more fugly hulking dude in a dress. All too common in these troubled times.

    • That word you just used, “Fugly,” is that one of those totally feminist words that encompasses a concept involving social justice? Are all radfems working tirelessly by devoting their efforts to being as fugly as they possibly can? You can do it, ladies, and by ladies I mean fugly radfems! I’m sure you’ll be as fugly as you can possibly be!

    • Bess says:

      May god have mercy on your soul.

    • Bess says:

      We all know the pics you collect on on your nightstand, next to the vibrator.

      • "Vic" (2) says:

        If I had a vibrator, it would be no less artificial than the man-made carving you call your genitals.

      • Bess says:

        Forgive me – electro-mechanical anal infill is the PC term for your rather large aid. It’s nice to see family heirlooms passed down from mother to “son”.

      • Katrina Rose says:

        electro-mechanical anal infill

        Interestingly, that was the class that convinced me to transfer out of mechanical engineering as an undergrad.

  15. "Vic" (2) says:

    You transferred out of engineering to major in chronic underemployment with a double minor in bitterness and hostility.

    • Bess says:

      Right – we get it. If you had a vibrator you’d bang in the morning, you’d bang it in the evening, you’d bang all over your collection of trans women’s photos.

      He’s got 100 amp service on that breaker and he still blows it. That’s dedication. All day, every comment on trans women, Vic’s doing “his” best to keep the electric company. In business.

  16. "Vic" (2) says:


    Now, now William. We both know that there is no “nephew.” Embrace yourself, Bill. Celebrate who you are. Write a song about it. Maybe a sequel to “My Girl Bill.”

    As for the notion that I obsess over “trans women” I can only laugh. There is no such thing as “trans women.” If you mean to reference shemales, I assure you I couldn’t care less about 99 percent of what shemales do on any given day. However, I do object to shemale anti-gay hate sites like this one and I feel that I have a moral obligation to try to civilize you, however unlikely that outcome.

    • Vic trolla says:

      Yes – you prove again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and againand again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and againand again and again and again and again and againand again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and againand again and again and again and again and againand again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and againand again and again and again and again and againand again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and againand again and again and again and again and againand again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and againand again and again and again and again and againand again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and againand again and again and again and again and againand again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and againand again and again and again and again and againand again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and againand again and again and again and again and again

      that you’re not obsessing. You just hates them so much that you need to spend all your time with them. Like “Porno” Peter Labarbera at leather fest or Michael Marcavage at a Pride Parade – you have no other motivations.

      Nice job. You managed to fit in two elector-mechanical anal infills on that wank. Don’t forget to clean your keyboard.

    • Fascinating, aren’t you the one who made mewling noises about an “overriding interest” in “finding out identifying information?” And yet so far, the only person here right now who can be absolutely certain that they were Googled by an Internet stalker is when Cathy Brennan Googled me in the hopes of finding a pre-transition name, and then posted her incorrect results on her Tumblr and two of the radfem sites where she has posting access

      Now, she was off-base, since I transitioned in the early 1980’s, before they had a world wide web. All she found was some outdated WhoIs information about a three-letter .ORG domain name I used to administer, until I gave it away to Billy Johnston around the turn of the century.

      The ONLY way to connect my name with Bill Johnston’s is if someone was doing some really weak Google stalking, since the only place our names are connected is through the ownership of that domain name. Any truly COMPETENT Internet stalker would have then checked that site with the Wayback Machine and discovered that it completely changed purposes and design and ownership about ten years ago.

      You’re damned lucky that I’m not a skeevy Internet stalker like you, Cathy, because I’m competent enough at research and Internet searches to find out everything about you and your daily habits. But then I’m not a creepy Internet stalker and wannabee bully like you.

  17. Om Poltroon says:

    Ebony, USA

    11 June 2012

    Why Aren’t We Fighting for CeCe McDonald?

