Well, If You’re Looking for a Reason to Hate on the Chicago Cubs….

Look no further than Joe Ricketts, the patriarch of the clan (klan?) that owns one of the few major league teams with a worse track record of World Series futility than the Houston Astros:

Tom Ricketts is the name most associated with the current ownership of the Cubs.  However, it is a family affair – and apparently, the Cubs should consider changing their mascot from a bear to a one-percenter.

In 2010, Ricketts led a campaign against special-interest earmarks and wasteful spending in the federal government. Ricketts founded an organization called Taxpayers Against Earmarks and classified every Member of Congress as either a spending “hero” or “hooligan.” Ricketts has been credited with convincing Members of Congress to adopt a moratorium on earmarks. Taxpayers Against Earmarks changed its name to Ending Spending in 2011.

Ricketts established and funded The Ending Spending Fund, a political action committee, in 2010. The Ending Spending Fund spent over $1 million sponsoring independent advertisements in several Congressional races. The goal of the advertising expenditure was to highlight incumbents’ earmark-related policies. The Ending Spending Fund spent the largest amount of its money on the United States Senate election in Nevada, 2010 in an effort to defeat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid….

Ricketts served on the board of trustees of the American Enterprise Institute from 1999-2007

On a clear day, you can see that plutocracy is on the verge of becoming forever.

69 Responses to Well, If You’re Looking for a Reason to Hate on the Chicago Cubs….

  1. "Vic" (2) says:

    Joe’s daughter is a “cis” lesbian and a vocal supporter of marriage equality. Shouldn’t you be attacking her like the homophobic, lesbophobic, misogynist that you are?

  2. Vic trolla says:

    on May 18, 2012 at 12:28 pm said:
    What’s the best way to identify a pretendbian?

    I know the best way to identify someone who’s a fauxmo.

    • Vic trolla says:

      Hint – among other tells – they say pretendbian. And like slurs. So long as they’re not about Cis lesbians.

  3. grrlinterupted says:

    “What’s the best way to identify a pretendbian?” She claims the identifier for “political reasons”… not because she is actually attracted to women.

    • "Vic" (2) says:

      There’s another kind of pretendbian. “Kat” Rose knows what I mean.

      • Vic trolla says:

        Oh – the old old gay till graduation trope.

      • Vic trolla says:

        Like Kathryn Lehman? Who pretended to be straight while hurting lesbians?

        A bit of foreshadowing there. Almost like a “lesbian” who pretends to be a “man” while trying to hurt trans people.

  4. "Vic" (2) says:

    Aw, you don’t know what foreshadowing means! How adorable.

    Now, real exciting news to share with you all. I just got a loooong email setting out the duty roster for the MichFest protection project. It really looks good. We are now properly organized and are in sync with state and local law enforcement. We have several liaisons assigned to speak directly with the appropriate agencies and they are prepared to move quickly during the relevant time period if the need arises.

    Of course, trans malcontents are free to rant and rave in their encampment all they like. But if there is any attempt at violence, threats, intimidation, vandalism, or other illegal activity directed at the Fest, its participants, or its vendors, you “trans folk” are going to be calling for lawyers and bail bondsmen. I should reiterate that our project is not part of the festival and is not run by the festival organizers.

    Incidentally, I don’t mind sharing with you that I have gotten some grief for discussing this on a pro-violence trans blog. But my view is that it we are not playing a game of gotcha. It is better to let the violence-prone trans activists know in advance what they can expect if they try to threaten or intimidate WBW at MichFest. The ideal outcome here is to deter trans violence, not to punish it after it happens. But if it does happen, please know that this time there will be legal consequences.

    • Vic trolla says:

      Who cares? Pack a nice lunch. Dude?

    • grrlinterupted says:

      The irony of this will be when the local authorities end up arresting/harassing the WBWs getting high and screwing in the woods. You know there is a reason that fest traditionally has its own security?

  5. grrlinterupted says:

    I’m reminded of the story a few years back. It was reported on the MWMF board, probably 4 years ago that a car load of festies on their way to Michigan had an unfortunate accident. It didn’t take a day before “trans activists” were oddly blamed by the women for somehow tampering with the car causing the accident. Actually is was a single woman, Dirt, making the accusation and her buddies fanning the flames.

    Given that level of sound and reasonable logical cause/effect observational abilities – I wonder how many coolers tipped over by raccoons, deer trampling drying towels, owls hunting at night will turn into “violence, threats, intimidation, vandalism, or other illegal activity”. Assuming this true and the festies are totally down with some dude telling them what’s up, I hope the authorities are kind enough to eventually just ignore the false alarms and not actually bill you for their time.

    • "Vic" (1) says:

      As far as priorities go, I think we’ll put the reality of trans violence ahead of the stereotyping, classism, and transsexism that you are spewing. Law enforcement won’t need to access the Land or interact with the Festies in order to protect them. But regardless, they have been nothing but professional and courteous. And while there is always the possibility of a lapse, we don’t assume that the locals are a bunch of barbarians, as you seem to.

      Trans activists, on the other hand, have shown themselves by their actions to be thugs. I doubt if deer or raccoons left disgusting sexist and pornographic graffiti on the Land or that those animals destroyed the water pipes that the women needed to wash. I doubt if they were discharging a weapon in the wee hours of the morning. I also don’t think that it was deer that attacked a tow truck driver or, as was reported on trans forums, were openly discussing burning the festival down following that attack.

      What is being done now should have been done years ago. If similar acts are perpetrated this time, the reaction will be very different and the consequences severe.

      And BTW, why do you assume that the law enforcement personnel involved are men? Pretty sexist assumption wouldn’t you say? Sexism is rampant among trans activists, but I actually thought you were a cut above that, Bianca.

      • Vic trolla says:

        According to Child Maltreatment 2010, the most recent report of data from the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System (NCANDS), a nationally estimated 754,000 duplicate and 695,000 unique number of children were found to be victims of child maltreatment in the Federal fiscal year (FFY) 2010.

        “In analyzing the victim data by relationship to the perpetrator, the 2010 data found that approximately one-half (53.6%) of child abuse and neglect perpetrators were women”


        Approximately 370,000 kids are abused by cis women a year.

        Will you be arguing to keep cis people away from the kids there?

        There’s violence from every segment of humanity – that you can only show apocryphal stories for 35 years or so of an event supports that those you’re vilifying are less violent than those one the other side of the line. I mean – someone gets in an auto accident & that’s not proof they got into an auto accident or didn’t keep their car serviced – some pipes seem damaged and it’s assumed that no cis people or animals could have done it – that would be crazy. This despite trans people on average being less violent than Cis people. Hey – what’s next? Moving on to blame a black guy?

      • grrlinterupted says:

        I assumed nothing about the sex of any of the authorities. The only reference to “men” was directed at you “Vic”. More of that creative connect-the-dots folks have come to expect.

        Fest history is full of painting the locals (particularly men) as barbarians who try to access the land and get a peek at the topless women. On the MWMF boards following the incident(s) people posted about all the suspected vandalism and blamed it on “trans activists”. While some of it did seem suspicious, and I know there was a particularly confrontational group of trans men that year (who would have been welcomed without question into fest BTW), many of the examples were tipped coolers, downed clotheslines, loud music, and the like.

        Please, do use your man-privs to help the women of fest. Considering this is your single act of activism, I hope you do well. I also hope that the authorities don’t mind getting a call every 30 minutes because someone heard a strange sound when they were cheating on their wife behind the day stage

  6. "Vic" (2) says:

    It’s pretty sad that you keep belittling violence and threats of violence, throwing out ridiculous “theories” about how property got destroyed. Not to mention your joking about it. It’s pretty obvious that you couldn’t care less about women’s safety. In spite of your best efforts to belittle and explain away this violence, you don’t really have an explanation for the obscene, sexist messages or the arson threats. Keep working on that. Perhaps a genetically engineered beetle did it.

    In any event, if you are right and all of this is just a bizarre confluence of coincidences – gun shots from innocent hunters at 1 am, rogue deer with an inexplicable hostility towards the Festie’s personal belongings, and mysteriously exploding water pipes – well, then there’s absolutely nothing for trans activists to worry about. They have the right to peacefully assemble in their zoo, um, I mean camp. If they aren’t engaging in illegal conduct, then peace will reign.