    Charged with manslaughter after defending herself from an attack,
    McDonald is heading to prison. Marc Lamont Hill says her story is but
    one of many examples of how the justice system fails our transgender
    brothers and sisters

    By Marc Lamont Hill

    Last week, Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald, a 23-year-old Black transgender
    woman, was sentenced to 41 months in prison for second-degree
    manslaughter despite clear evidence of self-defense. Making matters
    worse, she is now being forced to serve her time in a men’s prison.
    CeCe McDonald’s case not only represents a tragic miscarriage of
    justice, but also speaks to the fundamental unfairness of the criminal
    justice system for the Black trans community.

    On June 5th 2011, McDonald, a Minnesota based college student, was out
    having a good time with her friends. They walked past the Schooner
    Tavern, where McDonald and her friends were harassed and verbally
    assaulted by two White women and Dean Schmitz, a White man, who
    referred to them as “n*ggers,” “faggots,” and “chicks with dicks.”

    The assault quickly became physical when one of the women hit McDonald
    with a cocktail glass, puncturing her cheek and salivary gland. A
    fight ensued that resulted in the stabbing death of Schmitz. McDonald
    was arrested, charged, and ultimately convicted of the crime. She was
    the only person arrested that night.

    Although state officials on every level insist they hold no bias
    against the Black transgendered community, their behavior at every
    stage of the CeCe McDonald case suggests otherwise. More importantly,
    the state’s mistreatment of McDonald is a reflection of a criminal
    justice system that systematically denies the fundamental rights,
    safety, and humanity of transgendered bodies.

    Even a casual review of the facts demonstrates that CeCe McDonald and
    her friends (all of whom were LGBTQ youth or allies) were the targets
    of hate and violence on the night of her arrest. By ignoring the
    evidence against her attackers, police reinforced the notion that
    violence against the Black trans community is not a significant
    concern for law enforcement. Studies show that, despite comprising
    only 8 percent of the LGBTQ community, transgendered women account for
    nearly half of all LGBTQ hate crime murders. Among this group,
    transgendered women of color are nearly twice as vulnerable to
    violence as their white counterparts. In addition, according to the
    National Transgender Discrimination Survey, 50% of Black transgender
    individuals face harassment at school and 15% are physically assaulted
    at their jobs. Such evidence speaks not only to the rising tide of
    violence against transgendered populations, but a lack of commitment
    from law enforcement to protect and serve them.

    As we see in the case of CeCe McDonald, police agencies tend to expend
    their time, energy, and resources criminalizing rather than protecting
    the Black trans community. By ignoring her obvious self-defense claim,
    instead arresting her and no one else at night, McDonald was legally
    punished for surviving a transphobic hate attack. This is a common
    occurrence, as transgendered Blacks are routinely targeted, profiled,
    and often arrested for crimes linked to their gender, race and class
    rather than their behavior.

    More than any population, transgendered people are unfairly brought
    into the criminal justice system as the targets of false or unlawful
    arrests. Transgendered women are regularly stopped and arrested for
    prostitution simply for walking or standing in public space. Male and
    female transgendered people are often charged with presenting false
    identification or using the “wrong” bathroom. Because of law
    enforcement’s lack of understanding or respect for transgendered
    citizens, many trans people end up with criminal records simply for
    being transgendered.

    The Black trans community is also further criminalized for being poor.
    Members of the Black transgender community regularly live in extreme
    poverty, with 34% reporting a household income of less than $10,000,
    more than four times the general Black population rate, and eight
    times the national rate. The poverty numbers are enhanced by
    staggering levels of job discrimination -studies show up to 90% rates
    of job discrimination among trans populations- all of which
    contributes to the 41% homeless rate among Black transgendered people.
    These conditions, combined with excessive police presence in poor
    Black neighborhoods, cause the trans community to also be routinely
    charged with “survival crimes” like sex work and petty theft, as well
    as “quality of life crimes” like loitering and sleeping outside.

    At the same time that Black transgendered people are unfairly targeted
    by police, acts committed against them are typically rejected by law
    enforcement. Every day, victims of transphobic violence are ignored by
    police or treated in ways that only exacerbate the situation. This is
    often due to the belief among law enforcement that transgendered
    people deserve the violent acts committed against them. As a result of
    this belief, police are often openly hostile to transgendered victims.
    According to studies, 38% of Black trans people indicate that they
    have been harassed by the police. Even worse, 20% state that they have
    been physically or sexual assaulted by police. Given this pattern of
    criminalization and abuse over protection, it is no surprise that most
    victims of transgendered violence (52%) do not report the crimes to
    law enforcement. It is also unsurprising that CeCe McDonald’s claims
    of self-defense were ignored and ultimately criminalized by police.

    The injustices of McDonald’s case continued inside the courtroom.
    Throughout the trial, the judge and prosecution consistently and
    intentionally misgendered McDonald, referring to her by masculine
    pronouns, further demonstrating a refusal to acknowledge her as a
    woman. Despite considerable evidence -including medical evidence,
    toxicology reports, eyewitness accounts, and unrefuted testimony that
    Schmitz initiated the altercation- McDonald’s self-defense claim was
    dismissed by prosecutors. Even worse, the judge ignored the fact that
    McDonald was the target of a hate crime, despite the racist and
    homophobic language used by Schmitz seconds before the fight began.
    The court even refused to admit Schmitz’s criminal record into
    evidence, not to mention the swastika tattooed on his chest, as
    evidence of his history of violence and bigotry.

    With the court refusing to hear exculpatory evidence, or even
    acknowledge the plight of transgendered individuals, McDonald was
    forced to accept a plea deal that resulted in the three and half year
    sentence. This is an all-too-common occurrence for Black transgendered
    people in the criminal justice system, who often face an uphill battle
    against substandard legal representation, homo- and transphobia, and a
    judicial system that consistently reneges on constitutional promises
    of equal protection and due process.

    Now, in the aftermath of her unjust conviction, the State continues to
    abuse the rights of CeCe McDonald. Immediately after her sentencing
    decision, Minnesota prison officials issued a statement confirming
    that CeCe McDonald would be sent to one of the state’s male
    facilities. In their statement, officials continued to misgender
    McDonald, referring to her as a man and showing little regard for the
    risks to which she would be exposed because of their decision to place
    her in a men’s prison.

    By placing transgendered women in men’s prisons, the government is
    asserting a right to define gender on its own terms (by birth) rather
    than how individuals identify, socialize, and function in the world.
    As a result of this choice, trans individuals are subjected to prison
    sentences during which they will be labeled and treated as a gender
    rather than their own. Such a practice, if done to straight cisexual
    individuals, would clearly be understood and challenged as torture.

    But the risks aren’t merely psychological. By misgendering CeCe
    McDonald and placing her in a men’s facility, prison officials are
    also exposing CeCe to extreme physical danger. While sexual assault is
    a real threat for all inmates, trans populations are 13 times more
    likely to be abused by prisoners and prison officials. In the United
    States, 59% of trans inmates are sexually assaulted during the time in
    prison. Those who report abuse to officials often find themselves at
    greater risk by inmates and prison officials, who believe that
    transgendered inmates deserve to be physically abused because of their
    gendered appearance. Disturbingly, 0% of transgendered inmates
    consider prison officials to be allies in protecting their physical
    safety. In essence, CeCe McDonald has been sentenced to 41 months of
    sexual violence.

    In addition to being unconscionable, the practice of placing
    transgendered women in men’s prisons violates international laws
    against torture as well as their Eighth Amendment right to protection
    from cruel and unusual punishment. In addition, the practice
    constitutes a deprivation of individual dignity protected by the Fifth
    and Fourteenth Amendments’ due process clause. Irrespective of one’s
    position on CecCe McDonald’s guilt or innocence, her placement in a
    men’s prison is immoral, illegal, and unimaginable if she were
    anything other than transgender.