    • grrlinterupted says:

      I belittle nothing. I do, however, know what was posted as “evidence” of “trans aggression” shortly after that year’s fest. Clearly relations between the groups was tense that year, and it seems this year as well. When people feel uneasy any twig breaking or downed clothesline can seem the act of an aggressor.

      My hope is primarily that nothing happens and two group cam in close proximity and dialogue happens between people who want it. Since external authorities are now seemingly involved, my other hope is that people aren’t so tense that random unconnected events aren’t cause to heighten scrutiny from these external authorities who will not look away if someone has a bag of pot or shine a flashlight on a woman getting a little side nookie far from their slumbering wife.

      Every year at fest a group of women take off a week before and stay a week after to make sure that the infrastructure is working and make repairs. Every year some plumbing is damaged/showers broken/scaffolding weakened – it is what happens when there are thousands of people in a confined space for an extended amount of time. Reading the accounts of busted things (the graffiti, clearly excluded as well as the gun shots) and vandalized camps made me curious. It seems that fest must be a magical land where no drunks wander around in the wee hours, where no critters rummage through campsites, and nobody is careless when using the amenities. Because most of the complaints sounded like every summer camping trip I took for the first 18 years on my life.

  7. "Vic" (2) says:

    @Vic Trolla:

    According to the NGLTF’s recent report on “trans” issues – a report written by trans activists with an obvious pro-trans bias – 16% of trannies have done time in jail or prison. They have incarceration rates “which exceed the general population rate for prisons, in some cases by many times.” Even assuming that this pro-trans report is accurate, this just reflects the ones who were caught, successfully prosecuted and who got jail time AND who admitted it to the study authors. If you count in the ones who committed crimes but weren’t caught AND those who got off because there were no witnesses or other evidence AND those who were not jailed b/c they cooperated or b/c it was their first offense or for some other reason AND those who were jailed but just won’t admit it, the real rate of tranny crime is likely much, much higher.

    I’d love to see a study of the arrest/conviction rate of prominent trans activists or the arrest/conviction rate of those attending Camp Trans. Any info on that?

    • Kathy says:

      Arrested doesn’t mean arrested for violence. But – 370,000 children abused by cis women is violence. And roughly the same amount by cis men.

      Violence against children. Yeah – I’ll take 16% of people mostly arrested for nonviolent crimes over a lifetime over 695,000 kids abused over a year.

      But I’m happy to hear you explain why that abuse doesn’t matter. 695,000 kids being abused by cis people – you’re worried over some people attending a concert.

      You’re pretty fucked up girl.

      • "Vic" (2) says:

        @Kath- How do you know they are “cis” women? Maybe they were untransitioned FTMs or transitioned MTFs. Wouldn’t surprise me. Still waitin’ on the pic, Buffalo Bill! 🙂

    • Vic trolla says:

      People want to discriminate in their business & want to blame those they’re discriminating against – while disparaging their humanity. How original.

      Not being allowed to discriminate in your business – “I’ve never heard of such a brutal and shocking injustice that I cared so little about!”

      But crap girlfriend, if you really wanted to punish me; you’d make me attend.

    • grrlinterupted says:

      What were the charges? I don’t seem to recall this from the survey. I do, however, love your Paul Cameron-esque cheap and easy use of statistics. I am quite sure Mr Cameron already twisted up statistics for child molestation to “prove” that gay men molest children at staggering amounts. Considering your fuzzy logic and magic math abilities, I’m sure you must agree with Mr Cameron and your second bit of activism will be to stop any and all gay adoptions… right?

    • Heather R. says:

      Black people get incarcerated at rates far exceeding those of white people, so according to “Vic,” “the real rate of [racist slur] crime is likely much, much higher.” I knew it was just a matter of time before the “Vic” said something that unmasks “his” racist beliefs.

      After all, 99.9% of all radical feminists are racist white women, some of whom dishonestly claim tiny amounts of Hispanic or Native American heritage when challenged on their old-fashioned whitebread racism, compounding their racism with Appropriation. You only see radical feminism in countries where white people use endemic racism to stay in charge. And radical feminists are overwhelmingly white.