    In the final analysis, CeCe McDonald is a transgendered Black woman
    who had the courage to “stand her ground” and defend herself from a
    hate attack. As a punishment for surviving, she has been sentenced to
    41 months of torture inside of a men’s prison.

    We must send a different message.

    We must send a message that this shameful miscarriage of justice is
    unacceptable. We must send a message that transgender people have the
    right to defend themselves from hate and violence. We must send a
    message that we are committed to defending the rights and humanity of

    The case of CeCe McDonald must be an urgent matter for anyone
    interested in justice. This requires support not only from Black LGBTQ
    organizations and movements, but White mainstream gay and lesbian
    organizations, which have too often focused on white victims like
    Tyler Clemente or alleged Black violators like Isaiah Washington.
    This also means that mainstream Black advocacy organizations like the
    NAACP and Urban League must take up McDonald’s cause with the same
    intensity as the Trayvon Martin case.

    Most importantly, we must view the case of CeCe McDonald as more than
    an isolated incident of injustice. Instead, we must use the case as a
    springboard into deeper conversation and engaged action against a
    criminal justice system that abuses transgendered bodies at every

    We cannot wait another minute.

    © 2012 EBONY Magazine. All rights reserved.

    • Cathy there would cream her relaxed-fit mom jeans at the thought of all those bad things up there happening to trans people. You’re just giving her wank fodder to flick her bean to behind her desk at work.

      • "Vic" (2) says:

        Fat jokes at the expense of a woman! Spoken like a real man, Bill!

        BTW, at least Cathy, unlike you, can wear mom jeans without a tuck and duct tape. And also unlike you, she can be a mom.

      • Aw, did I hurt your feelings Cathy? Sorry, I figured you’d want something loose-fitting in your night job as a “Lesbian Avenger.” I take it you prefer some form of outfit involving brightly-colored tights and a terrible haircut?

        And also, everybody’s had your mom.

      • Kathleen says:

        Yeah – but those darn straight people don’t support trans people and never change their attitudes – they only ever support straight acting “guys” like Vic who spend all their time trolling trans blogs. But have no issues at all. But talks about trans peoples genitals more than …….well…..anyone.

        Hey – maybe you can talk about your penis “dude”. It’ll be interesting hearing a “guy” like yourself speak lovingly of peni – maybe you can help disuade folks from questioning you dudiosity.

  18. "Vic" (2) says:

    “a criminal justice system that abuses transgendered bodies at every level.”

    Transgendered bodies? Gross! And how many levels does a transgendered body have?

    • Bess says:

      If anyone has a complete set of photos……………….and again, and again, and again

      god, I hope you have maid service

    • Bianca Lynne says:

      Clearly, every level of the system abuses trans people and trans bodies. Basic social justice stuff – then again, I am not surprised that you, a “gay man” would have no idea of general social justice work that doesn’t involve homo-specific rights. Part of that double standard of the homos.

      Your level of comfort with or about trans bodies is on par with the general straight man’s comfort with the idea of gay male affection. Yet, you expect (general “you”) straight people to be totally on board and work their asses off for you. Even more homo double standard. Is there nothing homos don’t have special rules about – one that is used on everyone else and the one they apply to themselves?

  19. "Vic" (2) says:

    No gay person expects straight people to work their asses off for them. When it comes to straight allies, we understand the concept of independence and mutual respect. I think you are confusing gay people with trans activists, who think that gay people are their slaves and are obligated to do everything for them in the name of “LGBT.”

    You know, study after study shows that straight people become less homophobic when they get to know gay people, and the more significant the relationship, the greater the pro-gay shift. If we were so selfish and arrogant as you would make out, this wouldn’t be the case.

    Is there a single study that shows how attitudes change when normal people get to know trannies? I’d love to see that research but my own observation is that real-life interaction with trannies makes people more hostile, not less. You are your own worst advertising.

    • Bess says:

      Straight people I’ve shared your posts with haven’t become less homophobic.

    • Bianca Lynne says:

      I dunno “Vic”, maybe I just “advertise” well, but the people who know me seem pretty pleased. The thing is, most straight guys, no matter how cool with the gays they claim, are still really squicked about seeing two men being affectionate.

      Remember Vic – all my observations about “selfishness” and “arrogance”, as well as seeing/hearing the reactions of straight guys wrt gay men are coming from a place of direct intimate experience. You can’t play that game with me. I know that gay people simply expect other minority groups to “get it” when it comes to oppression. How many times have you heard “Blacks (for example) should understand discrimination and vote for our rights” (or similar) and then move on to complain about “the Black Church”. How many examples of racism within the gay community popped up about Kobie Bryant or Tracy Morgan?

      • Yes, it’s blatantly apparent that gay and lesbian people are not immune to being terrible bigots of the first order themselves. Ernst Röhm and Roy Cohn spring readily to mind. Oh, and the odious Mary Daly, who was an advocate of Genocide.

      • "Vic" (2) says:

        Gee, I can only imagine what “direct intimate experience” you have had with “straight guys.” With all due respect to your vast clientele of “straight” men, in order to get representative results, we would need to see data that originate outside of your circle of sex partners.

        In any event, you have no answer to my question about studies showing the impact of cis-trans familiarity on attitudes towards trannies. Figures.

  20. Bess says:

    If data is needed on sexual experience to qualify a person statements – Vic – as the dude he is and totally not a radfem – can talk about his. What do you find most attractive about the penis? What about fellatio do you find most lovely? What was your most enjoyable experience bottoming?

    How many ways do you love the penis?

  21. Bianca Lynne says:

    blah blah trans women are either unemployed or hookers in Vicland… no “clients”, sorry to ruin your gay male fantasy of bagging a straight dude. I’m actually not referencing anyone I have dated, rather I’m talking about guys I’ve worked with, done activism with, or had as friends. Guys who are supportive of gay rights, have gay friends and relatives, know gay people. These guys are still, even with exposure to gay men, bothered by affection between two men.

    As far as I know there are no studies to reference. Homo double standard strikes again, however. You expect each and every point you make to be addressed, yet you never actually address any points or questions directed to you (unless it is about MWMF).

    Look Vic, it’s cute that you are posing as a gay man. It gives you an opportunity to be as vicious about trans women as you want without confirming what everyone knows about a specific group of Internet radfems. The homophobia required to engage in the tactic is quite telling, however. Aside from the fringe fundamentalists, the most rabidly homophobic group of people I’ve ever read have been radfems, Hardly a surprise that you’d pose a a gay guy in this context.

  22. "Vic" (2) says:

    I’m not posing as a man. You, on the other hand, are posing as a woman.

    If I were looking for virulent homophobia, the first place I would go is the Religious Right. The second place I would go is the “trans community.” People like you, who equate gay civil rights with the right to “screw anyone you want” and who take up the cause of Tracy Morgan when he jokes about stabbing gay kids. The idea that you actually work with gay and lesbian youth is horrifying. You are the most vile homophobic piece of work outside of the Religious Right and you shouldn’t be w/in 1000 feet of a gay kid.

    And you fit right in here on a blog that refers to gay men as toilets, gay rights groups as cesspools, and the gay rights movement as a “bowel movement.” Trans activists are at the level of the Westboro Baptist Church when it comes to dehumanizing homophobia, and in fact are more prone to violence than WBC. Maybe this is why LGBs are finally waking up to the fact that trannies are not their friends.

    • Oh, look, the Cathy/Rose/Elizabeth/Dana monster just said it’s not posing as a man! And we totally believe it, especially after the latest defensive diatribe above. It just happens to employ the exact same pattern of falsehood using the same lies as if they had been gathered from the widely-separated array of connected web sites run by Cathy, Rose, Elizabeth, and Dana. And gay guys totally go to radfem websites because gay white men are totes welcome at radfem websites and on the personal Tumblrs of the four components of the Cathy/Rose/Elizabeth/Dana monster. It’s all coincidence.