      Sometimes radical feminist racists will post pictures of famous black people like Maya Angelou on their websites as “tributes” while trampling all over POC in real life every chance they get. Strange phenomenon that. I think in mainstream circles that’s known as “raging hypocrisy.” Tee Hee!

      • "Vic" (3) says:

        Actually, the crime rate of any group is going to be higher than the incarceration rate. The difference is that with trannies we start with an incarceration rate of 16% and work up from there, not from 2% as is the case with the general population, and that’s according to a biased pro-tranny source with every incentive to minimize tranny deviance.

        No comparison with African Americans (not lower case “black people” as you demeaningly say). In fact, I never mentioned African Americans at all. You did, apparently to use them to justify trans anti-social conduct. Trannies have a long history of using groups of human beings as raw material for their political ends, so it doesn’t surprise me that you would do the same to African Americans.

        So who is wearing the white hooded robes now, my dear he-she? On the bright side, if you are in fully Klan costume, you can finally pass for a woman!

      • Heather R. says:

        There you go with that raging hypocrisy-on again. Quit flashing that thing around! Tee Hee!

        Remember, this is your argument here, “the real rate of [insert slur here] crime is likely much, much higher.” And here’s why that’s racist:

        I guess that’s what the Pretendibutch (always white) Mean Girls are wearing these days, white robes and pointy hoods. Now maybe you can “pass for a woman,” Naw, I bet the other mommies all assume you’re a predator at first. Oh wait, I forgot for a moment that we are entertaining your thin fiction that you’re not a radical feminist blogger’s crusty sockpuppet. Tee Hee!

  8. Heather R. says:

    A broken water pipe? At a festival? That’s you’re history of “violence?” When a pipe breaks at a party or other gathering, it’s usually because some of the attendees overestimated the structural strength of the plumbing and climbed up on something they shouldn’t have. Often while drunk or high by the way.

    And, while accidental, the culprits usually don’t stick around to be scolded. Just how old were these pipes?

    If that’s your idea of “violence,” then you’re way too delicate for the woods, and might want to have a different music festival at a lesbian bookstore downtown where there’s never any hint of a threat of violence. Other than, you know, groups of men prowling the sidewalks. Perspective, you haz not gots it. TEE HEE!

    • Vic trolla says:

      My water heater broke – I blame it on Professor Chaos.

    • "Vic" (2) says:

      If the water pipes were intentionally vandalized, then it’s violence, and wouldn’t be any less so just because the target was “just” water pipes. On the other hand, if property damage was caused by nature or by accident, then it wouldn’t be violence even if every structure on the Land were destroyed. In either case, what determines whether it was a violent act is the cause of the damage, not the particular property that was damaged.

      If you are one of the vandals and you are planning a repeat performance this year, you might want to work out a more coherent defense with your lawyer, because you *will* be prosecuted this time.

      Gee, I wonder if MI sends trannies to men’s prison . . . 🙂

      • Heather R. says:

        Men’s prison? Isn’t that the place where men gay-rape each other all of the time? As opposed to Women’s prison, where women lesbian-rape each other all of the time? Weird how the criminal populations of the prisons mostly also seem to be homosexual rapists, isn’t it? “Born Innocent,” my fannie! More like “Born This Way!” Tee Hee!

  9. grrlinterupted says:

    “Trannies have a long history of using groups of human beings as raw material for their political ends” …. right, it was trans people who dubbed the gay movement “the new black” and never skip a beat in comparing the “right to screw whomever you want” with racism and/or anti-Semitic violence and prejudice. Appropriating lot of grasping attention-seeking homos.

    • Heather R. says:

      Don’t forget San Davage and his lashing out at black people regarding Proposition 8 in California. Whoopsie-doodle, the G&L “Marriage All The Time” crowd seems to be vanilla with marshmallow sauce, the All White Sundae, completely nutty with a base of crackers.

    • "Vic" (2) says:

      Person A says “There’s a long history of poverty in America.” Person B ‘s rebuttal is “Right, like there’s no poverty in China?” Bianca, at least try think your argument through before you post. Don’t be Person B.

      Also, your characterization of the gay civil rights movement as one for “the right to screw whomever you want” is indistinguishable from what one would find on a rightwing, homophobic website. I hope that all those gay and lesbian youth you supposedly help are aware of your views on gay equality. Thanks for reminding us all that trannies are fundamentally homophobic.