      Political lesbians aren’t real lesbians. They aren’t attracted to women sexually, they are the lesbian community’s version of the white guy who turns his baseball cap’s visor to the back and tries to rap because he thinks it makes him cool. The word for what “Vic” is doing is “Appropriation.” Four straight women who hate the masculine so much that they hold their noses and pretend to be lesbians are now wearing “gay man face” in order to attack trans women.

      The most homophobic group of people commenting on this blog are “Vic.” They are pretend lesbians (actual pretendbians) pretending to be a gay man in order to use gay men as a cat’spaw in their hate movement. They’re in a closet inside a closet, since they are each of them secretly attracted to men, and are thinking about a man every time they orgasm. Falsely-flagged assholes who are thrashing harder and harder as the inevitable time that they are dumped into the ash heap of History looms closer and closer. They know they’ve already made themselves irrelevant in the future, and are now dedicated to creating as much strife and chaos as possible while they can.


    • Bianca Lynne says:

      I never ever “took up” the cause of Tracy Morgan – only referenced the level of knee-jerk racist commentary left in the wake. Do read… really…

      Read Andrea “gay men are worse than straight men in the entrenched phallo-centricity” Dworkin. Read Bev “The refusal of gay men to moderate their sexual activities spread AIDS” Jo.

      The fact that *I* work, and work well, with LGBTQ youth and you shill for MWMF is pretty horrifying. Come to think of it, in the past 7 years we have had a grand total of ZERO gay men in either paid or volunteer positions with the group home I work for – much less specifically working with the LGBTQ kids. That is rather horrifying actually.

      You can call me “homophobic” all day long Vic-ster. Reality says quite a different thing. Keep avoiding any and all commentary about gay male culture and history. Remember, I’ve been there.. where have you been?

      • "Vic" (2) says:

        You pretend not to grasp that just because you saw some racist comments on the internet in the wake of Morgan’s “I’d stab my gay son” routine doesn’t mean that gay people or the gay rights movement is racist. Only a bigot thinks like that, dear. Similarly, the fact that some gay men were promiscuous and that Dworkin noted that 30 years ago doesn’t mean that gay civil rights are about “screwing anyone you want.” You pretend not to understand these things, but I think you do. You are not lacking in intelligence. It is just that you are a tranny bigot.

        You “work well” with gay kids? From whose perspective? From the perspective of the bigot in charge, who denigrates gay kids behind their backs, contributes to a hate site, and then collects a paycheck on Fridays, I am sure everything is sunshine and roses. I doubt if your minor charges feel the same. And no gay men volunteered to work under you? I can’t imagine why. God help any gay or lesbian person who finds themselves under your supervision.

    • Bess says:

      Tell me again what you like so much about the penis.

      Real gay guys don’t have trouble discussing how much they love the penis – wax quite eloquent about the subject.

      • "Vic" (2) says:

        I really like having one. You can relate, I’m sure.

      • Heather R. says:

        So tell us your impression of the taste of penis, and do you enjoy the taste of semen? Do you find pre-cum a turn-on? Have you developed any techniques for relaxing your throat muscles yet? You seem to have only a second-hand concept of what penises are like, which is odd for someone who claims to own one.

        So far, your knowledge of the penis seems to be about where the 40-Year-Old Virgin’s knowledge was regarding coitus. I bet the only penis you’ve ever seen is on Michaelangeo’s David. Tee Hee!

  23. Heather R. says:

    Only a bigot thinks that calling out the racism in the white G&L communities such as that evinced by Dan Savage after the passage of California’s Proposition 8 is itself bigoted thinking.

    This is your spokesman, a prominent white gay male, and here is the kind of G&L community you seem to want:

    Seems like the G&L communities are only against racism as long as they get exactly what they want. That’s why the LGBT community is superior to the dinosaurian G&L communities, because the LGBT community isn’t an insular white people party like the G&L communities are. Tee Hee!

  24. Bianca Lynne says:

    You “work well” with gay kids? From whose perspective? From the perspective of the bigot in charge, who denigrates gay kids behind their backs, contributes to a hate site, and then collects a paycheck on Fridays, I am sure everything is sunshine and roses. I doubt if your minor charges feel the same. And no gay men volunteered to work under you? I can’t imagine why. God help any gay or lesbian person who finds themselves under your supervision.

    Vic – I have never collected a paycheck working with at risk or homeless youth…. so jump right off. I Neither run, nor supervise the specific program. ALL of that is intentionally volunteer work, you know what that is, right? How do I know I work well with the young people? Well, I don’t *know* that I do, but I am still in the lives of many of those kids after they moved out of the program.

    “You are not lacking in intelligence. It is just that you are a tranny bigot.” No, you homo fool. I’m using the EXACT level of discourse YOU established as appropriate in discussions with you. Is this yet another example of homo double standards?

    To think I haven’t even gotten out my library card yet… shall we Vic? Do you even know what that is???

    • Bess says:

      And thank you for doing that work. I’m sure that the gay youth you help would be appalled by “Vic’s” keyboard commando wankery.

      And disgusted by the keyboard itself.

  25. "Vic" (2) says:

    So before we got sidetracked by one of Bianca’s “it’s all about meee” episodes, the question on the table was whether there is a single study from anywhere in the world which shows that interaction and familiarity with trannies impacts the level of hostility towards trans people.

    I posit that the the greater the familiarity with trannies, the greater the hostility or if you prefer “transphobia.” And I further posit that this occurs because, with the exception of those who identify as classic transsexuals and who do not identify as “trans activists”, trannies are vile people.

    Now we have a veritable zoo of trannies here, so if any of you has a study that would refute this contention, I will gladly read it and admit error. But I don’t think you have such a study.

    • Bianca Lynne says:

      Just addressing your comments fauxmo. More homo double standards though. Posting something utterly unrelated to the article, yet making a deal out of (not really) being sidetracked. You keep proving that gay people don’t seem to want to live up to the expectations they set of everyone else.

      • "Vic" (2) says:

        Not true. I expect you to be the man that you are. And I live up to that very same expectation.

        BTW, how many hundreds of pics did you have to take b4 you could find one that didn’t cause people to involuntarily hurl? Please help “Kat” Rose with selecting a pic that doesn’t trigger the gag reflex.

    • Oh, did we get “sidetracked?” Please DO radfemsplain to us some more! You radfems know everything about everything, after all. You understand gender better than a Gender Studies professor (unless it’s one particular one whose initials are S.J. who agrees with you), you understand GID better than the Harry Benjamin Society, you understand physical sex better than a doctor, and you understand society better than all the sociologists put together.

      Don;t think you’re the first damnfools to come down the pike supplanting medicine and science with your bigoted personal ideologies. You have the stench of Eugenicists, Nazis, and racial “purity” advocates all over you. For you, the true Hell would be total self-revelation.

      • "Vic" (2) says:

        Now, Bill, don’t get all upset. You don’t want to burst out of that tuck.

        I never claimed to know everything about everything. In fact, the comment to which you are replying is a request for information. If you know of a study which addresses the impact of cis-trans familiarity on the prevalence of “transphobia,” I’d like to read it. Would a know-it-all make such a request?

      • Heather R. says:

        You’re just sidetracking in order to avoid delivering the essay on how much and why you love penises so much that we asked for. Surely you can jot down 500 words or more of exactly what you love about penises the most, since you’re totes a gay man like you say and all that. Tee Hee!

    • Bess says:

      No – the question on the table is your description of what you find most lovely about fellatio, your description of the many things you love about the form, function and taste of the penis.

    • Bess says:

      I posit that “Vic” has had more than one penis in “his” mouth at the same time .

    • Bess says:

      So – does it taste like chicken?

      What’s your approach to accommodating a particularly large penis when you’re bottoming?

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