      BTW, your reference above to Paul Cameron is a fail. He makes up fake statistics based on his own bogus methodologies. I was citing a pro-trans study conducted by trannies getting paid by NGLTF. Ironically, these tranny authors were paid with gay money to do a study that is irrelevant to gay people. Unless you are saying that the study itself was methodologically flawed, don’t go raising comparisons to Cameron.

      • Heather R. says:

        tl;dr. All I see is a wall o’ text by “Vic” that says “My hypothetical love life outweighs your survival. The groin is the most important part of the person.”

      • grrlinterupted says:

        Wrong on all accounts regarding Mr. Cameron. He is well known for taking portions of other people’s research and twisting the findings to meet his needs. Given your utter lack on that front, I’m finding it difficult to take anything else you write with any seriousness.

        I will however, note your pearl clutching about my “characterization” of the gay rights movement. More of that famed homo double standard. homos can say/do whatever they like about trans people, cis straight people and then call them to task over every slight real or imagined. Considering your preoccupation with trans people’s genitalia and restroom use I wonder what portion of your frequent posting history isn’t also mirrored on rightwing homophobic websites. Again with the double standards.

  10. "Vic" (2) says:

    “Heather” aka Bowser, I would *never* say that my love life outweighs your survival. Your survival doesn’t weigh in the equation at all. I’m sure your parents felt the same way. 🙂

  11. Heather R. says:

    If you’re going to call your sex life a “love life,” the least you can do is grease up the cub scouts first, you brute. Lubrication during sweaty animal lust is very important, I’m sure your parents felt the same way. Tee Hee!

    • "Vic" (2) says:

      So here we have one tranny saying that gay civil rights aren’t real civil rights and are about screwing anyone you want and another tranny joking about how gay men rape kids.

      Screen shot taken and saved. Thanks, Bowser!

      • grrlinterupted says:

        I never said gay civil rights aren’t real civil rights, now did it? Are you saying that physical intimacy isn’t important? Is this part of that New Gay movement where the “sex” is taken out of “sexuality’ to appeal to the masses and get them to forget what makes the idea of gay men “icky” to them? How does that make you feel “Vic” that even the most supportive straight guys are still repulsed at the idea of any intimacy between men, but totally down with intimacy between women?

  12. Heather R. says:

    Only a dumb old stupid radical feminist would be stupid enough to think that screenshots are some bloody shirt to be waved. Dirt was the stank-ass fool who really ran with that whole “Screenshot-and-then-use-Paint-program-to-annotate” brainfart in the first place. Whenever you brag about screenshots, you might as well hang out a sign saying “Technically-illiterate dumbass radical feminist who couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the heel, right here!”

    Here’s a clue, Cottonmouth Cathy: This blog doesn’t edit posts. You can just post the text and a link. You and your little brigade of dunces are the ones who censor your blogs to remove opposing viewpoints, because radical feminists are cowardly childish little girls who talk like revolutionaries but tremble like bunny rabbits.

    TEE HEE!

    • "Vic" (2) says:

      @Bowser –
      Well, I could just post a link. But who knows how long this hate site will be around? Trannies aren’t known for their longevity. And even if “Kat” Rose is able to live a long, miserable, bitter life, there is no likelihood that (s)he will have the financial means to maintain the site. Eventually, her “customers” will balk at paying $3 for a BJ.

  13. "Vic" (2) says:


    If you ask gay person or any anti-gay activist what Cameron is famous for, it is his original “research” derived from reviews of gay magazines and newspapers. That and his off-the-cuff outrageous statements about gay people. In fact, within the last week, he made some comments in an interview that were very similar to the “screw anyone you want” comment you made above. Congratulations on perpetuating his hate.

    I recall that you boasted about working with vulnerable gay and lesbian youth. I wonder whether you share your views about gay civil rights with them.

    • grrlinterupted says:

      Vic – much like your “information” taken from the NCTE/NGLTF survey? Anyway, perhaps I simply do more to be more aware of who does/says what. Box Turtle Bulletin and Soulforce being good primary research points as well as Alvin Mcewen’s writing on the topic.

      You know “Vic”, I was just using the same inflammatory language you throw around here like dirty socks. The fact your diapers are now full is a clear demonstration of L/G double standards. I think I already mentioned that above. I do, however, suspect that you will latch onto that comment because it is all you have. You expect cis straight people and trans people to tow the gay political line and speak kindly with and about gay issues and sexuality while at the same time being utter shit holes. I have enough experience both as a gay man and a straight woman working for gay equality to know – on the other hand I know enough from first hand experience to know when someone is tossing some BS. You, fauxmo and full of BS.

      Anyway, when you go way back to the Gay Liberation movement of the 60’s-70’s it was about freeing sexuality from the compulsory heterosexuality, compulsory monogamy, and the devaluing of all relationships and intimacies except heterosexual/procreative/within the confines of marriage. So being free to screw whomever one wants was an important part of the movement. Do know your history “gay dood”, It may make you actually seem like to know what you are talking about.

      • "Vic" (2) says:

        The gay movement was not and is not a monolith. For you to say that “the movement” was “about” 2 or 3 specific opinions on sex shows you don’t understand the movement. As for monogamy specifically, you would get many different opinions. You stereotype the entire gay civil rights movement in your zeal to belittle it.

        But even if the movement were monolithically about ending compulsory monogamy, that isn’t the same thing as “screw whomever you want.” The fact that you make it about “screwing” and not “loving” tells us everything we need to know about you and your view of gay people.

        You want to trash gay people? Go right ahead. I don’t expect you to tow any line. LGBT is a lie and Ts don’t owe gay people anything. Like all trans activists, you are inherently hateful, and you should feel free to be open and honest about your views. However, please tell the gay and lesbian youth with whom you work about your views so they can find someone better to help them. They don’t deserve to be stuck with someone who views them in this light.

    • Heather R. says:

      @ Cottonmout Cathy:
      “If you ask gay person or any anti-gay activist what Cameron is famous for, it is his original “research” derived from reviews of gay magazines and newspapers.”

      Ah, so Cameron took screenshots of gay blogs and posted them on a slam site that didn’t allow gay men to post comments? Because that would be TOTES HOMOPHOBIC! Tee Hee!

  14. grrlinterupted says:

    Oh Vic, again your ignorance of history staggers me. However, your skewed reading and comprehension grows tiring. And, again, I was simply using the same framing you do in every single post. Do you expect people to treat you like a delicate little flower while you routinely and regularly simply say things to get a reaction out of people? I wouldn’t be surprised – there is that double standard and all.


    “You stereotype the entire gay civil rights movement…”
    “Like all trans activists, you are inherently hateful, …”

    Now, “fella” just because your brand of “gay movement” seems to want to take the sex out of gay male sexuality doesn’t mean that mentioning that for YEARS gay men rallied around a social and political movement that valued all manner of sexual expression as valid and worthy is “homophobic”. That, yes, being free to screw any consenting adult WAS indeed important in breaking down systems of oppression that target gay men in particular.

    My personal view about gay people is that there are a number of ways to express sexuality and gay people are as apt to explore any of them as any other group. I know gay men and women who have no desire to settle down and I know gay couples who have been together for years and LOTS in-between. That all of those are perfectly valid and right. That is what I tell the kids I work with – when I’m not teaching them how to budget for the electric bill and what food make better economic sense and how to apply for jobs…

    Any way, you are correct – GBT is a sham and as someone who was a gay boy for 5 years, I do speak about things from a place of experience. Unlike you who doesn’t seem to even speak about gay men from a place of experience much less commenting on trans stuff with any other than a bucket of crap. So, if you want the library opened, let me know. I’ll get my card out and serve up some T.

    • "Vic" (2) says:

      What is GBT? Is this some new formulation where the L is left out to make some political statement?

      It is interesting that you say that you were a gay boy for 5 years. Presumably, you are referring to a period in which you were sexually developed and aware but before you concluded that you were a trans female and transitioned.

      But I thought that it was a huge crime against trans people to ever suggest that they really were anything other that what they identify as now. For example, if I were to say that an FTM was “once” a woman, I would be branded a transphobe and told sternly that this individual was always a man before, during and after transition. So thanks to you Bianca, I suppose I can feel free to refer to trans people as having once been a member of the sex with which they don’t identify.

      BTW, thanks so much for now throwing in “consenting adult” in your shallow account of the gay movement. That’s progress for you.

      • Bianca Lynne says:

        “What is GBT?” – most call it a “typo”. If you are unsure of the meaning, I can explain it to you as my experience with you ability to research anything has left me wanting.

        My experience is my own. I navigated through my life with what understanding I had available. I wonder, would you feel just as comfortable calling a lesbian with children from a previous relationship with a man having once been “straight”? Even if she told you she had always had an attraction to women?

        “BTW, thanks so much for now throwing in “consenting adult” in your shallow account of the gay movement. That’s progress for you.” – Remember buddy – all I say comes from experience and first hand observations, you have nothing close regarding trans people. I lived it, the confusion of coming out and feeling isolated, the joy of finding my first love, the trepidation of my first sexual encounter, the fumbling to make sense of it all. I passed through rural Ohio high school has an out gay kid, dodging the football team on my walk home and being utterly and unabashedly proud. What do you have fellah? Is it time for the T? My account of the gay movement is as nuanced as one can have, I have every reason to believe that my intimate first-hand knowledge of gay men, sexuality and culture FAR outreaches yours – fauxmo

  15. Heather R. says:

    I bet one meelion quatloos that “Vic” is married to a female person. Tee to the Hee!

  16. Howardine Cosell says:

    There is not one single reply that has anything to do with the purported subject matter of this post, which is about the new owner of the Chicago Cubs, the doormats of the National League. The propensity of certain posters to hijack posts in order to devolve to the depths of the puerile is truly banal.

  17. Om Kalthoum says:

    Like I said, a blog full of abortions by people who’d rather talk smack than discuss ideas. “S word?” “Transwhatever slurs?”
    I’ll check back from time to time, but, sadly, don’t expect to find commenters with any game or civility at all.

    Aside: You know, Kat, there’s a middle ground between allowing anyone who stumbles into your space to throw their feces around and, well, whatever the opposite of that would be. You’ve really gone down hill fast.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Tell it to “Vic

      • Om Kalthoum says:

        By me, “Vic” wouldn’t have lasted past one warning. Same for anyone on any “side.” If I had a blog. That’s not censorship, it’s common sense – demanding civility in the pursuit of whatever the hell you’re pursuing.

        You can have vigorous debate. You can hate each other. You can be outrageous. But there’s just no excuse for the excrement that’s passing for commentary these days on a lot of sites. I can only assume that you approve of what you’ve got here.

      • Katrina Rose says:

        “Vic” is a collective identity of several of the radfem terrorists, a collective identity whose comments have come from at least three different e-mail addresses.

        I leave the comments up as a monument to what the radfem terrorists really think of trans women.

  18. Heather R. says:

    Well, if the place was bad before, as soon as “Om Kalthoum” started posting here, it got worse. Does your monitor shine so bright that you can’t see your own reflection in the anti-glare filter when you write, without a trace of comprehension of the irony, that you don’t find the commenters on this blog to have “any game or civility at all,” or are you merely blithely projecting your own inadequacies upon us?

  19. Om Kalthoum says:


    Yeah. So, if true, your “monument” consists of the work of three people and you’re saying it represents the entirety of some terrorist group? And you’re unable to ban any future shit from those addresses because? And the fecal matter spewed by your defenders (I notice you stay above the fray) counts for naught?

    You’ve got what you’ve got because you like it that way. Were it not so, you’d make the changes necessary to attract those who can string more than two sentences together without resorting to verbal abuse.

  20. Om Kalthoum says:

    By the way, those Rangers may just not be all that. Time will tell.

  21. Heather R. says:

    Verbal abuse is bad, m’kay? Don’t do verbal abuse, m’kay? Because verbal abuse is bad, m’kay?

    Yeah, a snotty supercilious tone argument and a phony veneer of false objectivity makes you the superior commenter, Ommelette. Goes over real well in the sticks I bet. Tee Hee!

  22. […] more of the same. The biased narratives of both Jeffreys and Bash Back! prevent reconciliation by poisoning the discursive well. What the members of Bash Back! did was deplorable and the attendees of Camp […]

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